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picture of recipe Sweet Lassi Recipe - Juices, Jams and Drinks Category
salt,    sugar,    yogurt (plain),    water,    ice
Sweet Lassi Recipe in our Juices, Jams and Drinks category. 1. Mix all the ingredients and blend in a mixer for 1 minute
1. Mix all the ingredients and blend in a mixer for 1 minute.   Serve chilled.   ...

picture of recipeAsian Orange Juice Recipe
ginger root,    banana,    sugar,    orange juice,    ice
Very refreshing and different. Everyone loves it but no one can guess the ginger. Pretty Healthy too. Not too thick not too thin.Just right. Enjoy.
1   Blend all ingredients with ice for 1 minute on hi...

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Asian Orange Juice

picture of recipeCool Watermelon Slush Recipe
watermelon,    honey,    ice
Cool Watermelon Slush is a unique mocktail recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Cool Watermelon Slush by following this easy recipe.
Place the ice cubes in a blender.   • Cover it and pulse until the...

picture of recipeLychee, Pineapple & Papaya Juice Recipe -
pineapple,    papaya,    lychee,    pineapple juice
Lychee, pineapple & papaya juice recipe - Place half each of the lychees, pineapple, papaya and pineapple juice in the jug of a blender and blend until smooth. Transfer to a large jug. Repeat with...

picture of recipeWatermelon And Mint Juice Recipe
mint,    watermelon,    honey,    ice
This is good for flushing out toxins from your body and to give that extra glow to your face. Enjoy this multi-purpose juice with a smile and think of me when you sip it;)!
1   Liquify the watermelon i...

picture of recipeJournal Juice For Inspiration Recipe
tangerine juice,    lemon balm,    pomegranate juice,    pineapple juice
This is from the book 'Sacred spaces' by Carolina da Silva. I just love the recipes posted in this book. The pomegranates in this juice are associated with the fertility of the body and mind a...

picture of recipeStrawberry And Raspberry Multi-beneficial Juice Recipe
strawberry,    raspberry,    water,    ice
This juice is excellent for blackheads, boils, acne and rough and lustreless skin. Source: Foodcourt column, Weekend magazine.
1   Liquify the raspberries and strawberries in a blender.   2   Pour over c...

picture of recipeApple, Beet And Cucumber Juice Recipe
apple,    beetroot,    cucumber,    lemon juice
Apple, Beet And Cucumber Juice is a healthy and a tasty juice, well suited for a breakfast. Learn how to make/prepare Apple, Beet And Cucumber Juice by following this easy recipe.
Grate the apples coa...

picture of recipeBright Orange Mint Recipe
mint,    orange,    sugar,    orange food coloring,    vanilla ice cream,    lemon juice,    ice
Bright Orange Mint is a delicious and refreshing orange drink. Learn how to make/prepare Bright Orange Mint by following this easy recipe.
Blend all the ingredients together except vanilla ice cream. ...

picture of recipePineapple-Rose Fruit Juice Recipe
mint,    pineapple juice,    rose syrup,    water
From the Foodcourt column of today's Weekend magazine.
1   Stir together.   2   Pour into glasses.   3   Garnish with mint leaves.   4   Serve!   Browse Our Top Beverages Recipes   Ginger Zinger Fruit Juic...

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