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picture of recipeZinger Green Tea Drink Recipe
mint,    lime,    agave syrup,    lime juice,    green tea,    water
I got an email from Biggest Loser with this recipe on it. This is refreshing drink that's perfect for spring. Packed with antioxidants, this tea is bursting with flavor, too. Fresh lime juice give...

picture of recipeCalifornia Roll Recipe by How To Make Sushi |
seafood stick,    avocado,    lemon,    cucumber,    rice
For more information please visit How To Make Sushi The Basics Japanese Cooking at Home 1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remaining portion to the...
1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remainin...

picture of recipeSake Sunrise Recipe
sake,    orange juice,    pomegranate syrup,    ice
I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan Sake for a recipe and I just now invented this drink.
1   Pour sake over ice in a tall glass.   2   Fill glass with orange juice, use as much as you like.   3   Pour grenadin...

picture of recipeGreen Tea Ginger Cooler Recipe
honey,    ginger ale,    green tea,    water,    ice
Refreshing summer drink!
1   Dissolve green tea powder into hot water.   2   Pour over ice and stir to cool.   3   Add ginger ale and honey to taste.   4   Stir until combined.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100p...

picture of recipe Green Tea Latte Recipe -
sugar,    green tea,    soy milk,    water
Green tea powder and soy milk make a great version of the traditional latte.
In a small saucepan, combine the soy milk, water, green tea powder and sugar. Warm over medium heat while whisking until ho...

picture of recipeMango Tango Iced Green Tea Recipe
mango,    pineapple juice,    peach juice,    lemon juice,    apple juice,    green tea
I found this recipe somewhere on the web (I forget exactly where it was, sorry). Sounded way too good to not share. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and the mango and pineapple used in this drink...

picture of recipe Matcha Green Tea Ice Latte Recipe -
honey,    green tea,    milk,    water
This iced latte requires green tea powder.
Directions   Whisk the green tea powder, water, and milk together in a bowl; sweeten with the honey and continue whisking until dissolved into the tea. Chill ...

picture of recipePistachio Bubble Tea Recipe
evaporated milk,    tapioca,    pistachio,    sugar syrup,    tea,    milk,    water,    half and half,    ice
This is a delicious bubble tea flavor. It has more texture than the normal bubble teas. The excess pistachio pudding mix adds another creamy texture at the bottom of the glass. For my OCD purposes I h...

picture of recipeSummer Breeze - Kunpu Recipe
sugar,    vanilla vodka,    vodka,    club soda,    sparkling water,    lemon juice,    lime juice,    green tea,    ice
In Japanese kunpu is the breeze that wafts in during the early summer months, carrying with it the aroma of just opened leaves. The main ingredient is matcha, a powdered green tea used in the tea cere...

recipes with the same ingredients...
Summer Breeze - Kunpu

picture of recipeSake Screwdriver Recipe
sake,    orange juice,    ice
I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan Sake for a recipe and this was on the back of the bottle. It was pretty good, I think you could even add a drizzle of grenadine. Turn it into a Sake Sunrise. Oh, I...

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