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picture of recipeAvocado Milkshakes Recipe
avocado,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    milk
Posting this for ZWT II - Asia. This sounds really weird, but it's actually quite good. You'll see avocado ice cream in Asian supermarkets that carry foods and ingredients from the Philippines...

picture of recipeSweet And Creamy Thai Iced Tea Recipe
creamer,    sugar,    tea,    water,    ice
This tastes exactly like the one you can get in a bottle at your local oriental stores. Make it yourself. It's a lot cheaper! This recipe is for 7 cups of Thai tea. You and your guests can sweeten...

picture of recipeGreen Mango Shake Recipe
mango,    brown sugar,    water,    ice
My Husband lived in the Philippines for awhile when he was growing up, and he loved these!
1   To make sugar syrup, boil 1 1/2 cups brown sugar in 2 cups of water. Set aside to cool.   2   In a blender, ...

picture of recipePineapple - Lemon Punch Recipe
orange,    maraschino cherry,    sugar,    light rum,    pineapple juice,    lemon juice,    ice
This punch is a special occasion family punch. Great to serve at anytime.
1   Mix all ingredients except orange slices and cherries.   2   Serve cold, garnished with orange slices and maraschino cherries...

picture of recipeSimply Iced Melon Recipe
honeydew melon,    cantaloupe melon,    honey,    milk,    water
This has got to be the best summer drink I've ever tasted. I made this drink up and it's always a huge hit. It's sweet, but not too sweet.
1   Grate melon.   2   Add water and honey.   3   Add ...

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Simply Iced Melon

picture of recipeEasy To Make Yema Recipe
butter,    egg yolks,    mashed potato,    vanilla,    cream of tartar,    sugar,    condensed milk,    water
legend has it that yema balls were first made during the spanish era . they found a way to use up the excess yolk while the egg whites are used for the foundation of churches. (looking at the size and...

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