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picture of recipeLimoncello Granita, How To Make Limoncello Granita, Granita Recipes, Dessert Recipes
lemon peel,    vanilla extract,    sugar,    lemon juice,    whipped cream,    water
This delicious and refresing granita is made using the famous Italian Lemon drink called Limoncello.
In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and water; bring to a simmer. Simmer 1 to 2 min...

picture of recipeMinty Grapefruit Sorbet, How To Make Sorbet, Sorbet Recipes, Grapefruit Recipes, Dessert Recipes
mint,    sugar,    grapefruit juice,    water
How To Make Sorbet, Minty Grapefruit Sorbet Recipe, Sorbet Recipes
In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar, water, and mint leaves. Stir until mixture comes to a boil; reduce heat to low ...

picture of recipeEasy Chocolate Ice Cream, Machine-Free Ice Cream, How To Make Machine-Free Ice Cream, Chocolate Reci
bittersweet chocolate,    vanilla extract,    salt,    coffee,    whipped cream,    condensed milk,    water
No appliance (ice cream maker) required - all you need is an appetite for a luscious homemade ice cream treat. This is so good - better plan to make a double batch!
In a small bowl, combine coffee pow...

picture of recipeHomemade Marshmallow Recipe, How to Make Marshmallows, Marshmallows 101, Marshmallow Recipe, Gelatin
egg whites,    vanilla extract,    salt,    gelatin,    light corn syrup,    sugar,    water
If you have never had fresh homemade marshmallows, here is your chance. These marshmallows are so delicious and decadent that you'll never want store purchased ones again!
Line the bottom and side...

picture of recipeChurros, How To Make Churros, Churros Recipe, French Cruller, Spanish Doughnuts, Southwest Food, Mex
oil,    lemon,    eggs,    salt,    bread,    sugar,    water,    flour
Churros, How To Make Churros, Churros Recipe, Cruller, Spanish Doughnuts, Southwest Food, Mexican Food, Latino Food
In a large pan, heat the vegetable oil (1 to 1-1/2 inches deep) to 375 degrees F. Ad...

picture of recipeSuspiros de Monja, Nuns Sighs, How To Make Suspiros de Monja, Cookie Recipes, Pastry Recipes, Southw
butter,    lemon peel,    oil,    eggs,    salt,    vegetable fat spread,    sugar,    water,    flour
Suspiros de Monja, Nuns Sighs, This is a typical Spanish pastry. It could even be considered a cookie.
In a medium-size saucepan, place butter, sugar, salt, lemon zest, and water; bring just to a boil...

picture of recipeChocolate Flan Recipe, How To Make A Perfect Chocolate Flan, Flan Recipes, Pudding Recipes, Chocolat
vanilla extract,    cinnamon,    eggs,    sugar,    dark chocolate,    lemon juice,    milk,    water
Learn how to make this delicious Chocolate Flan, What's Cooking America
Prepare Caramel: In a heavy saucepan over low to medium-low heat, combine 1 cup sugar, water, and drop of lemon juice (the l...

picture of recipeJicama Salsa Recipe, How To Make Jicama Salsa, Salsa Recipes, Jicama Recipes
chili dried/powder,    coriander leaf,    orange,    jicama,    cucumber,    salt,    lime juice
Check out this very unusual and delicious salsa! Jicama is a legume that is grown for the large tuberous roots which can be eaten raw or cooked and are used as a source of starch.
In a large bowl, com...

picture of recipeMozzarella Martini Recipe, Mozzarella Martini with Fresh Tomato Consomme, Martini Recipes, Beverage
basil flavored oil,    pepper,    basil,    tomato,    salt,    mozzarella cheese
These Fresh Tomato Consomme Martinis are absolutely beautiful, as well as refreshing!
Chill the martini glasses in the freezer or refrigerate an hour ahead of serving. NOTE: For the most stunning pre...

picture of recipeLime-Basil Sorbet, Sorbet Recipes, How To Make Sorbet, Dessert Recipes
basil,    sugar,    lime juice,    water
This sorbet is very refreshing and delicious! It will surprise you how easy sorberts are to make.
In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and water. Stir until mixture comes to a boil; b...

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