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picture of recipeSpaetzle Recipe by Goulash Chefs |
eggs,    salt,    water,    flour
MAKING 1 Take a bowl and sift flour in it. Make a well in the center. 2 Drop salt eggs and water in it. 3 Work in the flour with one hand and knead until...
MAKING   1) Take a bowl and sift flour in it...

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Homemade Noodles Recipe by Goulash Chefs |

picture of recipe Good Old Fashioned Pancakes Recipe -
butter,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
This is a great recipe that I found in my Grandma's recipe book. Judging from the weathered look of this recipe card, this was a family favorite.
In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking p...

picture of recipeDrop Doughnuts
oil,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
These were the homemade version of timbits in my house while I was growing up. Best eaten the night made, but just as wonderful the day after.
1   Sift together dry ingredients.   2   Mix together wet in...

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Easy Pancakes Recipe -

picture of recipeWhole Wheat Flatbread Recipe
oil,    wholewheat flour,    salt,    water,    flour
Kind of like a chapati, a flat pita, or a whole wheat tortilla. It is thin, perfect for scooping up dips or rolling into wraps. You could probably make these on a grill, too, and they would be lovely....

picture of recipePotato Kugel Recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    potato,    onion,    eggs,    salt
I am looking forward to trying this kugel. All Jamie Geller's recipes are geared to take approximately 15 minutes preparation and are usually quite delicious.
1   Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.   2 ...

picture of recipe Dill Potato Salad Recipe -
pepper,    parsley,    dill,    potato,    mustard,    salt,    sour cream
New potatoes are dressed with a tangy dressing of sour cream, dill weed, parsley and Dijon mustard. Sprinkle with sliced green onions before serving, if desired.
Directions   Bring a large pot of salte...

picture of recipe Syrian Bread Recipe -
yeast,    oil,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour
Mix the dough in your bread machine and bake in the oven. A versatile Middle Eastern style flat bread that you can serve with lunch or dinner.
Directions   Place ingredients in the pan of the bread mac...

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Peppy's Pita Bread Recipe -
Challah Recipe
Lahuhua - Yeminite Flat Bread Recipe - Sephardic Kosher Recipes - Breads

picture of recipeDairy-Free Shells & Cheese Recipe - Lactose Free Shells & Cheese Recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    onion,    garlic,    broccoli,    tahini,    salt,    nutritional yeast,    pasta,    soy milk,    flour
Dairy-Free Shells & Cheese Recipe. This lactose-free shells and cheese recipe is a dairy-free delight for those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.
1. Cook the pasta according to the manu...

picture of recipePotato Wedges Recipe
oil,    potato,    salt
A traditional recipe that satisfys anyone in the mood for fresh potato wedges with a pinch of salt.........mmmm GO ahead click!
1   wash and peel the potatos.   2   slice the potatoes into french fry pie...

picture of recipeFarfel Recipe by Goulash Chefs |
eggs,    salt,    flour
MAKING 1 Mix together the flour and the salt 2 Add in the eggs and combine to make a stiff dough 3 Using the hands roll into thin strips 4 Allow to dry...
MAKING   1) Mix together the flour and the sal...

picture of recipeDairy-Free Banana Bread - Dairy Free Banana Bread Recipe - Dairy-Free Lemon Banana Bread Recipe
lemon peel,    bicarbonate of soda,    olive oil,    banana,    salt,    brown sugar,    sugar,    lemon juice,    soy milk,    flour
Lemon Banana Bread. This dairy-free banana bread recipe is a dairy-free egg-free banana bread recipe that only true banana bread lovers should try! Prepared with fresh lemon juice and zest, this dairy...

picture of recipe Oven Barbecued Beef Brisket II Recipe -
beef brisket,    hot sauce,    soft drink,    onion soup mix,    cola
Beef brisket baked in chili sauce, onion soup mix, and cola. Can also be cooked in a slow cooker for 6 to 8 hours.
Directions   Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).   In a roasting pan, place ...

picture of recipeDairy-Free Banana Bread Recipe - Dairy Free Cocoa Banana Bread - Low-Fat Non-dairy Banana Bread Reci
egg whites,    oat flour,    cinnamon,    banana,    salt,    baking powder,    honey,    cocoa powder,    soy milk,    water,    flour
This Cocoa Banana Bread is low fat, easy to prepare, dairy-free and delicious! Great for a sweet and healthy breakfast or a tea-time treat, this non-dairy bread is beasutiful as it is tasty! Try this ...

picture of recipeZucchini Bread Recipe - Dairy Free Zucchini Bread Recipe
bicarbonate of soda,    canola oil,    zucchini/courgette,    eggs,    tahini,    salt,    baking powder,    honey,    sugar,    soya yogurt,    flour
This dairy-free zucchini bread recipe is an easy to make, lactose-free quick bread, and it is a great way to use leftover zucchini during the summer months, when zucchini is in season. Scented with ta...

picture of recipePotato Latkes Recipe
olive oil,    potato,    onion,    eggs,    salt
Yummy potato latkes. A family favorite!!
Peel potatoes and grate by hand into a bowl of cold water. Soak potatoes in cold water for 2-3 minutes, then drain in a colander. Spread potato and onion on a ...

picture of recipe Great Brisket Recipe -
beef brisket,    beef steak,    orange juice,    apple juice
Brisket is marinated in apple and orange juices, then dry rubbed with packaged spice mix, and refrigerated overnight. It is then baked for 8 to 10 hours.
Directions   To marinate, mix the apple juice a...

picture of recipeBagels Recipe
butter,    yeast,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    milk,    water,    flour
A fresh bagel a day will start you on your way
soften yeast in lukewarm water   dissolve butter,sugar and salt in scalded milk   cool to lukewarm add yeast and mix well   put 1/2 of the flour in a large ...

picture of recipeLavash - Alton Brown Recipe
butter,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour
From Good Eats, episode Flat Is Beautiful: Going Crackers.
1   Whisk together salt, sugar, and flour.   2   In another bowl, beat egg, 2 tbsp melted butter and water.   3   Pour wet ingredients into dry in...

picture of recipe Sweet and Sour Meatballs II Recipe -
ground beef,    cornstarch,    pepper,    onion,    eggs,    apple cider vinegar,    soy sauce,    salt,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    bread crumbs,    brown sugar,    water
Meatballs are made with ground beef, onions, egg, and bread crumbs, browned in a skillet, and simmered with vinegar, soy sauce, cornstarch, ketchup, and sugar until the sauce thickens.
Directions   In ...

picture of recipeNew Potatoes and Gravy - Potato Side Dish Recipes from
butter,    pepper,    potato,    salt,    milk,    flour
Looking for vegetable and side dish recipes? Try this New Potatoes and Gravy Recipe. YES! Alan's Kitchen has a large collection of favorite side dish recipes, ideal for picnics, tailgating or anyt...

picture of recipePotato Latkes Recipe
oil,    pepper,    potato,    onion,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    flour
The secret to crisp latkes is the removal of as much liquid as possible from the ground potatoes. Serve these plain (they're a fine accompaniment to a roast with gravy), or with sour cream or appl...

picture of recipePotato Latkes Potato Pancakes) Recipe
potato,    onion,    eggs,    salt,    flour
Latkas are a tradition for Channukah, but they are great anytime. This recipe makes about 15 latkas, but can easily be doubled or tripled. Easy to make, just allow time to stand at the stove with mult...

picture of recipe Mom's Cucumber Salad Recipe -
dill,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    mayonnaise,    sugar
Cucumber slices are tossed with a cool, creamy vinegar and sugar dressing in this splendid summer salad.
Directions   In a large bowl, stir together the mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, dill, and seasoned s...

picture of recipe Potato Pancakes Recipe -
pancake mix,    oil,    pepper,    potato,    onion,    eggs,    salt
Potatoes and onion grated, combined with eggs and pancake mix, and cooked just like breakfast pancakes. Excellent when served with warm sour cream.
Directions   In a food processor grate potatoes and o...

picture of recipeBread Machine Doughnuts Recipe
butter,    yeast,    oil,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    milk,    water,    flour
My girls ages 7, 6, and 4 help me roll them!! A perfect fall Sunday afternoon activity.
1   Place ingredients in bread machine according to manufacturer and set to dough setting.   2   When cycle is done...

picture of recipe Blackberry Spinach Salad Recipe -
feta cheese,    walnut,    blackberry,    spring onion,    tomato,    spinach
Rich with color and texture, and boldly flavored with fresh blackberries and feta cheese, this salad is one of the most wonderful we have enjoyed!
In a large bowl, toss together baby spinach, blackber...

picture of recipePesto For Noodles Recipe
olive oil,    pine nut,    basil,    garlic,    parmesan cheese
A simple pesto sauce.
1   Place basil leaves in small batches in food processor and whip until well chopped. Do about 3/4 cup at a time.   2   To each batch, add about 1/3 the nuts and garlic. Blend agai...

picture of recipe Tomato Cucumber Salad Recipe -
pepper,    onion,    tomato,    cucumber,    salt,    lemon juice
Diced tomatoes and cucumbers, chopped onion, and a splash of lemon juice. Chill and serve to four.
Directions   Combine tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions in a salad bowl. Season to taste with salt and b...

picture of recipeFive Ingredient Miracle Whip Banana Bread Recipe
bicarbonate of soda,    banana,    sugar,    whipped topping,    flour
There was a thread on CC about which choice you would make, mayo or Miracle Whip. Because of it,I went recipe hunting on the web and came up with this one.
1   Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   2   Combine ...

picture of recipeGarlic Asparagus Recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    garlic,    asparagus,    salt
I have used this recipe on countless occasions and always get a rave review on this simple way to prepare asparagus. I have also used this vegetable side to film my food TV star pilot, which you can w...

picture of recipe Grandma's Brisket Recipe -
beef brisket,    onion soup mix,    carrot,    onion,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    ginger ale
My grandmother used to make this every year for get-togethers. Who would've known that it was this easy?
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).   Place the brisket in a roasting pan fat...

picture of recipe Jewish Grandma's Best Beef Brisket Recipe -
beef brisket,    oil,    pepper,    onion,    garlic,    salt
My mother makes a GREAT beef brisket. She got the recipe after watching a friend's Jewish grandmother make it. It is perfect, delicious and easily Kosher for Passover. Enjoy!
Directions   Heat the ...

picture of recipeSweet-and-sour Brisket Recipe
beef brisket,    tomato,    sauerkraut,    brown sugar
It doesn't get easier or more delicious than this brisket! Recipe courtesy of Susie Fishbein's "Kosher By Design". A traditional Jewish preparation, easily made Kosher for Pa...

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Sweet And Sour Brisket Sauerkraut Is The Secret) Recipe

picture of recipe Cucumber Salad I Recipe -
red onion,    cucumber,    rice vinegar,    seasoning,    sugar,    water
Vinegar with a bit of sugar "pickles " the cucumbers and red onion slices nicely. Serve as is, or spoon over grilled hamburgers or layer between two slices of cheese in a grilled cheese sand...

picture of recipeVegetable Soup Recipe
chicken soup,    pepper,    dill,    parsnip,    carrot,    onion,    zucchini/courgette,    cauliflower,    salt
This recipe is from my sister-in-law. It is so healthy and it tastes fantastic. It's great on a cold winter's day.
1   Chop vegetables into chunks. Place in large pot.   2   Fill up pot 3/4 way w...

picture of recipe Garlic Salmon Recipe -
pepper,    dill,    lemon,    spring onion,    garlic,    salmon,    salt
A large salmon filet, steamed in foil and cooked either in the oven or barbecue. It's seasoned with minced garlic, fresh baby dill, lemon slices, fresh ground pepper and green onions.
Preheat oven...

picture of recipeMushroom Pate Recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    mushrooms,    onion,    eggs,    salt
This is a *very* simple, mild mushroom pate. You can use whatever kind of mushrooms you prefer, or an assortment. Just so long as they are fresh, never canned. It is my attempt to replace chopped live...

picture of recipe Bou's Chicken Recipe -
whole chicken,    mustard,    white vinegar,    soy sauce,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    sugar,    water
Chicken simmered in a piquant sauce of mustard, soy sauce, vinegar and ketchup pairs nicely with rice or mashed potatoes on the side.
Directions   In a medium pot with a lid, blend together mustard, su...

picture of recipe Chicken Oreganato Recipe -
chicken thigh,    olive oil,    pepper,    oregano,    lemon,    salt
Lemon and oregano deftly flavor this accommodating chicken dish--you can serve it hot, cold or at room temperature.
Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).   Wash chicken well and pat dry. Mix o...

picture of recipe Sunshine Chicken Recipe -
chicken thigh,    dried garlic,    soy sauce,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    corn syrup
An easy glaze of catsup and soy sauce gives this baked chicken a golden gleam.
Directions   Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).   Rinse the chicken pieces and place them, single layer and ski...

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