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The recipes shown can not be guaranteed to match all your search parameters. You must personally check the linked recipes against your requirements, particularly dietary requirements.

picture of recipeGrand Marnier Zabaglione With Poached Rhubarb Recipe -
egg yolks,    vanilla pod,    rhubarb,    sugar,    white wine,    grand marnier,    orange juice
Grand marnier zabaglione with poached rhubarb recipe - Preheat oven to 170ºC. Place the rhubarb, orange juice and sugar in a 20 x 30cm (base measurement) baking dish. Scrape the seeds from th...

picture of recipeCoconut Custard (Flan de Coco) Recipe
evaporated milk,    coconut cream,    eggs,    sugar,    condensed milk,    water
This recipe makes two 9
Pre-heat oven at 350 degrees.   1. In a non-stick pan, combine the sugar and water and cook on medium-high until the sugar caramelizes to a nice light brown color.   2. Pour half...

picture of recipeHow to Make Baked Potatoes with Quark - Blechkartoffeln mit Kraeuterquark - How to Bake a Potato
butter,    olive oil,    pepper,    caraway,    potato,    salt
One way to bake a potato and serve it is with Herbed Quark Cheese. This is an easy potato dished often served as an entree for a meatless menu. Serve a green salad with Baked Potatoes with Herbed Quar...

picture of recipePie A La Italian Recipe
pepper,    eggs,    sausage,    salt,    parmesan cheese,    monterey jack cheese
This is from and I wanted to post it for safe keeping! :) I plan on using cooked Italian sausage and maybe mozzarella instead of smoked sausage and jack, to really make it Italian.
1   U...

picture of recipeSimple Greek Lemon Chicken Thighs With Potatoes Low Fat) For 1 Recipe
chicken thigh,    olive oil,    oregano,    lemon,    potato,    garlic,    lemon juice
A simple and quick delicious dish, oregano and lemon make you not miss the skin. Time does not include 30 minute marinade. Easily quadrupled, this is for one but use it as a guide for as many as you w...

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Simple Greek Lemon Chicken Thighs With Potatoes (Low Fat) for 1

picture of recipeHerbes de Provence Recipe by shantihhh |
thyme,    savory,    sage,    rosemary,    oregano,    lavender,    basil
One of my favourite herb mixtures is Herbes de Provence a classic herb blend using fresh or dried herbs. This mixture is very popular in France. It is...
Preparation:   Stir the herbs together and stor...

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Herbes De Provence Recipe
Herbes De Provence Recipe
Herbes de Provence Recipe – Provencal Herb Blend Recipe

picture of recipeOeufs En Cocotte agrave; La Suisse Recipe
pepper,    nutmeg,    eggs,    cheese,    double cream
A richer, Swiss version of a French classic.
1   Pre-heat the oven to 190° C (375° F - gas 5)   2   Grease 4 ramekins well and place in a baking dish or roasting tin, to which sufficient hot wa...

picture of recipeSweet Syrupy Apples - Greek Recipe for Whole Apples in Light Syrup - Firikia Glyko
cloves,    cinnamon,    lemon,    apple,    sugar,    brandy,    water
Small sweet apples in a light syrup make a delightful offering for guests. Cinnamon and cloves add just the right touch of spice.
Place one clove in the top and bottom of each peeled apple. Place all ...

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Firikia Glyko Whole Apples In Light Syrup Recipe

picture of recipeSpiced Grapes Recipe
star anise,    pepper,    cloves,    cinnamon,    grape,    sugar,    water
1   Combine all ingredients except grapes in a small saucepan and boil for two to three minutes.   2   Pierce each grape two to three times with a sharp skewer or toothpick.   3   Place grapes in a small b...

picture of recipePolish Horseradish Recipe - Recipe for Polish Horseradish or Chrzan
pepper,    horseradish,    white wine vinegar,    white vinegar,    salt,    lemon juice
Poles love horseradish. It is used as a condiment with kielbasa, ham, beef, just about anything.
Mix together all ingredients until well combined.   Pack into a clean, sterilized pint jar. Store refrig...

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Polish Horseradish Chrzan) Recipe

picture of recipePolish Beets with Sour Cream Recipe - Recipe for Polish Buraczki ze Smietana or Beets with Sour Crea
pepper,    dill,    beetroot,    salt,    sugar,    sour cream
Polish beets with sour cream can be served hot or cold and are great as a vegetable or salad.
Cut beets into strips or julienne. In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except for dill. Heat just to...

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Delicious Roasted Beets With Sour Cream Recipe Video by copykat |

picture of recipeCafe Brulot Recipe – Coffee with Spiced Brandy
cloves,    cinnamon,    orange,    lemon,    sugar,    brandy,    coffee
This café brulot recipe features cinnamon, cloves, citrus zest, brandy, and coffee. Coffee with spiced brandy.
Place the cinnamon stick, cloves, sugar cubes, and citrus peel in a medium-sized cha...

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Coffee Brulot Recipe by Southern Crockpot |
Cafe Brulot Recipe by Microwave Lady |
Cafe Brulot Recipe by chef jackson |

picture of recipeTropical Plantains Recipe
cooking banana,    coconut cream,    coconut,    lime juice
This is easy to prepare and tastes delicious. I had never had plantains before trying this and fell in love.
1. Peel plantain by cutting off both ends and peel like a banana. Cut the plantain in half ...

picture of recipeBoiled Lobster Recipe - Greek Recipe for Boiled Lobster
olive oil,    bay leaf,    lemon,    lobster,    white wine vinegar,    salt,    water
A simple and easy Greek recipe for boiled lobster.
Add plenty of water to cover the lobster generously, salt, bay leaf, and vinegar to a large pot and bring to a boil. Add lobster and boil for 15-16 m...

picture of recipeGebackene Kohlsprossen Austria) Recipe
egg yolks,    heavy cream,    mushrooms,    brussels sprout,    ham,    parmesan cheese
This recipe is from week 17 of my food blog, Travel by Stove. I am attempting to cook one meal from every nation on Earth, and Austria is my 17th stop. This side dish is a delicious and simple way to ...

picture of recipeSexy Strawberry Surprise Recipe
heavy cream,    vanilla extract,    strawberry,    brandy
Succulent strawberries laced with brandy and topped with vanilla flavoured whipped cream
1   Hull the strawberries and place in a bowl.   2   Pour over the brandy and put in the refrigerator for an hour....

picture of recipeAsturian-Style Beef in White Wine Sauce Recipe - Carne Gobernada Recipe
olive oil,    onion,    garlic,    beef,    salt,    white wine
This beef in white wine recipe makes 5-6 servings.   Trim fat and gristle from beef and cut into small cubes, about 1/2-inch in size.   Peel and finely chop onions. Peel and mince garlic.   Place meat in...

picture of recipeLemon Sherbet Recipe - Gelato al Limone - Lemon Gelato Recipe
lemon,    sugar,    ice cream,    water
Lemon Sherbet: What could be more refreshing in summer? Gelato al limone is also excellent for perking up the appetite between courses in a formal meal.
Bring the sugar, water and lemon zest to a boi...

picture of recipeBlueberry Apples Recipe
butter,    vanilla,    blueberry,    apple,    brown sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    whipped cream
Our favorite dessert, made from fresh berries or from the berries in the freezer, in the middle of winter they are wonderful. (try other berries too, cranberries are great!)
1   Core and quarter apple ...

picture of recipeSpanish Milk drink recipe -
cinnamon,    sugar,    liqueur 43,    cream,    milk,    ice
The best recipe for a Spanish Milk alcoholic mixed drink, containing Licor 43 (Cuarenta Y Tres), Cream, Milk, Cinnamon, Ice and Sugar. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for Spanish M...

picture of recipeTrout Stuff With Fresh Mint And Basil Recipe
olive oil,    mint,    basil,    trout,    salt
Stuff trout with fresh mint and fresh basil easy to make for romantic dinner. foreplay start in the kitchen!
turn oven on to 375   clean the filet of trout and dry   cut in big piece the mint and the ba...

picture of recipeTurkish Apricot Compote Kayisi Kompostosu) Recipe
almond,    apricot,    sugar,    almond essence,    water
POSTED FOR RAMADAN TAG. From NOTE: I just realized almond extract contains alcohol unless there are alcohol free ones around. I would like to know.
1   Bring the sugar a...

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Turkish Apricot Compote Recipe

picture of recipe Dulcia Domestica Recipe -
pine nut,    pepper,    date,    honey,    red wine
These dates are stuffed with chopped pine nuts, cooked in wine and honey and then cooled before being devoured.
Directions   Stuff dates with chopped nuts: the nuts are inserted into the space left by ...

picture of recipeFried Eggs with Vinegar & Paprika Recipe - Huevos Fritos con Vinagre y Pimenton
olive oil,    paprika,    eggs,    red wine vinegar,    salt
Fried eggs are a very common dinner main course in Spain. After frying eggs in rich olive oil, it is popular to sprinkle them with red wine vinegar and Spanish paprika. The vinegar and paprika add zes...

picture of recipeChicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce Recipe |
chicken breast,    chicken stock,    pepper,    oregano,    sun dried tomatoes,    balsamic vinegar,    salt
This seven-ingredient chicken entree features jarred sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Not only is it easy to prepare, but this chicken recipe is perfect for both quic...

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Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce Recipe

picture of recipe Easy Devonshire Cream Recipe -
heavy cream,    salt,    cream cheese,    sugar
Cream cheese is beaten with cream and a touch of sugar in this clotted cream look-alike.
Directions   In a medium bowl, cream together cream cheese, sugar and salt. Beat in cream until stiff peaks form...

picture of recipeCool Tangerine Recipe
peppermint,    basil,    tangerine,    whipped cream
Great colorful dessert
Surprise your guests with this great dessert. Serve in glass bowls and decorate with mint leaves.   Dice tangerines, add crushed mint and basil leaves. Put in bowls decorate with...

picture of recipeJenever Poached Deer Steaks - Recipe for Deer Steaks Poached in Jenever
butter,    beef stock,    juniper,    cloves,    bay leaf,    venison,    jenever
This hearty game dish features deer steaks poached in Holland’s national liquor – jenever. It is perfect for chilly winter weather.
Remove the deer steaks from the fridge and allow them to...

picture of recipePotato Au-Gratin Bordeaux Region) Recipe
butter,    pepper,    potato,    garlic,    salt,    cream,    milk
Our French homestay girls family's au gratin recipe. Cheese free. Serve with steak or grilled chicken.
1   Peel and slice the potatoes about 3-5mm thick.   2   Add to a saucepan and cover with water,...

picture of recipeCrème au Caramel Recipe – Creme Caramel Recipe
heavy cream,    vanilla extract,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    milk,    water
This crème au caramel recipe features vanilla custard and homemade caramel sauce. Crème caramel recipe.
In a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, melt and caramelize 1/2 cup of the sugar. ...

picture of recipeTurkish Apple Tea Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    apple,    honey,    water
I found this recipe online decide to post it here for safe keeping.
1   Place all the ingredients except the honey into a saucepan. Bring to a boil then reduce heat & simmer for 15 minutes.   2   Str...

picture of recipeReal Gambas Pil Pil Recipe
olive oil,    chili pepper,    garlic,    prawn,    salt,    white wine
This is the famous SPANISH Tapas dish that has been messed up by so called chefs around the world. I know there are other recipes for this dish, but, I live in Spain and this is how they are made here...

picture of recipeCreamy Potato And Green Onion Soup Recipe
white peppercorn,    potato,    spring onion,    celery,    salt,    milk,    water
1   Bring 1 1/2 cups water to boiling, add potatoes& celery, cover and bring to boil again.   2   Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes.   3   Drain liquid into blender and...

picture of recipeSchlagsahne Sweetened Cream Topping) Recipe
vanilla extract,    sugar,    rum flavoring,    whipped topping
Use as a quick cake topping. Even though it is not really a dairy product, you should still keep anything topped with this topping in the refrigerator.
1   Using mixer, quickly whip the topping along w...

picture of recipeBrazo De Gitano Chocolate Roulade Recipe -
sweet sherry,    eggs,    sugar,    cocoa powder,    dark chocolate,    coffee,    cream
Brazo de gitano Chocolate roulade recipe - Preheat oven to 180°C. Lightly grease a 24x30cm Swiss roll pan with butter. Line with baking paper, allowing sides to overhang. Combine the chocolate...

picture of recipeOrange Jelly Sour Recipe
orange marmalade,    honey,    gin,    lemon juice,    water
Tawny Orange marmalade is what is called for in this recipe but any will do. I enjoyed this strained and even more just poured all into a martini glass. I like the effects of the marmalade at the bott...

picture of recipeSauerkraut In A Bottle Recipe
cabbage,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    water
If you love homemade sauerkraut, but don't have your own crocks, this is a great recipe. It's fast and easy to put together and you can make any quantity you want. My father made sauerkraut ev...

picture of recipe Sauerkraut Filling for Pierogi Recipe -
oil,    pepper,    mushrooms,    onion,    sauerkraut,    salt,    sour cream
Fill pockets of pierogi dough with a tart and hearty mixture of sauteed onions and mushrooms, sauerkraut, salt, pepper and a dab or two of sour cream.
Directions   In a large skillet, heat oil over a m...

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Sauerkraut Filling Pierogi Filling) Recipe

picture of recipeBeet & Pear Smoothie - Bieten-peersmoothies - Food for the Soul
lemon,    pear,    beetroot,    honey,    brown sugar,    water
Beets may seem like a surprising ingredient for a smoothie, but somehow their sweet earthy flavor balance really well with the fruity butteriness of pears.
Peel the beets and finely dice them. Wash, ...

picture of recipeBlueberry Lemon Pressé Recipe - Myrtille Citron Pressé Recipe
blueberry,    sugar,    lemon juice,    water,    ice
This blueberry lemon pressé recipe, made with blueberry puree and fresh lemon juice, is a twist on the popular French beverage commonly served in cafés. Myrtille Citron Pressé.
How to m...

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