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oceania: tonga

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No-cook   Raw Food

picture of recipeTonga Toast Recipe
butter,    oil,    vanilla extract,    cinnamon,    banana,    eggs,    bread,    maple syrup,    sugar,    milk
This is from Disney's Polynesian Resort. I buy the bread a day before I make this, as day old bread seems to work better for me. I also do not have them cut it, I cut it myself. I also garnish it ...

picture of recipeTongan Pawpaw Salad Veg CD ACC 30mins
oil,    pepper,    pawpaw,    salt,    lime juice
1. Remove skins from pawpaws and grate the flesh into a mixing bowl.   2. Sprinkle with salt and add enough water to just cover. Mix well then leave to soak water about 20 minutes.   3. After the soak...


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