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picture of recipeChai Frosting Recipe - Easy Cake Icing Recipe - Masala Chai /"Chai Tea" Frosting Recipe
butter,    vanilla extract,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    salt,    sugar,    chai tea
This easy Chai Frosting recipe is naturally flavored with instant chai concentrate and masala chai (
In a medium-sized mixing bowl, cream all the ingredientys except for the confectioners sugar and ...

picture of recipeSpicy Roasted Plums Diabetic) Recipe
cooking spray,    almond,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom,    plum,    brown sugar,    pineapple juice,    apple juice,    sour cream
Another delicious recipes that will please diners whether or not they are diabetic. With a few ingredients, plums are transformed into an elegant and flavorful dessert. This recipe comes from a specia...

picture of recipeSomalian Tea Recipe
nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom
Stopping in Somalia on a virtual Round the World foodie's the recipe I found.
1   Place the mixture in the bottom of the teapot and pour in boiling water.   2   Let it steep for several m...

picture of recipeSpiced Hot Chocolate Recipe
orange oil,    orange peel,    vanilla extract,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    salt,    brown sugar,    cocoa powder,    milk,    water
Adapted from a recipe in Better Homes Gardens Meals for 1 or 2. Sorry, made this last night and it tasted like something was missing and I realized it was the cinnamon. It was in the directions, but I...

picture of recipe Lebkuchen I Recipe -
candied fruit,    bicarbonate of soda,    sesame seed oil,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    allspice,    baking powder,    honey,    brown sugar,    flour
Lebkuchen is a traditional German holiday cookie. It is high in spicy flavor.
Directions   Spray bottom and sides of a 10 x15 inch glass pan with a non-stick spray. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (170 d...

picture of recipeFig and Walnut Panforte, Panforte Di Siena, How To Make Panforte, Cake Recipes
butter,    walnut,    white peppercorn,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    orange,    lemon,    raisin,    fig,    honey,    sugar,    flour
An Italian confection that is a cross between fruit cake, candy, and honey cakes called Lebkuchen (lasting cakes. It is a wonderful confection and so easy to make.
Preheat oven to 300 F. and adjust ov...

picture of recipeCardamom Sugar Cookies Recipe
butter,    icing sugar,    vanilla extract,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    milk,    flour
Great taste of cardamom. Source : Sugar at Food Network
1   Beat butter and sugar together by hand or in a mixer, until pale and fluffy. Blend in egg and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, stir toget...

picture of recipeGerman Lebkuchen With German Baking Wafers Oblaten Recipe
candied lemon peel,    candied orange peel,    almond,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    allspice,    eggs,    wafers,    sugar,    chocolate,    lemon juice,    flour
The cookies are baked on a thin, edible wafer called oblaten. Oblaten are crisp, white wheat wafers that are available in specialty food shops. If you do not have a specialty food shop that handles ob...

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German Lebkuchen with German Baking Wafers Oblaten - Recipe #20715 - Foodgeeks

picture of recipeGarlic Chicken Recipe |
chicken breast,    chicken stock,    olive oil,    pepper,    parsley,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom,    garlic,    salt,    lemon juice,    yogurt (plain)
Ending 30 days of fasting, Eid ul-Fitr celebrations include an abundance of dishes like this one--full of heady aromas, sweet spices, and lots of flavor. Marinating and cooking the chicken in tangy yo...

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Garlic Chicken Recipe

picture of recipeGerman Christmas Stollen
butter,    bread flour,    yeast,    candied lemon peel,    candied orange peel,    cake,    almond,    vanilla pod,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    lemon,    raisin,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    dark rum,    milk,    flour
German Stollen should be made ahead of time and allowed to age for several weeks. Stollen is served during Advent and the Christmas festivities. Christstollen is a rich yeast dough full of raisins, nu...

picture of recipeBasundi Recipe by Ashvini |
pistachio,    almond,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    raisin,    sugar,    milk
This sweet dish is normally accompanied with puris and the combination is yummy. Pour milk in a big vessel and start heating on a high flame. Once the...
Pour milk in a big vessel and start heating on...

picture of recipeCarrot Cookies Recipe
vanilla,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    coconut,    carrot,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    fat,    brown sugar,    sugar,    flour
These are good on their own or with Recipe #250899
1   Cream shortening, sugars, add egg and mashed carrots.   2   Sift dry ingredients and add to carrot mixture.   3   Add vanilla, spices, and coconut.   4...

picture of recipeGrilled Middle Eastern Turkey Meatballs Recipe |
red onion,    chili dried/powder,    olive oil,    pepper,    parsley,    paprika,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom,    peas,    turkey,    salt,    bread
Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Meatballs are a great pick-up appetizer or main dish. Serve in flatbread and top with Avocado-Mint Tzatziki.
1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat (350 to 400 ).   2. Combi...

picture of recipeDad's Favourite Yummy Indian Dessert - Shrikhand Recipe
pistachio,    saffron,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    sugar,    milk,    yogurt (plain)
From the Thursday magazine, this was submitted by Molly Carvalho. Preparation time includes refrigeration time. My dad adores this dessert:) Preparation time includes refrigeration time.
1   Put the yo...

picture of recipeTikka Marinade Recipe
nutmeg,    ginger root,    jalapeno,    cumin,    cardamom,    garlic,    salt,    yogurt (plain)
Spice up your dinner with this zesty Tikka Marinade! Great with chicken, pork and prawns. Serve with basmati rice
1   Mix all the ingredients. In a glass bowl or shallow dish add marinade to 4 servings...

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Tikka Marinade

picture of recipeSpiced Peach Jam Recipe
nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    peach,    sugar,    lemon juice
This recipe is by Janice Cole from Cooking Pleasures magazine. The peaches are accented with the sweet spices of cinnamon, cardamon, and nutmeg, creating a rich spread.
1   Place all ingredients in a h...

picture of recipeMaple Apple Cake - Ball Filling Recipe
butter,    nutmeg,    ginger root,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    apple,    maple sugar
This also makes delicious tartlets or "apple pie cookies" - that is if you can keep out of it with a spoon! Adapted from "Cake Balls: More Than 60 Delectable and Whimsical S...

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Maple Apple Cake - Ball Filling Recipe

picture of recipeSpiced Melktert Dutch Milk Tart Recipe
butter,    cornstarch,    cake flour,    vanilla extract,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    eggs,    baking powder,    pastry,    sugar,    whipped cream,    milk
A South African Tart. For a richer vanilla flavor, add a split vanilla bean, with the seeds, to the milk along with the cinnamon stick, and omit the vanilla extract.
1   Measure three-quarters of the m...

picture of recipePuran Poli Recipe by Ashvini |
nutmeg,    cardamom,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour,    ghee
This is the speciality of Maharashtrian food. A motherinlaw in her first interview with the would be daughterinlaw asks her if she can make this dish. If...
Pick and clean chana dal. Wash with cold wa...

picture of recipeBasundi Recipe by vishwa |
almond,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    sugar,    milk,    half and half
This is a wonderful Indian dessert made with milk. It is a dense sweetened liquid made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time approximately 1 to 2...
In a heavy bottom pan, mix together milk and ...

picture of recipeJamaica Shake Recipe
nutmeg,    ginger root,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    brown sugar,    chocolate ice cream,    coffee
This drink is called Jamaica Shake because all of its ingredients are products of Jamaica. Whirl them together for a cool, refreshing milk shake.
1   In a blender, process all ingredients until smooth....

picture of recipeGingerbread Cookies Recipe
butter,    bicarbonate of soda,    pepper,    nutmeg,    ginger root,    coriander,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    eggs,    baking powder,    honey,    molasses,    brown sugar,    flour
This unusual gingerbread is traditional to Latvia. Very nicely-spiced. Quantity varies depending on how you shape and cut your cookies.
1   Combine molasses, brown sugar, butter and honey in a pot, hea...

picture of recipeChai Spiced Cookies Recipe
butter,    egg yolks,    vanilla,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    allspice,    salt,    sugar,    flour
I got this out of a 2007 Pillsbury Holiday Cookie Book. I made them for our Christmas trays this year. They taste awesome and are very easy to make. Don't let the long list of ingredients scare yo...

picture of recipeHomemade Curry Powder Recipe
peppercorn,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom
My version that is based on Jonni McCoy's (Miserly Moms) recipe. Why buy what you can make easily in your own kitchen?
1   Dump everything into a blender or coffee grinder; process into very fine p...

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Garam Masala | BigOven
Garam Masala #4 recipe
Garam Masala - Lawson

picture of recipeChicken Tikkas Recipe
chicken,    pepper,    nutmeg,    mint,    ginger root,    cloves,    cayenne pepper,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom,    onion,    garlic,    salt,    yogurt (plain)
Pakistani barbecued chicken. Preparation time does not include time for marinating. If desired, serve with naan.
1   Combine marinade ingredients and marinate chicken all day or overnight in refrigerat...

picture of recipeBaked Persian Rice Recipe
butter,    chicken stock,    olive oil,    nutmeg,    cardamom,    onion,    garlic,    salt,    rice,    water
A wonderful blend of flavors. I love rice, but my husband is not fond of it plain so I look for flavorful ways of preparing it and he really enjoyed this. I used jasmine rice, which is a long-grain bu...

picture of recipeSweet Spice Blend Recipe |
nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    brown sugar
A 2-ounce jar of ground cardamom will cost about $8--you can use cinnamon in its place. This recipe goes with Honey-Spice Butter, Sugar-and-Spice Nuts
Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Store in...

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Sweet Spice Blend Recipe

picture of recipeDirt Bomb Muffins Recipe
butter,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
A cross between a Cinnamon sugar doughnut and a muffin!! Will try them soon!
1   Preheat oven to 375°F Place the rack in the center position. Generously grease a 12-cup standard muffin pan.   2   Si...

picture of recipeHomemade Chicken Shawarma Recipe
chicken thigh,    olive oil,    paprika,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried garlic,    salt
This is for those of you love shawarma and wanna make it at home.
Mix the spices together in a bowl.   Add the chicken pieces and toss, then drizzle with the olive oil.   Heat the grill, and grease a la...

picture of recipeBritish Apple Pie Spice Mix Recipe
nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    allspice
Great for apple pies.Found this on a Romanian website.All spices should be freshly ground.
1   Mix all ingredients and place in a sealed container far from light and heat.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100...

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Apple Pie Spice Recipe - Recipe for Apple Pie Spice
Apple Pie Spice Recipe

picture of recipe5 Spice Sugar Recipe
nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    sugar
Found this in Sunset magazine around Christmas Time. I put it in the sugar shaker and use it on everything. You can substitute Splenda.
1   For a gift: Layer in a 1/3-1/2 C clear, narrow jar.   2   To us...

picture of recipeMixed Spice A Sweet Spice Mixture) Recipe
peppercorn,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    allspice
The fragrance of this is heavenly. It 's a Middle Eastern mix. It 's very flexible some put paprika and cumin some keep it simple just peppercorns, cinnamon nutmeg. I came up with this recipe ...

picture of recipeOnion Gingered Chicken Recipe
chicken,    chicken stock,    oil,    thyme,    sage,    white peppercorn,    pepper,    nutmeg,    ginger root,    dill seed,    cloves,    cayenne pepper,    cumin,    cardamom,    dried onion,    dried ginger,    dried garlic,    basil,    allspice,    onion,    salt,    sugar,    flour
From Paul Prudhomme's Fiery Foods I Love. It's not as complicated as it looks.
1   Combine seasoning mix ingredients in a small bowl.   2   Mix 2 tablespoons of mix with the flour and set aside f...

picture of recipeExceptional Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe
lemon peel,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger
Mix your own spice mix if you suddenly find yourself out. This is an exceptional nice blend of spices.
1   Thoroughly mix all ingredients together.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function...

picture of recipe Easy Garam Masala Recipe -
pepper,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom
This recipe produces a quick version of Garam Masala, the aromatic blend of spices often used in Indian cooking.
Mix cumin, coriander, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in a bowl. Place m...

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Quick Garam Masala Recipe
Garam Masala Recipe |
Garam Masala Spice Mix Recipe
Vegetarian Kopan Masala Recipe - Tibetan Vegetarian Recipes
Garam Masala - 14
Garam Masala Recipe
Garam Masala Recipe by Meal Mates |
Garam Masala Recipe

picture of recipeGaram Masala Recipe
pepper,    nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom
A mild, almost sweet curry.
1   Toast and grind all the spices together.   2   Store in a tightly sealed jar for several months.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ // check if outbr...

picture of recipe Madhur Jaffreys Garam Masala | BigOven
pepper,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom
Try this Madhur Jaffreys Garam Masala recipe, or contribute your own. "SEASONINGS" and "Herb mix" are two of the tags cooks chose for Madhur Jaffreys Garam Masala. - Madhur Jaffrey...

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Garam Masala Ala Madhur Jaffrey Recipe
Garam Masala Spice - 2
Garam Masala - Chandra's
Garam Masala - 04
Garam Masala Spice - 1
Madhur Jaffrey's Garam Masala

picture of recipeMixed Spice - Traditional Old Fashioned English Pudding Spice Recipe
nutmeg,    coriander seed,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    allspice
1   Grind the allspice, cinnamon and cloves to a fine powder and then mix well with the ground nutmeg and ginger.   2   Add the finely ground cardamom and corainder seeds, if using, and mix well again.   ...

picture of recipeDry Rub with Spices from the Dutch East India Company - Rub met VOC Kruiden
star anise,    pepper,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    salt
This flavored salt is made with the spices that the old Dutch East India Company (VOC) was famous for trading. Use as a seasoning on venison, duck and lamb prior to cooking.
Toast the spices in a hot...

picture of recipeCrisp Spice Cookies Diabetic) Recipe
butter,    apple pie spice,    nutmeg,    cloves,    cayenne pepper,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    dried ginger,    wholewheat flour,    molasses,    brown sugar,    flour
Although I am not diabetic, when looking for desserts or baked goods, I frequently find myself reading Diabetic Living. I love the emphasis on complex carbohydrates and higher fiber ingredients well s...

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