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drink: smoothie, fruit smoothie, vegetable smoothie

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the americas
middle east

Other Cuisine: mediterranean, jewish

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No-cook   Raw Food

picture of recipeGreen Smoothie Recipe
banana,    pineapple,    tangerine,    pear,    spinach,    kale,    pineapple juice
green smoothie with lots of flavor, no need for splenda nor sugar, tangerines add a sufficient amount of sweetness to this green breakfast or snack filler.
Serving Size: makes 48 oz or 6 8oz cup servi...

picture of recipePeanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe
banana,    peanut butter,    honey,    milk
Smooth and delicious after a nice walk
Blend all ingredients into a blender. Enjoy   Makes 1 serving   Number of Servings: 1   Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user FAITMAKER.   Pin It   Tweet   Email   Print...

picture of recipe Orange Smoothie Recipe -
vanilla extract,    sugar,    orange juice,    milk,    water,    ice
A great drink for orange lovers, and a fun way to cool off! Orange juice concentrate is blended with milk and ice to produce a tasty slushy drink!
Directions   In a blender, combine orange juice concen...

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picture of recipeMochaccino Smoothie Recipe
chocolate yogurt,    chocolate syrup,    coffee,    ice
Entered for safe-keeping, from Woman's World 11/8/10. Ready almost instantly.
1   Blend all ingredients in a blender to desired consistency and serve.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(f...

picture of recipeGreen Smoothie Recipe
flax seed/linseed,    pineapple,    kiwifruit,    apple,    zucchini/courgette,    spinach,    whey protein powder
A delicious, nutricious introduction to the morning
Add approximately 16 oz water to 2 quart blender.   Core and slice large apple, use 1/2   Cut ends of kiwi and quarter (leave skin, it contains extra ...

picture of recipeCoffee Smoothie Recipe
vanilla extract,    vanilla ice cream,    kahlua,    chocolate syrup,    coffee,    milk,    water
This is a good smoothie. The cook time includes freezing time for the ice cubes. Make enough up so you have some on hand. You can use leftover coffee from your coffee pots and just freeze them as you ...

picture of recipeBreakfast Banana Smoothie Recipe
banana,    milk,    ice
Serving size: 3 (8 fl oz) servings.   In a blender, add banana, ice, contents of pouch and milk.   Blend on high one minute.   Number of Servings: 1   Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user RIKKISAM.   Pin I...

picture of recipeJello Smoothie Recipe
jelly/jell-o,    whipped topping,    water,    ice
A low-fat low cal smoothie/milkshake option...Use orange jello for a dreamsicle flavor or lime for key lime pie
1   In blender, mix boiling water and jello mi until dissolved.   2   Combine cold water wi...

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picture of recipeCoffee Smoothie Recipe
brown sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    coffee,    milk,    yogurt (plain),    ice
Try Coffee Smoothie from - 36701
1   In blender, combine all ingredients.   2   Blend until frothy.   3   Pour into 4 cups and serve immediately.   Browse Our Top Smoothies Recipes   Iced Coffee Sm...

picture of recipebanana smoothie Recipe
banana,    sugar,    milk,    ice
put it all in a blender till smooth then you jisy enjoy it   Number of Servings: 1   Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user CHEERLEADER22.   Pin It   Tweet   Email   Print   -- TAGS: Desserts | Other | Other ...

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