Search our database to find nutritional information on ingredients and foods. Up to 20 food items can be added and nutritional information on all foods are shown along with their combined total.

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To get started, enter the name of a food in the search box above and then select an item from the list of matches we generate. To add a second item, simply enter another food name in the search box and select a food item as before. This second food will be added to your food list and you will see a nutritional comparison and combination for the two foods. If you wish to view the foods nutritional profile on it's own, simply click on the 'single view' link when selecting your food.

If you wish to save a food list, simply bookmark the page in your browser.

To start a new food list just click on the 'Clear Food List' link at the top of the list of foods or click on the 'single view' link when selecting your next food.

Nutritional data for the foods listed are kindly supplied by US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service.

2016. Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28 (Slightly revised). Version Current: May 2016.

You can browse our version of the USDA food list here, or use the search box above.

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