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picture of recipeMango Milk Shake recipe with photos
mango,    sugar,    milk,    ice
Mango Milk Shake recipe. Ready In: 5 min. Makes 6 servings, 170 calories per serving Ingredients: mango pulp, milk, whole, sugar, ice cubes
Put into a blender about half (to one third) of the mango pu...

picture of recipeAvocado Milkshakes Recipe
avocado,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    milk
Posting this for ZWT II - Asia. This sounds really weird, but it's actually quite good. You'll see avocado ice cream in Asian supermarkets that carry foods and ingredients from the Philippines...

picture of recipeCantaloupe Milkshakes Recipe
cardamom,    cantaloupe melon,    sugar,    milk,    ice
Taken from showmethecurry .com and posted for ZWT. When cantaloupe is in season, try this light and refreshing recipe for cantaloupe milk shake. Itll cool down even the hottest of summer days!
1   Fill...

picture of recipeIndian Cold Coffee Shake Recipe
sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    coffee,    milk,    water,    ice
zaar tour 8 is very popular in india right now
1   mix up sugar coffee and boiling water cool.   2   add 1 cup ice to blender   3   add 1 c milk   4   and 1 cup ice cream   5   blend add 1/4 c coffee mixture...

picture of recipeIndian Banana Lassi Shake Recipe
cardamom,    banana,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    yogurt (plain),    ice
zaar world tour 8
1   put all in blender   2   blend.   Browse Our Top Shakes Recipes   Strawberry Banana Shakes   By looneytunesfan   Strawberry Banana Shakes   By Lavender Lynn   Fresh Banana-Berry Shake...

picture of recipeShake Summer Heat With Cantaloupe Milkshake Recipe
cantaloupe melon,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    cream,    milk,    water,    ice
A very cool drink for these summers!
1   Halve melon and remove the seeds.   2   Peel and finely chop one cup melon.   3   Chop remaining into big pieces, place in a blender and add sugar, ice cream, milk/...

picture of recipeCold Coffee Recipe
sugar,    coffee,    cream,    milk,    ice
Another superb chiller from NDTV.
1   Place all the ingredients in a blender and process till well blended.   2   Pour in two glasses and serve.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ /...

picture of recipeChilled Banana Vanilla Milk Shake Recipe by |
vanilla extract,    banana,    sugar,    milk,    ice
Place all in the blender container and blend smooth and frothy. Serve immediately. Chilled Banana Vanilla Milk Shake recipe from
Place all in the blender container and blend smooth and froth...

picture of recipePistachio Bubble Tea Recipe
evaporated milk,    tapioca,    pistachio,    sugar syrup,    tea,    milk,    water,    half and half,    ice
This is a delicious bubble tea flavor. It has more texture than the normal bubble teas. The excess pistachio pudding mix adds another creamy texture at the bottom of the glass. For my OCD purposes I h...

picture of recipeMelon Bubble Tea Boba Tea) Recipe
tapioca,    coconut milk,    honeydew melon,    cantaloupe melon,    watermelon,    sugar,    orange juice,    green tea,    water,    ice
This looked too good not to post. Be all the rage while drinking the latest Asian trend in teas! How silly, huh? Drink it because it's GOOD! *Large, specialty tapioca pearls specifically designed ...

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