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No-cook   Raw Food

picture of recipeVegetarian Hoppin John Recipe
red onion,    yellow/orange pepper,    brown rice,    olive oil,    thyme,    pepper,    oregano,    cayenne pepper,    bay leaf,    basil,    black-eyed pea,    garlic,    celery,    tomato,    salt
The traditional New Year food is black eyed peas, and this is a vegetarian look at eating peas to bring prosperity and luck in the new year.
Rinse and clean the peas, then soak in fresh cold water ove...

picture of recipeCreole Wiener Dish Recipe
creole seasoning,    green pepper,    hot sauce,    oil,    onion,    sweetcorn
Cajun dog!! aaaa--eeee
Brown wieners in vegetable oil. Add chili sauce, onion and pepper. Simmer until tender. Add corn and simmer 15 minutes longer.   People Who Like This Dish 2   janick04 Hamilton, O...

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picture of recipeCrawfish Wpasta Recipe
bell pepper,    mushroom soup,    onion,    cheese,    pasta,    vegetable fat spread
This dish is easy and always a favorite in the winter time. Make it on Monday, the recipe makes a lot, so you'll have wonderful leftovers for the week! good w/ salad, french bread & white wine...

picture of recipeCrawfish Etouffee Recipe
butter,    bell pepper,    parsley,    cayenne pepper,    bay leaf,    spring onion,    onion,    salt,    water,    flour
This is another great recipe from Emeril.
Melt butter in a large skillet over medium high heat.   Add onions, celery and bell peppers and saute until soft and golden, about 10 to 12 minutes.   Add crawf...

picture of recipeEggplant Etouffee Recipe -
butter,    red onion,    green pepper,    red pepper,    cayenne pepper,    basil,    mushrooms,    garlic,    celery,    zucchini/courgette,    tomato,    aubergine/eggplant,    salt
Serve over rice, pasta or potatoes for a great meatless meal. From Lunds & Byerly's.
Serving Size: 1 (354) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 127   Calories fr...

picture of recipeThe Best Spinach And Mushroom Lasagna Recipe
butter,    heavy cream,    bell pepper,    olive oil,    pepper,    mushrooms,    onion,    garlic,    celery,    spinach,    salt,    seasoning,    parmesan cheese,    mozzarella cheese,    cheese,    pasta
I developed this recipe when I had a craving for a lighter Lasagna that still was full of flavor! This is it! It is so delicious and is so easy to make! My family, friends, and co workers adore this!

picture of recipeArtichoke Cakes With Spicy Remoulade Recipe
frankfurter,    heavy cream,    red bell pepper,    hot sauce,    spring onion,    artichoke,    eggs,    mustard,    worcestershire sauce,    salt,    mayonnaise,    bread crumbs,    lemon juice
These lovely, bright cakes will dance on your tongue.
Using paper towels, squeeze liquid from artichokes, until artichokes are just slightly moist. Place artichokes in a bowl.   Add eggs and next 3 ing...

picture of recipeSweet Potatoes Stuffed Cajun-Style - Recipe #1128 - Foodgeeks
olive oil,    sweet potato,    onion,    celery,    okra,    tomato,    cajun seasoning
Try this recipe for Sweet Potatoes Stuffed Cajun-Style on
Preheat oven to 400 F. Scrub sweet potatoes, dry, and set on a cookie sheet. Bake for about an hour. Meanwhile, in a skillet, sa...

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