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picture of recipePesto for Noodles Recipe -
olive oil,    pine nut,    basil,    garlic,    parmesan cheese
A simple pesto sauce.
Serving Size: 1 (42) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 160.8   Calories from Fat 150 g 93 %   Total Fat 16.7 g 25 %   Saturated Fat 2.6 g 12 %   Ch...

picture of recipeCreamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe -
cottage cheese,    pepper,    eggs,    salt,    cheddar cheese,    pasta,    milk
This recipe was passed down from my grandmother's family. You can brown it longer to make it less creamy. You can also serve immediately, but it's better if you let it rest.
Serving Size: 1 (1...

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picture of recipeHomestyle Macaroni and Cheese Recipe -
butter,    pepper,    parsley,    mustard,    salt,    cheddar cheese,    cream cheese,    bread crumbs,    pasta,    milk,    flour
It's not a lowfat casserole, but it's so delicious you won't care. Add leftover ham for an even heartier meal.
Serving Size: 1 (176) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VAL...

picture of recipeParmesan Rice Recipe -
butter,    black olive,    oil,    pepper,    onion,    tomato,    salt,    rice,    parmesan cheese,    white wine,    water
A bit different...
Serving Size: 1 (490) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 558.3   Calories from Fat 189 g 34 %   Total Fat 21.1 g 32 %   Saturated Fat 11.2 g 55 %   Cho...

picture of recipePassover Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | SparkRecipes
butter,    matzah,    white peppercorn,    eggs,    salt,    cheddar cheese,    sour cream,    milk
A fun dish that tastes a lot like a kugel. My kids really liked it.
1. Preheat the oven to 350. In a medium bowl, lightly beat 2 of the eggs and mix in the broken matzo. 2. In another bowl beat the re...

picture of recipePerfect Crock Pot Rice Recipe -
butter,    salt,    rice,    water
You can cook rice in the slow cooker.
Serving Size: 1 (167) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 175.5   Calories from Fat 2 g 1 %   Total Fat 0.3 g 0 %   Saturated Fat 0....

picture of recipeJewish Spaghetti Recipe -
tomato sauce,    red bell pepper,    green bell pepper,    olive oil,    pepper,    onion,    salt,    pasta
My dad made this as long as I can remember. It is a delicious, quick and inexpensive meal. The more peppers and onions the better.
Serving Size: 1 (204) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING % D...

picture of recipeOrange Rice With Peas and Pearl Onions Recipe -
peas,    onion,    rice,    vegetable fat spread,    orange juice,    water
A sweet rice dish. I use Jasmati rice and make it so it's sticky, because we like it that way and because it's easier for my husband to eat. He has Cerebral Palsy and unless the rice sticks to...

picture of recipeAvocado Fettuccine Recipe -
green pepper,    olive oil,    basil,    avocado,    spring onion,    sun dried tomatoes,    white wine vinegar
From the California Avocado Commission. Yummy!!!
Serving Size: 1 (185) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 560.9   Calories from Fat 134 g 24 %   Total Fat 14.9 g 22 %   ...

picture of recipeZucchini Pasta With Mushrooms, Eggplant and Roasted Peppers Recipe -
pasta sauce,    pepper,    mushrooms,    zucchini/courgette,    aubergine/eggplant,    water
This is my attempt at replicating a restaurant recipe for zucchini pasta... it's not EXACTLY the same, but it comes close enough, I guess! You can play around with the vegetables and amounts. I us...

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