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picture of recipeIced Coffee Dunkin Donuts) Recipe
sugar,    coffee,    milk,    ice
I have tried to make iced coffee before but it never tasted like my favorite from Dunkin Donuts! I finally realized they were added as much milk as they were coffee, and extra sugar. Often, later in t...

picture of recipeGinger Coffee: Qishr - pareve
dried ginger,    sugar,    coffee,    water
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Place water in a long handled Arabic coffee pot, a small saucepan may be used. Add remaining ingre...

picture of recipeSpiced Iced Tea Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    sugar,    orange juice,    lemon juice,    tea,    water
I found this recipe on under Kosher Recipes. This is a great summer iced tea.
1   Combine water, cloves, and cinnamon stick in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat.   2...

picture of recipeAnother Holiday Spiced Tea Recipe
cloves,    sugar,    orange juice,    lemon juice,    tea,    water
Holiday Spiced Tea Originated from Alice Pouncey of Decatur, MS
1   Brew the tea in 1/2 gallon of the water, and set aside.   2   Brew the cloves separately in 2 cups of the water until the water is ambe...

picture of recipeFlavored Coffee Creamers Recipe
creamer,    cinnamon,    sugar,    almond essence,    cocoa powder,    peppermint flavoring
This makes a great gift, especially if you're making it for yourself.
1   Combine all ingredients.   2   Blend well.   3   Add to taste in hot coffee.   Browse Our Top Beverages Recipes   The Realtor...

picture of recipeIced Orange Coffee Recipe
orange,    sugar,    orange juice,    coffee,    whipped cream,    water
This was a recent recipe posted in the local paper. I just had to give it a shot, and am very pleased that I did. Now I want to share it with you...
1   Place the orange peel,water and sugar in a sauce...

picture of recipeHomemade Instant Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe
chocolate cake,    creamer,    jelly/jell-o,    sugar,    cocoa powder,    milk powder,    soy milk
Another from the Living on a Dime website. A great makeahead for those cold winter days. To make it dairy free, just substitute soymilk powder for both the dry milk and the nondairy creamer.
1   Sift t...

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