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picture of recipeOlive Oil Cake Recipe
icing sugar,    olive oil,    passionfruit,    eggs,    sugar,    flour
Olive oil in a cake? Yes, it works and the passion fruit juice is a great flavor, too!
Preheat the oven to 375F.   Grease and line a 9 inch springform pan with baking paper, or grease and flour a bundt...

picture of recipeLebanese Rice Pudding Recipe
nuts,    rice,    sugar,    milk,    water
This Lebanese pudding is a favorite both summer and winter.
Mix rice with water and add to milk , which has been brought to a boil. Stir and cook until thickened and then add sugar. Continue cooking ...

picture of recipeLebanese Cookies Recipe
butter,    bicarbonate of soda,    oil,    walnut,    baking powder,    honey,    sugar,    orange juice,    water,    flour
Different from the cookies we are used to making. Seems like a bit of work, but my neighbor makes them and they are yummy!
1   Preheat oven to 350.   2   In mixing bowl, beat cooking oil and butter until...

picture of recipeJordan March Blueberry Muffins Recipe
butter,    blueberry,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
1   Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time. Add dry ingredients alternately with milk. Fold in blueberries. Sprinkle each with 1/2 teaspoons sugar.   2   Bake 375 25 - 30 minutes.   // when docume...

picture of recipeLebanese Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
butter,    oatmeal,    vanilla,    coconut,    salt,    baking powder,    fat,    sugar,    water,    flour
Another oatmeal cookie.
1   Preheat oven to 400°F.   2   Lightly grease cookie sheets or line with parchment paper.   3   Mix all the ingredients (hands work best) except water until dough is combined...

picture of recipe Arabic Cookies Recipe -
butter,    bicarbonate of soda,    oats,    coconut,    salt,    baking powder,    fat,    sugar,    water,    flour
These cookies are very good and I got this out of my mother's personal recipes. This recipe is from a Lebanese woman who was a friend of my mother's.
Directions   Set aside boiled water and coo...

picture of recipePersian Raisin Cookies Recipe
butter,    vanilla extract,    saffron,    sultana,    raisin,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    flour
I love these melting-in-your-mouth cookies! For chewier cookies, refrigerate the dough beforehand and bake it for a shorter period. For crispier ones, bake the dough longer or refrigerate the baked co...

picture of recipeJordan Marsh Famous Blueberry Muffins Recipe
butter,    muffin,    vanilla extract,    blueberry,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins were once a staple and tradition in Boston. I thought I would pass on this recipe for those who may remember the store and love a great muffin. I've also made these ...

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Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins Recipe

picture of recipeMuhallabia, Lebanese Almond Cream Pudding Recipe
rice flour,    pistachio,    almond,    salt,    sugar,    rose syrup,    milk
I have never made this recipe. I posted it in answer to a request. Please post a review if you try it.
1   Blend ground rice in a 1/4 cup of milk.   2   Bring remainder of milk to a boil and blend in the...

picture of recipe The Rebbetzin Chef's Persian Walnut Cookies Recipe -
egg yolks,    bicarbonate of soda,    walnut,    cardamom,    sugar,    rose syrup,    water
These delicately-spiced, rose-scented cookies are the perfect treat for Passover since they contain no flour. They are nutty and rich, slightly chewy with a crunchy exterior. Pistachios or almonds can...

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