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middle east: iraq, iran, jordan, lebanon, palestine, saudi arabia

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picture of recipeLebanese Oatmeal Cookies Recipe -
butter,    oatmeal,    vanilla,    coconut,    salt,    baking powder,    fat,    sugar,    water,    flour
Another oatmeal cookie.
Serving Size: 1 (16) g   Servings Per Recipe: 30   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 69.3   Calories from Fat 32 g 47 %   Total Fat 3.6 g 5 %   Saturated Fat 1.6 g 8 %   Chol...

picture of recipeLebanese Rice Pudding Recipe
nuts,    rice,    sugar,    milk,    water
This Lebanese pudding is a favorite both summer and winter.
Mix rice with water and add to milk , which has been brought to a boil. Stir and cook until thickened and then add sugar. Continue cooking ...

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picture of recipeJordan March Blueberry Muffins Recipe -
butter,    blueberry,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
Serving Size: 1 (1218) g   Servings Per Recipe: 1   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 260.6   Calories from Fat 82 g 32 %   Total Fat 9.2 g 14 %   Saturated Fat 5.4 g 26 %   Cholesterol 57 mg 19 %   ...

picture of recipePersian Raisin Cookies Recipe -
butter,    vanilla extract,    saffron,    sultana,    raisin,    eggs,    salt,    sugar,    flour
I love these melting-in-your-mouth cookies! For chewier cookies, refrigerate the dough beforehand and bake it for a shorter period. For crispier ones, bake the dough longer or refrigerate the baked co...

picture of recipeJordan Marsh Blueberry Cake Recipe -
butter,    vanilla,    blueberry,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
Serving Size: 1 (114) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 325.8   Calories from Fat 120 g 37 %   Total Fat 13.4 g 20 %   Sat...

picture of recipeMuhallabia, Lebanese Almond Cream Pudding Recipe -
rice flour,    pistachio,    almond,    salt,    sugar,    rose syrup,    milk
I have never made this recipe. I posted it in answer to a request. Please post a review if you try it.
Serving Size: 1 (148) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 202.7 ...

picture of recipeJordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins Recipe
butter,    muffin,    vanilla extract,    blueberry,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
JORDAN MARSH BLUEBERRY MUFFINS were once a staple and tradition in Boston. The best blues around and I thought I would pass on this recipe for those who may remember the store and love a great muffin ...

recipes with the same ingredients...
Jordan Marsh Famous Blueberry Muffins Recipe -

picture of recipeRose Water and Cardamom Custard Recipe -
custard,    pistachio,    cardamom,    sugar,    rose syrup,    whipped cream,    milk
A traditional custard eaten in Saudi and neighbouring Gulf countries.
Serving Size: 1 (155) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 394.6   Calories from Fat 170 g 43 %   To...

picture of recipeHeavenly Oatmeal Bars Jordan Pond House Recipe -
butter,    oats,    vanilla,    peanut butter,    light corn syrup,    brown sugar,    chocolate
Another great gift from Lora Brody. She says, Crisp, buttery oatmeal bars with a thick, creamy chocolate and peanut-butter glaze, they're a specialty of this restaurant in Maine's Acadia Natio...

picture of recipeMoxie's Crystallized Ginger Cookies Recipe -
butter,    crystallized ginger,    bicarbonate of soda,    sesame seed oil,    cloves,    cinnamon,    dried ginger,    eggs,    salt,    molasses,    sugar,    flour
This was originally posted by my cyber-friend Moxie; I was lucky enough to rescue it during an 'adoption' drive. My suggestion for candied ginger is Evelyn/Athens' #140699 -- absolutely de...

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