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picture of recipeSpago Cucumber Salad Recipe, Salad Recipes, Cucumber Recipes
sesame seed oil,    sesame seed,    cucumber,    soy sauce,    salt,    rice vinegar,    sugar
Spago Cucumber Salad has a wonderful crisp taste and a slight asian flavor. You can use it with fish, chicken, or as a side dish by itself.
In a large bowl, combine cucumbers and salt; mix well. Add s...

picture of recipeBroccoli Salad Recipe -
red onion,    broccoli,    bacon,    vinegar,    mayonnaise,    mozzarella cheese,    sugar
This is always a HIT with guests. I make this everytime we have a get together and the bowl is always left empty!!
Serving Size: 1 (91) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calor...

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picture of recipeNannan's Potato Salad Recipe -
cherry pepper,    olive,    potato,    onion,    eggs,    mayonnaise
This no-mustard potato salad had been at every family functions/ birthday party/ church picnic I can remember. I think the mystery flavor comes from using the olive juice along with the olives.

picture of recipePink Potato Salad Recipe -
pepper,    potato,    carrot,    beetroot,    onion,    salt,    mayonnaise
A vivid pink potato salad with beats, even beat haters like it! Always a conversation piece at potlucks! This is a Colombian recipe.
Serving Size: 1 (253) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING %...

picture of recipeTomato Salad Recipe -
sweet onion,    hot sauce,    olive oil,    pepper,    coriander,    cloves,    celery,    tomato,    sweet pepper,    red wine vinegar,    salt,    honey
I Love a do ahead salad - this one is so easy and has a very refreshing taste.Great for a picnic or BBQ
Serving Size: 1 (225) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 226.5...

picture of recipeMae's Potato Salad Recipe -
red potato,    sweet onion,    pepper,    celery salt,    gherkin,    eggs,    bacon,    mustard,    salt,    mayonnaise
This is a recipe I came up with by taking bits and pieces from other recipes. Everyone LOVES this potato salad - even people who don't like potato salad! The cook time includes chilling the potato...

picture of recipeBroccoli Salad with Avocado Recipe by Healthycooking |
olive oil,    avocado,    broccoli,    mustard,    lemon juice
MAKING   1. Cut trimmed, washed broccoli into bite-sized pieces.   2. Place in a large pot and boil or steam until bright green and crunchy tender.   3. Drain thoroughly and keep aside.   4. Cut peeled, p...

picture of recipeHerbed Potato Salad Recipe -
red potato,    olive oil,    thyme,    oregano,    basil,    onion
This is another good one from the Low-Fat Living for Real People cookbook.
Serving Size: 1 (199) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 141.8   Calories from Fat 12 g 9 % ...

picture of recipeBlue Cheese Spinach And Artichoke Potato Salad Recipe
blue cheese,    red onion,    pepper,    potato,    artichoke,    spinach,    salt
I recently prepared this for a client. If you enjoy all those flavors of spinach, artichoke and blue cheese, this is a recipe for you. It's quite delicious and lends itself well on the buffet tabl...

picture of recipeCucumber Salad Recipe -
pepper,    onion,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar,    sour cream
A delicious creamy cucumber salad, which is also a family favorite! Note: Prep time includes soaking onions in water.
Serving Size: 1 (255) g   Servings Per Recipe: 5   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   C...

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