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picture of recipeApple Chutney - Chutney
chili dried/powder,    cardamom,    raisin,    apple,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    brown sugar
Simmer 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of brown sugar for five minutes, until the mixture reduces and becomes dark brown and a bit thicker.   Add the rest of the ingredients (including the remaining 1/4...

picture of recipeChristmas Chutney - Chutney of choice - Recipes - from Delia Online
allspice,    date,    prune,    apricot,    onion,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    demerara
This is so-named because it is made with dried fruits, which I always associate with Christmas: prunes, dates and apricots. It's dark, spicy and delicious with cold cuts, pork pies or hot sausages...

picture of recipePineapple Chutney Recipe
dried cranberry,    crystallized ginger,    pineapple,    apple cider vinegar,    corn syrup,    sugar
A sweet relish that goes with with grilled chicken or fish served over rice. This is nice to make up and have in the refrigerator - if you get home late, you can use it to add more flavor to a quick m...

picture of recipeTomato Chutney Recipe |
red pepper,    allspice,    onion,    tomato,    white wine vinegar,    sugar
Keep this sweet and savory condiment on hand to use in the recipes on the next two pages or as an alternative to salsa or ketchup on sandwiches, vegetables, and appetizers.This recipe goes with Blacke...

picture of recipe Tomato Chutney
pepper,    cinnamon,    allspice,    onion,    tomato,    apple cider vinegar,    brown sugar
Looking for a ketchup alternative with great flavor? This tomato chutney is lightly spiced, perfect as a burger topping for hamburgers or turkey burgers.
In a small saucepan, combine the tomatoes, oni...

picture of recipe Minty Mint Chutney Recipe -
mint,    green chili,    onion,    salt,    lemon juice
This mint chutney will give any dish a nice little kick thanks to the lemon juice, onion, and green chile peppers.
Directions   Blend the onion, green chile peppers, mint, lemon juice, and salt togethe...

picture of recipePlum Chutney: Recipes: Good Food Channel
olive oil,    cinnamon,    plum,    shallot,    white wine vinegar,    demerara,    water
This rich, fruity home-made chutney by James Martin goes deliciously with roast ham or English farmhouse cheeses<p> <a href="">View more c...

picture of recipeBanana Chutney Recipe
lemon peel,    cloves,    banana,    lemon juice
This simple banana condiment is simply delicious: Its fullness of flavor is dependent upon very ripe bananas that are soft and sweet with dark brown or black skins. If you must use slightly green or j...

picture of recipe Coconut Chutney Recipe -
oil,    mustard seed,    red chili,    cumin,    coconut,    yogurt (plain)
Whip up a batch of this chutney for your next Indian feast!
Directions   Place the coconut and yogurt in a blender or food processor. Process to a paste-like consistency. Transfer to a medium bowl.   He...

picture of recipeDates Chutney Recipe
chili dried/powder,    tamarind,    cumin,    date,    salt,    water
Dates Chutney is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare South Indian Dates Chutney by following this easy recipe.
Place dates in a medium saucepan and cover it with water.   • Cook it un...

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Date Chutney recipe
Date Chutney
Date Chutney Recipe by Madhuri Dixit |

picture of recipeChilli Chutney Recipe
chili pepper,    sultana,    onion,    vinegar,    sugar
Delicious on a ham and cheese sandwich or on cheese crackers.
1   Chop chillies and onion.   2   Simmer all ingredients stirring regularly to prevent catching, until a nice rich brown colour.   3   Bottle ...

picture of recipe Green Chutney Recipe -
peanut,    ginger root,    coriander leaf,    green chili,    garlic,    salt,    lemon juice
This is a very tasty cilantro-based chutney that can be prepared in minutes. Just add fresh lemon juice, a small green chili, peanuts, salt, garlic, and fresh ginger to the cilantro and process until ...

picture of recipeDate Chutney Recipe -
oil,    cloves,    cinnamon,    date,    malt vinegar,    salt,    brown sugar
Date chutney recipe - Place cinnamon and cloves in muslin. Tie with kitchen string to form a parcel. Combine dates, vinegar, sugar, salt and oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add spice parcel. Cook,...

picture of recipe Tomato Chutney Recipe -
coriander leaf,    green chili,    spring onion,    onion,    tomato,    salt,    lemon juice
This is an African (Mozambique) tomato chutney sauce that goes well with African curry and onion hot sauce. It is very simple to make, and uses fresh ingredients that are easily found.
Directions   Pla...

picture of recipeMango Chutney Recipe -
black mustard seeds,    oil,    red chili,    mango,    apple cider vinegar,    sugar
Mango chutney recipe - Heat oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add chilli and mustard seeds. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute or until fragrant. Add mango, vinegar and sugar. Bring to the boil. Reduce he...

picture of recipeWinter Chutney Recipe
red onion,    cinnamon,    dried ginger,    sultana,    apple,    apple cider vinegar,    brown sugar
This is a very tasty chutney and so easy too, it works well with just about anything but is perticularly good with cheese and crackers, or sausages. I like to give it as presents around christmas, fol...

picture of recipeMango Chutney Recipe
dried ginger,    mango,    onion,    salt,    rice vinegar,    honey
This can be put on your toast, it could be the main thing in dessert ravioli, it can be used in so much thing, give this a try.
1. Arrange the mango, cut it into small cubes.   2. Heat up the honey in ...

picture of recipePeanut Curd Chutney Recipe
oil,    peanut,    curry leaf,    coriander leaf,    green chili,    salt,    sugar
Peanut Curd Chutney is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Curd Peanut Chatni by following this easy recipe.
Beat the yogurt to make it smooth.   • Add chillis, peanut, coriander, sug...

picture of recipeAsian Pear-Fig Chutney Recipe |
red onion,    garam masala,    fig,    pear,    balsamic vinegar,    brown sugar,    pear juice
Garam masala, a fragrant Indian spice blend, is available in specialty stores or ethnic markets.This recipe goes with Whole Roasted Trout with Asian Pear-Fig Chutney
Combine all ingredients in a mediu...

picture of recipe Tomato Chutney II Recipe -
chili dried/powder,    ginger root,    coriander,    garlic,    tomato,    salt,    sugar
This is an amazing chutney that is some what spicy but not to bad, and sweet. This is very good on flat breads.
Directions   In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cilant...

picture of recipeImli Ki Chutney Recipe
chili dried/powder,    tamarind,    asafoetida,    date,    salt,    jaggery,    water
Imli Ki Chutney is a sweet and sour recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Tamarind Chatni by following this easy recipe.
Wash the tamarind and dates.   • Put them in a pan and add asafoetida, jaggery,...

picture of recipeAutumny Apple Cranberry Ginger Chutney Recipe
ginger root,    cranberry,    apple,    apple cider vinegar,    sugar,    water
Such a gem of a picture from Andrea. She has a wonderful blog and loves cooking like we all do. This apple, ginger cranberry chutney will please anyone and everyone. Apple season is around the next co...

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Cranberry, apple and ginger chutney

picture of recipePeach-Jalapeno Chutney
ginger root,    jalapeno,    cinnamon,    peach,    sugar,    lemon juice
Recipe from Texas chef Dean Fearing of Mansion on the Turtlecreek. He recommends serving it with a barbeque rubbed chicken breast. It is also terrific poured over a block of cream cheese and served wi...

picture of recipe Cilantro Chutney Recipe -
tomato sauce,    ginger root,    coriander leaf,    green chili,    cumin,    lemon juice,    water
Green chile peppers, ginger, and cumin flavor this fresh cilantro condiment.
Directions   Blend the cilantro, ginger, cumin, green chile peppers, lemon juice, and tomato sauce in a food processor or bl...

picture of recipeFig and Pistachio Chutney Recipe |
red pepper,    orange peel,    pistachio,    pepper,    ginger root,    fennel seeds,    coriander seed,    fig,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    honey,    water
Pistachios create an unusual and interesting take on chutney--a condiment with fruit, vinegar, and spices.
Combine first 11 ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring mixture to a simmer...

picture of recipeCranberry Ginger Chutney Recipe |
dried cranberry,    ginger root,    cloves,    cranberry,    apple,    sugar,    apple juice
Make this holiday side dish recipe early in the week--it's much better once the flavors have a chance to meld.
Combine all ingredients in a 3 1/2-quart saucepan. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to lo...

picture of recipeSpiced Tomato Chutney
pepper,    cinnamon,    allspice,    tomato,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    brown sugar
1 pint grape tomatoes, halved 2 tablespoons cider vinegar
In a small saucepan, combine the tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, allspice, cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Simmer, stirring oc...

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Spicy Tomato Chutney Recipe

picture of recipeCranberry Jalapeno Chutney Recipe
cranberry sauce,    pepper,    jalapeno,    onion,    salt,    sugar,    lime juice
This recipe makes 1 cup only and can be stored in the refrigerator. The recipes states that this chutney is good on leftover turkey sandwiches. Haven't tried it yet; however, I plan to make it for...

picture of recipe Chutney with Mint Recipe -
mint,    cayenne pepper,    onion,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar
This aromatic chutney is a wonderful condiment for meats, especially lamb. Try it on sandwiches, too.
Directions   In a medium bowl, mix the mint, onion, sugar, vinegar, cayenne pepper and salt. Cover ...

picture of recipeBaked Cranberry-Ginger Chutney Recipe |
ginger root,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cranberry,    apple cider vinegar,    sugar
Notes: You can make this sauce up to 1 week ahead; cover and chill.
1. Sort 1 package (12 oz.) fresh or thawed frozen cranberries, discarding any bruised or decayed fruit. Rinse and drain berries.   2....

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Simple Cranberry Chutney Recipe

picture of recipeCilantro Mint Chutney Recipe
oil,    mint,    coriander leaf,    chili pepper,    salt,    water
Easy Cilantro Mint Chutney adds a bright kick to vegetables, sandwiches, or whatever else you can think to put it on!
Remove stem and seeds from the chile. Whirl chile, cilantro, mint, oil, water, and...

picture of recipeAndhra Tomato chutney Recipe
ginger garlic paste,    chili dried/powder,    oil,    turmeric,    coriander seed,    tomato,    salt
Andhra Tomato chutney is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Andhra Tomato chutney by following this easy recipe.
Take a deep fry pan add oil and heat it.   • Add ginger garlic paste ...

picture of recipeMint and shallot chutney: Recipes: Good Food Channel
olive oil,    mint,    shallot,    garlic,    balsamic vinegar,    sugar
Simon Rimmer stirs up a tangy mint chutney that will add a tempting zing to whole host of lamb dishes
How does this work?   Close   It's simple.   With just one click, all these ingredients will be p...

picture of recipeCoriander And Mint Chutney (Dhania-Podina Chatni) Recipe -
desiccated coconut,    mint,    coriander leaf,    green chili,    yogurt (plain)
Coriander and mint chutney (Dhania-Podina Chatni) recipe - Process all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Season with a large pinch of sugar and sea salt. Refrigerate in an airtight contain...

picture of recipeCucumber Mint Chutney Recipe
red bell pepper,    mint,    onion,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    sugar,    lime juice
From the *Best Seafood Recipes* cookbook of the Australian Women's Weekly cookbook series comes this recipe that was actually a part of a complete main-dish, but I was intrigued w/this unique idea...

picture of recipeFresh Date and Apple Chutney - Fruit Recipes - Recipes - from Delia Online
cloves,    cayenne pepper,    allspice,    date,    apple,    shallot,    balsamic vinegar
This chutney goes particularly well with Camembert Croquettes. However, it would also partner the Christmas cold cuts and buffet food extremely well, especially ham, pork pies and gammon.
Need help wi...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Tomato chutney
olive oil,    shallot,    garlic,    tomato,    balsamic vinegar,    brown sugar
James Martin's quick and easy tomato chutney is a cinch to whip up for burgers or a veggie curry.
Heat the oil in a small pan.   Add the shallots, tomatoes and garlic and cook out for 5-8 minutes o...

picture of recipeChatni Gashneez Coriander Chutney) Recipe
walnut,    coriander,    green chili,    garlic,    vinegar,    salt,    lemon juice
1   Pack chopped coriander (leaves) firmly into cup to measure.   2   Peel garlic and chop roughly; slit chili, remove seeds and chop roughly.   3   Place prepared ...

picture of recipeGrape and Ginger Chutney recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    ginger root,    grape,    salt,    sugar
Grape and Ginger Chutney recipe
Heat oven to 400 F. On a rimmed baking sheet, toss the grapes, oil, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1⁄8 teaspoon pepper. Roast, tossing occasionally, until some of the gra...

picture of recipeCranberry-Pear Compote Recipe
ginger root,    cinnamon,    cranberry,    pear,    sugar,    lemon juice,    water
From the cookbook Vegan for the Holidays by Zel Allen. This recipe combines cranberries with pears, cinnamon and ginger. Prepare a day in advance to give it time to set up in the refrigerator.
1   Comb...

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