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picture of recipeCoconut Burfi Recipe, Coconut Barfi Recipe, Nariyal Ki Burfi, How To Make Coconut Burfi
pistachio,    almond,    cardamom,    coconut,    sugar,    water,    ghee
Coconut Burfi Recipe, Coconut Barfi Recipe, Nariyal Ki Burfi, How To Make Coconut Burfi
Mix khoya and coconut and fry them lightly with ghee on a low heat.   Add cardamom and mix well.   Prepare one-str...

picture of recipeIced Limeade Recipe
lime,    sugar,    water,    ice
From today's City Times newspaper.
1   Cut the limes into 4 pieces without removing the skin.   2   Remove the seeds.   3   Put into a mixer with the rest of the ingredients and half cup water.   4   Cov...

picture of recipeMysore Pak Recipe, How To Make Mysore Pak
chickpea,    sugar,    water,    ghee
Mysore Pak Recipe, How To Make Mysore Pak
Mix the flour with a little ghee. Heat the sugar in water till reaches a ball consistency.   Slowly add the flour stirring continuously so that no lumps are fo...

picture of recipeVietnamese Coffee Popsicles Recipe - How to Make Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles - Iced Vietnamese Coffe
cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    coffee,    condensed milk,    water
Icy, spicy, sweet, caffeine-filled and creamy – this variation on a Vietnamese iced coffee is a fantastic coffee treat for sweltering afternoons in summer. Try this Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle re...

picture of recipeCoffee Recipe
sugar,    coffee,    milk
Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes at SparkRecipes. Plus use our free recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat, and protein in your recipes.
Number of Servings: 1   Recipe submitted b...

picture of recipeChapati, Kenya Round Flat Bread, How To Make Chapati, Chapati Recipe
cornstarch,    oil,    salt,    water,    flour
Chapati [chuh-pah-tee] is an unleavened (no yeast or baking powder) flat bread and a staple food among the Swahili speaking people of East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda).
In a large bowl, st...

picture of recipeBhindi Fry Recipe - How To Make Bhindi Fry
oil,    garam masala,    turmeric,    coriander seed,    mango powder,    onion,    okra,    salt
Bhindi Fry is an easy to make tasty dish.It is crispy and served as a side dish with rotis,rice or dal.Preparation method of bhindi fry is describe below.
Take the slit bhindis and stuff turmeric powd...

picture of recipeZinger Green Tea Drink Recipe
mint,    lime,    agave syrup,    lime juice,    green tea,    water
I got an email from Biggest Loser with this recipe on it. This is refreshing drink that's perfect for spring. Packed with antioxidants, this tea is bursting with flavor, too. Fresh lime juice give...

picture of recipeBhindi Masala Recipe - Spicy Okra Recipe - How To Make Bhindi Masala
ginger garlic paste,    chili dried/powder,    oil,    garam masala,    turmeric,    coriander seed,    cumin,    mango powder,    onion,    okra,    salt
Bhindi masala is a popular main course dish made with bhindi cooked in spices and served with chapatis.Learn how to make bhindi masala.
Wash and cut bhindi in halves.   Heat oil in a wok or kadai.Add c...

picture of recipeBhindi Curry Recipe - Indian Okra Curry Recipe - How To Make Bhindi Curry Recipe
ginger garlic paste,    chili dried/powder,    oil,    garam masala,    turmeric,    coriander seed,    cumin,    onion,    okra,    tomato,    salt
Bhindi curry is made by adding a little gravy to the traditional bhindi dish. Learn how to make bhindi curry.
Wash and dry bhindi.Cut them in two halves   Heat oil in a wok or kadai.Add cumin seeds to ...

picture of recipeSai Bhaji Recipe - Sindhi Palak Recipe - How To Make Indian Sai Bhaji
chili dried/powder,    oil,    turmeric,    tamarind,    ginger root,    dill,    coriander seed,    green chili,    cumin,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    spinach,    salt,    water
Sai bhaji is also called Sindhi palak and is very popular not just in Sindhi households but all the other communities too. Learn how to make Indian sai bhaji.
Chop Spinach,Dill and wash properly.   Hea...

picture of recipeDon't Faint; Drink Me, Quick!!! Recipe
lemon,    sugar,    water
1   Mix all in a glass and drink rightaway!   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ // check if outbrain markup exists on page if( $('.OUTBRAIN').length ) { // asynchronously l...

picture of recipeSingapore Sling Recipe - How to make a Singapore Sling
cherry,    gin,    cherry brandy,    sweet and sour mix,    sparkling water,    pomegranate syrup
How to make a Singapore Sling drink: cocktail recipe with Cherry Brandy, Grenadine, Gin, Sweet And Sour, Carbonated Water, Cherry
Pour grenadine, gin, and sweet and sour into a collins glass over ice ...

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Singapore Sling Drink Recipe
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picture of recipeMango Lassi Recipe
pistachio,    mango,    sugar,    milk,    yogurt (plain),    water
Mango Lassi Recipe, from the archives of Recipe Ideas
In a pitcher, combine the yogurt, milk, water, pulp, and sugar. Whisk   briskly until completely mixed. Chill.   To serve, pour over crushed ice. Sp...

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Mango Lassi recipe
Mango Lassi | BigOven
Mango Lassi Recipe

picture of recipeCold Coffee Recipe by Madhuri Dixit |
sugar,    coffee,    milk,    ice
Cold Coffee is an addiction with me during the hot summer months when hot coffee seems an impossibility I love it topped with a dollop of vanilla or...
Boil the milk till it thickens.   Add some coffee...

picture of recipe Singapore Sling Cocktail
lime,    gin,    cherry brandy,    sparkling water,    lemon juice,    sugar syrup,    ice
Singapore Sling cocktail recipe. Full ingredients & instructions on how to make a Singapore Sling cocktail.
View my basket   0 items0.00   As a leading bar equipment supplier in the UK, we can deliv...

picture of recipe Sweet Lassi Recipe - Juices, Jams and Drinks Category
salt,    sugar,    yogurt (plain),    water,    ice
Sweet Lassi Recipe in our Juices, Jams and Drinks category. 1. Mix all the ingredients and blend in a mixer for 1 minute
1. Mix all the ingredients and blend in a mixer for 1 minute.   Serve chilled.   ...

picture of recipeHow To Make Chapatis Recipe
oil,    wholewheat flour,    salt,    water
Parathas are an Indian unleavened bread and an integral part of many Indian meals. Any subzi (vegetable) or curry dish can be fabulous when accompanied with fresh, hot parathas. Try this recipe. It...

picture of recipeChocolate Mint Smoothies Recipe
vanilla extract,    cocoa powder,    vanilla ice cream,    milk,    peppermint flavoring
Delicious treat to beat the summer heat! But, not for those counting calories..
1   Heat 1/2 cup milk just until hot.   2   Combine hot milk and cocoa mix in container of electric blender.   3   Process un...

picture of recipeMango Milk Shake recipe with photos
mango,    sugar,    milk,    ice
Mango Milk Shake recipe. Ready In: 5 min. Makes 6 servings, 170 calories per serving Ingredients: mango pulp, milk, whole, sugar, ice cubes
Put into a blender about half (to one third) of the mango pu...

picture of recipeMinted Sake and Pineapple Cooler Recipe |
mint,    pineapple,    sugar,    sake,    pineapple juice,    lime juice
This cocktail is a nice way to introduce sake to novices and a new way for seasoned sake lovers to enjoy the rice wine. Let the finished drink stand for a minute before serving, and it will separate i...

picture of recipeCalifornia Roll Recipe by How To Make Sushi |
seafood stick,    avocado,    lemon,    cucumber,    rice
For more information please visit How To Make Sushi The Basics Japanese Cooking at Home 1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remaining portion to the...
1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remainin...

picture of recipeAvocado Milkshakes Recipe
avocado,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    milk
Posting this for ZWT II - Asia. This sounds really weird, but it's actually quite good. You'll see avocado ice cream in Asian supermarkets that carry foods and ingredients from the Philippines...

picture of recipePeach Mandarin Smoothie - Peach Smoothie Recipe
banana,    mandarin,    peach,    soy milk,    yogurt (plain)
Peach Mandarin Smoothie – Sweet peaches go nicely with mandarin orange in this refreshing peach smoothie.
Spread the sliced banana and peach out on a baking sheet. Freeze for at least 15 minute...

picture of recipeLime Fizz Recipe
lime,    sparkling wine,    lime vodka,    orange juice
This drink is from the Jati Bar in Bali. From Around the World in 80 Bars
1   Squeeze the lime wedge into a cocktail shaker and add the vodka and orange juice with some ice cubes. Shake very briefly an...

picture of recipeCantaloupe Milkshakes Recipe
cardamom,    cantaloupe melon,    sugar,    milk,    ice
Taken from showmethecurry .com and posted for ZWT. When cantaloupe is in season, try this light and refreshing recipe for cantaloupe milk shake. Itll cool down even the hottest of summer days!
1   Fill...

picture of recipeSingapore Sling Recipe | Quick, Easy Recipes | Utterly Recipes
soft drink,    angostura bitters,    gin,    cherry brandy,    lemon juice,    sugar syrup,    ice
1. In a cocktail shaker, shake all ingredients with the exception of the soda water   2. Strain and pour into a glass. Top up the cocktail with soda water.   3. Enjoy!   Serves: 1   Preparation time: 5 mi...

picture of recipe Hot and Sweet Ginger Drink Recipe -
ginger root,    honey,    brown sugar,    water
Peppery and fresh, this addictive recipe is a great substitute for hot spiced apple cider during the holidays.
Bring the water and ginger to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer ...

picture of recipeIndian Cold Coffee Shake Recipe
sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    coffee,    milk,    water,    ice
zaar tour 8 is very popular in india right now
1   mix up sugar coffee and boiling water cool.   2   add 1 cup ice to blender   3   add 1 c milk   4   and 1 cup ice cream   5   blend add 1/4 c coffee mixture...

picture of recipeChum Chum Recipe - How To Make Chum Chum - Chum Chum Receipe
paneer,    cottage cheese,    saffron,    cardamom,    lemon,    sugar,    condensed milk,    water,    flour
Chum Chum Recipe - How To Make Chum Chum - Chum Chum Receipe
Melt sugar in water and heat up to make a thin syrup.   Knead the paneer with flour and shape into oval shaped fingers, mix in them to the ...

picture of recipeFruit Smoothie - Blueberry Tofu Smoothie Recipe - a Healthy Recipe for a Blueberry Tofu Smoothie
banana,    blueberry,    soft tofu,    honey,    soy milk,    ice
Blueberry Tofu smoothie - Nothing refreshes during the hot summer days like a fruit smoothie. This healthy recipe for a blueberry tofu smoothie uses frozen blueberries, tofu and protein-rich soy milk....

picture of recipeThai Iced Tea Recipe
evaporated milk,    orange pekoe tea,    star anise,    mint,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    sugar,    tea,    water,    ice
Bring the water to a boil, put the tea and ground cardamom in a teapot and pour   the water over the tea. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes, then discard the tea   bags and let the tea cool to lukewarm. F...

picture of recipeSake Sunrise Recipe
sake,    orange juice,    pomegranate syrup,    ice
I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan Sake for a recipe and I just now invented this drink.
1   Pour sake over ice in a tall glass.   2   Fill glass with orange juice, use as much as you like.   3   Pour grenadin...

picture of recipeIndian Banana Lassi Shake Recipe
cardamom,    banana,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    yogurt (plain),    ice
zaar world tour 8
1   put all in blender   2   blend.   Browse Our Top Shakes Recipes   Strawberry Banana Shakes   By looneytunesfan   Strawberry Banana Shakes   By Lavender Lynn   Fresh Banana-Berry Shake...

picture of recipeMango Lassi
mango,    honey,    lime juice,    yogurt (plain),    ice
Yummy smoothie-type drink. Posted for ZWT (India)
1   Puree mango and yogurt together until smooth.   2   Add lime juice and honey, pulse to combine.   3   Add ice cubes and blend until incorporated.   4   S...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Singapore sling
lime peel,    ginger ale,    gin,    benedictine,    cherry heering
Try our recipe for a classic Singapore sling using gin, cherry heering and ginger ale.
Pour the ingredients into a tall glass and top up with ginger ale.   Garnish with a lime peel and serve.   By   Way...

picture of recipeAuthentic Thai Watermelon Smoothie Recipe
lime,    watermelon,    condensed milk,    ice
On a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a few years back, I went to an American Restaurant which had on the menu a watermelon smoothie (but I think they called it a shake). I just now got around to figurin...

picture of recipeShake Summer Heat With Cantaloupe Milkshake Recipe
cantaloupe melon,    sugar,    vanilla ice cream,    cream,    milk,    water,    ice
A very cool drink for these summers!
1   Halve melon and remove the seeds.   2   Peel and finely chop one cup melon.   3   Chop remaining into big pieces, place in a blender and add sugar, ice cream, milk/...

picture of recipeMango Lassi | Mango Lassi Recipe | Easy Recipes at
mango,    honey,    milk,    yogurt (plain)
Easy to make mango lassi, a rich, popular Indian beverage with fresh mango, milk, yogurt, and honey. Mango lassis are great for any time of the year.
Peel the mango skin, discard seed and cut the mang...

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picture of recipeGreen Tea Ginger Cooler Recipe
honey,    ginger ale,    green tea,    water,    ice
Refreshing summer drink!
1   Dissolve green tea powder into hot water.   2   Pour over ice and stir to cool.   3   Add ginger ale and honey to taste.   4   Stir until combined.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100p...

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