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picture of recipeZinger Green Tea Drink Recipe
mint,    lime,    agave syrup,    lime juice,    green tea,    water
I got an email from Biggest Loser with this recipe on it. This is refreshing drink that's perfect for spring. Packed with antioxidants, this tea is bursting with flavor, too. Fresh lime juice give...

picture of recipeCalifornia Roll Recipe by How To Make Sushi |
seafood stick,    avocado,    lemon,    cucumber,    rice
For more information please visit How To Make Sushi The Basics Japanese Cooking at Home 1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remaining portion to the...
1. Cut ends off the cucumber. Cut the remainin...

picture of recipeSake Sunrise Recipe
sake,    orange juice,    pomegranate syrup,    ice
I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan Sake for a recipe and I just now invented this drink.
1   Pour sake over ice in a tall glass.   2   Fill glass with orange juice, use as much as you like.   3   Pour grenadin...

picture of recipeGreen Tea Ginger Cooler Recipe
honey,    ginger ale,    green tea,    water,    ice
Refreshing summer drink!
1   Dissolve green tea powder into hot water.   2   Pour over ice and stir to cool.   3   Add ginger ale and honey to taste.   4   Stir until combined.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100p...

picture of recipe Green Tea Latte Recipe -
sugar,    green tea,    soy milk,    water
Green tea powder and soy milk make a great version of the traditional latte.
In a small saucepan, combine the soy milk, water, green tea powder and sugar. Warm over medium heat while whisking until ho...

picture of recipeMango Tango Iced Green Tea Recipe
mango,    pineapple juice,    peach juice,    lemon juice,    apple juice,    green tea
I found this recipe somewhere on the web (I forget exactly where it was, sorry). Sounded way too good to not share. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and the mango and pineapple used in this drink...

picture of recipe Matcha Green Tea Ice Latte Recipe -
honey,    green tea,    milk,    water
This iced latte requires green tea powder.
Directions   Whisk the green tea powder, water, and milk together in a bowl; sweeten with the honey and continue whisking until dissolved into the tea. Chill ...

picture of recipePistachio Bubble Tea Recipe
evaporated milk,    tapioca,    pistachio,    sugar syrup,    tea,    milk,    water,    half and half,    ice
This is a delicious bubble tea flavor. It has more texture than the normal bubble teas. The excess pistachio pudding mix adds another creamy texture at the bottom of the glass. For my OCD purposes I h...

picture of recipeSummer Breeze - Kunpu Recipe
sugar,    vanilla vodka,    vodka,    club soda,    sparkling water,    lemon juice,    lime juice,    green tea,    ice
In Japanese kunpu is the breeze that wafts in during the early summer months, carrying with it the aroma of just opened leaves. The main ingredient is matcha, a powdered green tea used in the tea cere...

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Summer Breeze - Kunpu

picture of recipeSake Screwdriver Recipe
sake,    orange juice,    ice
I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan Sake for a recipe and this was on the back of the bottle. It was pretty good, I think you could even add a drizzle of grenadine. Turn it into a Sake Sunrise. Oh, I...

picture of recipeIced Green Tea Recipe
green tea,    water
This recipe is more about the method than the ingredients. If you don't already like green tea, this will not change your mind! I found it on several different websites including wikihow, but I am...

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Green Tea Skin Toner Recipe

picture of recipeBenihana Sake Martini Recipe
sake,    curacao,    gin,    vodka
This is a copycat recipe of a drink served in the restaurants. Can be made with your choice of gin or vodka.
1   Chill your Martini glass with ice for approximately three minutes.   2   Pour all ingredie...

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Benihana Sake Martini

picture of recipeChuhai Cocktail - Japanese Sweet And Sour Shochu Cocktail Recipe
shochu,    lime,    sugar,    sweet and sour mix,    club soda
Shochu (Japanese spelling), Awamori (Okinawan) or Soju (Korean spelling) is distilled alcoholic beverage very popular in Japan, Okinawa, and Korea. It is not sake (rice wine) and recommend sake, vodka...

picture of recipePeach Chuhai Cocktail - Japanese Peach Shochu Cocktail Recipe
shochu,    lime,    lemon,    club soda,    peach juice
Here is another one I like a lot using shochu. We usually buy a whole case of various nectar juice including apricot, peach, mango, etc. I love using these to make this cocktail as well.
1   Fill a lar...

picture of recipeJapanese Fizz Drink Recipe
egg whites,    lemon,    sugar,    port,    whisky,    sparkling water
Japanese Fizz Cocktail Drink Recipe. How to make a Japanese Fizz, Whiskey,Lemon ,Sugar ,Port ,Egg White ,Carbonated Water
1,530 Fans   4,229 Followers   SUBSCRIBE Newsletter   WHATS HOT   Tropical Drinks...

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Japanese Fizz Recipe - How to make a Japanese Fizz
Japanese Fizz (The Webtender)
Japanese Fizz recipe

picture of recipeSake Sunrise Recipe
sake,    sparkling wine,    orange juice,    ice
I found this in a PLCB Taste magazine and I am posting for safe keeping. It is different than the other Sake Sunrise on this site.
1   Combine sake and orange juice in a shaker with ice.   2   Shake and ...

picture of recipeBlack Sesame Bubble Tea Recipe
tapioca,    sesame seed,    sugar syrup,    tea,    milk,    water,    ice
This is a popular asian flavor and it reminds me of oreo cookies. It may sound odd but it really is delicious. Try it and you may just love it! Note: Black Sesame Powder can be found in Asian Grocery ...

picture of recipeBenihana Cherry Blossoms Recipe
gin,    cherry brandy,    lemon juice,    cranberry juice,    pomegranate syrup
This is a copycat recipe for a drink served at Benihana's.
1   Shake vigorously.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ // check if outbrain markup exists on page if( $('.OUTB...

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Benihana Cherry Blossoms

picture of recipeMilk Tea Recipe
sugar,    black tea,    milk,    water
This is good on a cool day or hot day it just that great. Milk tea is a great thing to have with friend or family come over.
Step 1: Boil the water or put it in the microwave. I bilo it in a pot it ta...

picture of recipeJapanese Coffee Jelly Recipe
vanilla extract,    salt,    gelatin,    sugar,    coffee,    whipped cream,    water
Received this in email today when our heat index was 102F! It was so hot I did not even brew a pot of coffee this am! This gelatin recipe will replace coffee tomorrow - I listed it as a dessert but th...

picture of recipeJapanese (The Webtender)
lime peel,    bitters,    brandy,    lime juice,    orgeat syrup
Shake all ingredients (except lime peel) with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add the twist of lime peel and serve.   Drink Information:   Category: Ordinary Drink   Alcohol: Alcoholic   Serve in: C...

picture of recipeLYCHEE SAKE
lychee,    sake
This is an easy drink, that isn't as potent as it sounds. A perfect match for Nigellas Fried Bounty with pineapple
Mix equal parts Sake and Lychees with their syrup.    Adjust the mixture to t...

picture of recipeMango Chuhai Cocktail - Japanese Mango Shochu Cocktail Recipe
shochu,    lime,    lemon,    club soda,    mango juice
Here is another shochu cocktail known as chu hai in Japan. The word Chu Hai is shortened form of shoCHU HAIball. This one uses mango nectar. It is equally good as peach, apricot, and sweet and sour.

picture of recipeJapanese Fizz drink recipe -
egg whites,    sugar,    port,    whisky,    club soda,    sparkling water,    lemon juice
The best recipe for a Japanese Fizz alcoholic mixed drink, containing Port, Blended whiskey, Carbonated Water/Club Soda, Lemon Juice, Powdered sugar and Eggs. Includes mixing instructions and ingredie...

picture of recipeSake passion
sake,    passionfruit juice,    orange juice,    pomegranate syrup,    ice
Try our Sake passion. Recipe with reviews and photos @FoodNetwork_UK
How to make Sake passion   1) Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the passion fruit juice and sake, cover and shake vigorously to c...

picture of recipeBasic Sweet Tea (Green Tea)
sugar,    green tea,    water,    ice
Try our Basic Sweet Tea (Green Tea). Recipe with reviews and photos.
How to make Basic Sweet Tea (Green Tea)   Put the ice aside in a container or pitcher that can withstand the hot tea without breakin...

picture of recipeThe Cointreauversial Japanese Monkey Runs Amok In Downtown Rome drink recipe -
campari,    triple sec,    midori,    cointreau,    melon liqueur,    banana liqueur
The best recipe for a The Cointreauversial Japanese Monkey Runs Amok In Downtown Rome alcoholic mixed drink, containing Bols, Campari, Cointreau and Midori. Includes mixing instructions and ingredient...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Lemonade granita
lemongrass,    lemon,    sugar,    sparkling water
Recipe uses 175g/6oz caster sugar, 6 lemons, juice and grated rind, 1 lemon grass stalk, roughly flattened with a rolling pin, 450ml/1 pint soda...
Place the sugar, lemon rind and juice, lemongrass st...

picture of recipeSen saketini
cucumber,    sake,    triple sec,    sour mix,    lime juice,    cranberry juice
Try our Sen saketini. Recipe with reviews and photos @FoodNetwork_UK
How to make Sen saketini   1) Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake it vigorously and pour into a chilled martini g...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Retro prawn cocktail
avocado,    tomato,    lettuce,    prawn,    worcestershire sauce,    mayonnaise,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    lemon juice
This recipe was cooked by amateur chefs as part of the BBC's Step Up to the Plate television programme.
Thinly slice the avocado halves lengthways and fan each half onto a separate plate.   Techniq...

picture of recipeJapanese Coffee jello Recipe
sweetener,    gelatin,    coffee
a yummy way to have just one and cravings are gone ;)
Mix gelatin powder and 4 Tbsp of water in a small cup. Mix coffee, sugar, and the gelatin in a sauce pan. Stir well on low heat until sugar dissol...

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