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picture of recipeMali Lemon Grass Tea Recipe
lemongrass,    honey,    sugar,    water
Very simple tea made with lemongrass. You need fresh lemongrass, dried won't do. Sourced from
1   Gently bruise - by pounding with a meat melt or rolling pin - the lemongrass.   2   B...

picture of recipe Malian Ginger Juice Recipe -
mint,    ginger root,    lemon,    sugar,    water
A spicy ginger lemonade from West Africa is just the drink to go with heavy or fried foods.
Directions   Place ginger into a blender, cover with 1 1/2 cup water, and blend until ginger is thick and pas...

picture of recipeSesame Seed And Honey Sticks From Mali Meni-meniyong) Recipe
sesame seed,    vegetable fat spread,    honey,    sugar
If you like this, please consider making a donation to Oxfam. Even if you loathe this, make that donation...
1   Heat the sesame seeds in a shallow pan without any oil, until they begin to jump about a...

picture of recipeMali P&S Recipe - How to make a Mali P&S
coconut rum,    lemon and lime soft drink
How to make a Mali P&S drink: cocktail recipe with
Stir ingredients together in a collins glass half-filled with ice, and serve   Serving Glass   Collins Glass   Leave a Reply   Click here to cancel ...

picture of recipeMali-breeze cocktail recipe
lime,    coconut rum,    vodka,    lemonade,    lime syrup,    ice
How to make a Mali-breeze cocktail. The Mali-breeze cocktail recipe has been voted a 0 by 30 visitors. The Mali-breeze drink recipe is awesome.
Put the one cup of ice into a pitcher. Pour lemonade ove...

picture of recipeJolllof Rice (Mali)
chicken breast,    tomato paste,    chicken stock,    vegetables,    olive oil,    white peppercorn,    coriander,    chili pepper,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    salt,    rice
Collection of 4000 recipes from all over the world. Great international and ethnic cuisine.
2. Add chicken, spices, tomatoes, paste, vegetables & some stock.   3. Boilng to boil, simmer for 25 minu...

picture of recipeMaharagwe (Spiced Beans In Coconut Milk) (Mali)
red pepper,    chili dried/powder,    oil,    turmeric,    coriander,    black-eyed pea,    coconut milk,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    salt,    rice
Collection of 4000 recipes from all over the world. Great international and ethnic cuisine.
Put in the turmeric, red pepper & chili powder, seasoning & half the cilantro.   After that, pour in ...

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