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picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe
black olive,    pizza bread,    sweet onion,    feta cheese,    green pepper,    olive oil,    caper,    sun dried tomatoes
This is a bit different than your traditional pizza but it is super tasty. I always add a tin of anchovy fillets apprz 8 filets to the tin) but that's up to you - It does make you thirsty!!! If yo...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe
pizza bread,    feta cheese,    pesto,    pine nut,    basil,    aubergine/eggplant,    salt,    water
My type of pizza. No tomato sauce on this one- it is replaced with pesto, and topped with eggplant, feta, and basil. Raley's
1   Place eggplant in a microwave-safe bowl with water and salt. Cover a...

picture of recipeMediterranean Tuna Sandwiches Recipe |
red onion,    olive oil,    pepper,    caper,    olive,    sun dried tomatoes,    lettuce,    tuna,    red wine vinegar,    mayonnaise,    bread
MyRecipes recommends that you make this Mediterranean Tuna Sandwiches recipe from Cooking Light
Combine olive oil and red wine vinegar in a small bowl; brush oil mixture evenly over 1 side of each bre...

picture of recipeOpen-Faced Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Sandwiches Recipe |
chicken breast,    provolone,    olive oil,    cooking spray,    pepper,    basil,    sun dried tomatoes,    tomato,    lettuce,    bread
MyRecipes recommends that you make this Open-Faced Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Sandwiches recipe from Oxmoor House
Place each chicken breast half between 2 sheets of heavy-duty plastic wrap; flatten...

picture of recipeParmesan and thyme biscuits
butter,    thyme,    pepper,    salt,    parmesan cheese,    flour
Try our Parmesan and thyme biscuits. Recipe with reviews and photos @FoodNetwork_UK
How to make Parmesan and thyme biscuits   1) Place the butter in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle a...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pita Pizza Recipe from meganmumford |
feta cheese,    tomato paste,    pitta bread,    ground beef,    rosemary,    cloves,    olive,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    spinach,    mozzarella cheese
Try this Mediterranean Pita Pizza recipe from a member of the MyRecipes Community
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In a medium nonstick skillet, cook ground beef, onion, and garlic until meat is browned...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Wrap Recipe
chicken breast,    italian dressing,    tomato,    lettuce,    hummus
This comes from a container of roasted red pepper hummus by Sabra. I've not tried as of yet. I don't think a person needs 1/2 cup of Italian dressing to marinate so added the second option.
1 ...

picture of recipePressed Mediterranean Sandwiches Recipe |
salami,    ciabatta,    olive oil,    pepper,    basil,    tomato,    red wine vinegar,    salt,    bread
MyRecipes recommends that you make this Pressed Mediterranean Sandwiches recipe from All You
In a small bowl, whisk together oil and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper.   Halve each loaf, starting at...

picture of recipeCauliflower Pizza Crust a la Mediterranean Recipe
feta cheese,    olive oil,    tomato,    spinach,    cauliflower,    eggs,    sausage,    seasoning,    cheese
Atkins and South Beach friendly low carb pizza when you just
1.Heat oven to 450 degree.   2. Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray. In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients. Press evenly on the pa...

picture of recipeVegetarian Mediterranean Pizza Recipe
bruschetta,    pizza bread,    cornstarch,    oregano,    basil,    sun dried tomatoes,    artichoke,    aubergine/eggplant,    spinach,    mozzarella cheese,    cheese
This is a wonderful pizza! I got this recipe from the Alive magazine that I pick up at the health food store. Use whatever kind of crust you like. I make my own out of 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white fl...

picture of recipeOregano Bread Pain De Champagne Recipe
butter,    bread flour,    rye flour,    yeast,    oregano,    salt,    water
I used fresh oregano in this simple recipe for the traditional french "pain de champagne". i love it because it's such a simple but delicious bread with a very soft & moist texture. ...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Panini Recipe
chicken,    provolone,    chorizo sausage,    olive oil,    olive,    tomato,    bread
This was a bit of a strange combination that turned out just amazing!! The flavors are strong and vibrant, complimenting the chicken nicely. You could probably use left over or rotisserie chicken to s...

picture of recipe Grilled Zucchini Wraps with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese | BigOven
goat's cheese,    olive oil,    pepper,    basil,    zucchini/courgette,    tomato,    salt
It takes a bit of time to oven roast the tomatoes but otherwise this recipe is really simple. - Grilled Zucchini Wraps with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese
Toss the tomatoes in the oil, salt and pepper. Plac...

picture of recipeHerbed Chickpea Crackers Recipe
chickpea flour,    pepper,    oregano,    salt,    nutritional yeast,    baking powder,    water
These are very dense crackers, totally gluten-free, and the all-chickpea flour version is especially high in protein and low in carbs. They're sturdy enough to hold up under the thickest of dips. ...

recipes with the same ingredients...
Herbed Chickpea Crackers Recipe

picture of recipeMediterranean Herb Chicken Pizza | Tammy's Recipes
chicken breast,    bread flour,    yeast,    feta cheese,    red pepper,    pepper,    cloves,    onion,    garlic,    sun dried tomatoes,    tomato,    spinach,    salt,    salad dressing,    parmesan cheese,    mozzarella cheese,    water,    flour
1. To make pizza crust, combine warm water and salt in a mixing bowl. Add about 2 cups of the flour, along with the yeast, and stir until a sticky dough forms. Add more flour as needed, and knead doug...

picture of recipeGrilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwiches Recipe |
feta cheese,    ciabatta,    olive oil,    portobello mushroom,    garlic,    zucchini/courgette,    tomato,    aubergine/eggplant,    garden rocket,    salt,    mayonnaise,    lemon juice
Sunset reader Rebecca Jansen of Snohomish, Washington, won us over with this Mediterranean-inspired vegetable sandwich that cooks entirely on the grill.
1. Heat a grill to high (450 to 550 ). Meanwhil...

picture of recipeMediterranean Goat-Cheese Sandwiches Recipe |
red onion,    goat's cheese,    olive oil,    pepper,    caper,    basil,    olive,    tomato,    spinach,    garden rocket,    balsamic vinegar,    bread
MyRecipes recommends that you make this Mediterranean Goat-Cheese Sandwiches recipe from Cooking Light
Slice the loaf in half lengthwise. Spread the goat cheese evenly over cut side of bottom half of ...

picture of recipeOlive Rosemary Quick Bread Recipe
bread flour,    olive oil,    rosemary,    olive,    wholewheat flour,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    milk
While not as good as its yeasted cousin, this makes a delicious loaf with a heavy, crumbly texture well-suited to pairing with soft cheeses. It's a perfect option when you want a wonderfully flavo...

picture of recipeWhole Wheat Mediterranean Panzanella Recipe |
white balsamic vinegar,    kalamata olive,    feta cheese,    oil,    wheat,    pepper,    basil,    tomato,    cucumber,    salt,    bread
Like many Italian dishes, panzanella (pahn-zah-NEHL-lah) was probably first made out of necessity—combining stale bread with readily available fresh garden vegetables. This classic bread salad, ...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe by Quintrell |
feta cheese,    thyme,    oregano,    basil,    olive,    tomato,    artichoke,    ham,    dough,    monterey jack cheese
Marinated artichokes add flavor to both the crust and the topping of this delicious pizza. 1. Drain artichokes reserving marinade. Chop artichokes set...
1. Drain artichokes, reserving marinade. Chop ...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Wrap Recipe
chicken,    vegetables,    wheat,    pepper,    olive,    tomato,    artichoke,    salt,    tortilla
Night before: Cook the chicken. The next morning, combine all the ingredients in this sandwich and wrap tightly in wax paper or a cloth napkin for easy transport.
1.Heat broiler with rack 4 inches fro...

picture of recipe Olive Flatbread | BigOven
olive oil,    oil,    curry powder,    pepper,    paprika,    cumin,    dried garlic,    olive,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour
This is an easy flatbread recipe that can be modified for anyones taste. For example, sometimes i use sun-dried tomatos and basil instead. Also, I sometimes use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpos...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Wrap Recipe
chicken breast,    olive oil,    canola oil,    shallot,    garlic,    tomato,    lettuce,    balsamic vinegar,    seasoning,    tortilla,    lemon juice
Mexico meets the Mediterranean
Makes 16 - 6 inch wraps   **Pita bread can be substituted for Tortilla   In a bowl add and mix well   Olive oil/canola oil mix, Balsamic vinegar, Lemon juice, Minced Shallo...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Wrap Recipe
chicken,    kalamata olive,    feta cheese,    green pepper,    tomato,    cucumber,    spinach,    hummus,    tortilla,    bread
This is a very tasty wrap with hummus and other good stuff. Easy to make especially if you have leftover chicken. It is good without the chicken and just plain. You may substitute romaine lettuce for ...

picture of recipeSpinach Red Pepper And Feta Quiche Recipe
feta cheese,    red pepper,    olive oil,    onion,    garlic,    spinach,    eggs,    parmesan cheese,    pastry,    milk
I don't post much grub, but the grub I do post is pretty good, this is no exception
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.   Blind bake the crust: Line the pie shell with aluminum foil and weight it with p...

picture of recipeGrissini Sticks Recipe
black olive,    yeast,    olive oil,    rosemary,    olive,    salt,    brown sugar,    water,    flour
Received this delightful recipe from a friend, and it is simple to make. Fabulous with along side of Pasta and Sauce...enjoy! :)
Mix all the dry ingredients together.   Add the water and olive oil and ...

picture of recipeMediterranean Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe
chicken breast,    black olive,    red pepper,    pepper,    dried garlic,    basil,    cucumber,    lettuce,    salt,    mayonnaise,    bread,    yogurt (plain),    water
This is a different twist on your average boring chicken salad sandwich !
1   Place chicken, water, basil, salt and pepper in medium pan, bring to boil.   2   Reduce heat; simmer covered 10-12 minutes ti...

picture of recipeMediterranean Sweet Potato Pizza Recipe
black olive,    red onion,    yellow/orange pepper,    red pepper,    mixed herbs,    olive oil,    oregano,    basil,    olive,    sweet potato,    onion,    garlic,    zucchini/courgette,    wholewheat flour,    tomato,    seasoning,    baking powder,    water
This is a Gillian McKeith recipe that I've tried. I did add a cheese topping the first time I made this so my teenagers didn't question it-they ate it even though they all hate sweet potatoes,...

picture of recipeMediterranean Focaccia Recipe |
yeast,    cherry pepper,    red bell pepper,    cornstarch,    olive oil,    cooking spray,    rosemary,    pepper,    olive,    salt,    parmesan cheese,    water,    flour
This recipe makes 12 (4-inch) focaccias or two (12-inch) focaccias. Kosher salt looks and tastes better, but regular table salt can be used in a pinch.
Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; lev...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Mediterranean filo pastry pie
butter,    red onion,    feta cheese,    phyllo pastry,    olive oil,    pine nut,    pepper,    nutmeg,    sultana,    spinach,    garden rocket,    eggs,    salt
Equipment and preparation: You'll need a non-stick lipless baking sheet about 34cm x 30cm/13in x 12in.
Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Remove the filo pastry sheets from their packaging and p...

picture of recipe Mediterranean Made Rights (Loose Meat Sandwiches) Recipe -
ground lamb,    feta cheese,    pitta bread,    lemon peel,    olive oil,    pepper,    oregano,    dried garlic,    onion,    salt,    lemon juice,    yogurt (plain),    water
Where I live loose meat sandwiches are know as made rights, this is a Mediterranean take on this favorite. You can use tzatziki sauce (cucumber/yogurt sauce used on Gyros) in place of the feta sauce t...

picture of recipeMediterranean Hummus Pizza Recipe |
kalamata olive,    red onion,    feta cheese,    pitta bread,    tomato,    cucumber,    hummus
Crisp vegetables and sharp feta cheese are nestled atop a hummus-covered pizza shell. Serve as a satisfying lunch, or cut into quarters for a quick appetizer.
1. Preheat oven to 400 .   2. Place pita h...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe -
kalamata olive,    pizza bread,    red onion,    feta cheese,    tomato paste,    pepper,    caper,    basil,    sun dried tomatoes,    artichoke,    mozzarella cheese
Mediterranean pizza recipe - Preheat oven to 250°C. Place the pizza crusts on a large baking tray and spread each evenly with the tomato paste. Top each with artichokes, tomatoes, red onion, o...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe |
kalamata olive,    pizza bread,    red pepper,    goat's cheese,    cooking spray,    basil,    tomato,    artichoke,    seasoning
Prep: 7 minutes; Cook: 10 minutes.
1. Preheat oven to 450 .   2. Sprinkle the pizza crust with crushed red pepper and dried Italian seasoning.   3. Sprinkle the crumbled goat cheese evenly on the crust,...

picture of recipeMediterranean Sandwich Recipe
sun dried tomatoes,    hummus,    mozzarella cheese,    bread
Low-fat but tastes fattening! I was trying to use up stuff in my frig while watching my calories and came up with this yummy lunch treat.
1   Toast bread.   2   Spread hummus on both pieces of bread.   3 ...

picture of recipeMediterranean Pizza Recipe
kalamata olive,    black olive,    feta cheese,    chili dried/powder,    olive oil,    oregano,    tomato,    mozzarella cheese,    bread
A very tasty pizza made on a round loaf of Italian bread, everyone will enjoy it, you can play with your toppings also
1   Preheat oven to 350°F.   2   Cut two 1/2 inch thick rounds horizontally fr...

picture of recipeMediterranean Sandwiches Recipe
alfalfa,    bell pepper,    sesame seed,    coriander leaf,    chickpea,    garlic,    cucumber,    salt,    bread,    lemon juice
Mediterranean Sandwiches Recipe, from the archives of Recipe Ideas
Throughout the Middle East, hummus, made from garbanzo beans, is   common. Drain beans, reserving 1/3 cup liquid. Place reserved bean ...

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Mediterranean Sandwiches

picture of recipeMediterranean Quesadillas Recipe
feta cheese,    red pepper,    olive oil,    basil,    olive,    tortilla
This is a new twist on the standard cheese filled quesadilla.
Heat skillet.   For each tortilla, as follows:   Brush one side of flour tortilla w/oil,place in skillet/fry pan.   Sprinkle entire surface o...

picture of recipeMint Pesto Toast Recipe
olive oil,    walnut,    mint,    garlic,    salt,    parmesan cheese,    bread
Different twist to the standard basil pesto, mint is wonderful and the fragrance when it hits the hot bread is intoxicating.
Grind the mint, nuts and other ingredients in food processor to make a past...

picture of recipeMediterranean Salmon Pita - Delicious Fish and Seafood Sandwich Recipes from
pitta bread,    pepper,    dried garlic,    basil,    olive,    onion,    tomato,    salmon,    mayonnaise,    yogurt (plain)
Looking for Mediterranean Salmon Pita - Delicious Fish or Seafood sandwich recipes? YES! Alan's Kitchen has a large collection of favorite sandwich recipes that you're sure to love.
In a small...

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