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picture of recipePikelets
butter,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
I can't believe that noone else has posted the humble pikelet, a mini-pancake. I like mine with plain butter on top or with raspberry jam and a blob of cream a la a Devonshire tea. Perfect to have...

picture of recipePikelets Recipe
butter,    eggs,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
My grandma's recipe. These are so yummy, I just pick them up and eat them with my fingers (not very ladylike I know) but is great served with cream and berries or ice cream or however you like the...

picture of recipeAsparagus Soup Recipe
butter,    pepper,    asparagus,    salt,    milk,    water,    flour
This is a very plain and simple asparagus soup that anyone can make.
1   Wash the asparagus thoroughly. Cut the tips into 1 1/2 inch pieces. Trim the rest of the asparagus stalks of any tough or woody ...

picture of recipeGarlic Beef Recipe
beef rump steak,    vegemite,    sweet and sour sauce,    snap/snow peas,    oil,    beetroot,    spring onion,    garlic,    noodles,    rice,    water
Found this recipe using Vegemite. Something new for me to try.
1   HEAT a frying pan or wok, add the oil, and cook the steak and garlic in small amounts until beef is just browned.   2   ADD sugar peas, ...

picture of recipeChicken Legs Recipe
butter,    chicken leg,    lemon,    eggs,    bread crumbs
This is the good old way Gran and now my mum serves us chicken legs. Are very nice cold as well.
1   Place breadcrumbs on a plate.   2   Place lightly whisked egg on a bowl wide enough to dip chicken inc...

picture of recipeSausage Sandwich Recipe
butter,    sausage,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    bread
This is great to do at a barbeque or at home if you run out of rolls
1   spread butter on one side of bread.   2   place sausage in diagonally.   3   squirt ketchup over.   4   bring two opposite corners tog...

picture of recipePork Chops And Apple Recipe
pork loin,    cayenne pepper,    cinnamon,    allspice,    lemon,    apple,    onion,    salt,    honey,    water
My mums well used recipe.
1   Preheat oven to 180 C (350 F).   2   Place pork chops in single layer in large baking dish.   3   Saute onions and place on top of chops.   4   Place apple on top.   5   Drizzle w...

picture of recipeAvocado Sandwich Recipe
butter,    avocado,    lime,    lemon,    ham,    cheese,    bread
If your child is like me and loves avocado, this is great.
1   Butter bread if you wish.   2   Place down cheese.   3   Then ham on top.   4   Mash avocado in a bowl with a little squeeze of lime or lemon to...

picture of recipeCheesy Chicken Dippers Recipe
chicken,    egg whites,    cheddar cheese,    bread,    flour
These home-made crunchy chicken pieces are a hit with children, they are lower in fat and salt than you would expect.
1   Preheat oven to 190°C.   2   Line a large baking tray with baking parchment....

picture of recipeEgg Sandwich Recipe
butter,    curry powder,    eggs,    mayonnaise,    bread
This is a classic sandwich that I grew up on, most things here are to taste
1   Mash boiled eggs with a fork.   2   Put butter in bowl, add eggs.   3   Add curry powder and then mayonnaise a little at a ti...

picture of recipeKiwi Salad Dressing Recipe
olive oil,    mustard powder,    kiwifruit,    white wine vinegar,    sugar
A different and delicious dressing that would be good over spinach salad, with the addition of strawberries!
1   Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth.   2   Store in refrigerator.   3   This would ...

picture of recipeLucy's Turkey Sandwich Recipe
gherkin,    tomato,    lettuce,    turkey,    bread
I made this one day when Mum was mowing the lawn and I asked her what to make for lunch. She said whatever comes out of the fridge and appears on your plate...TURKEY!
1   Trim any fat of turkey.   2   Pl...

picture of recipeSalmon Rissoles Recipe
mashed potato,    oil,    pepper,    parsley,    onion,    salmon,    salt,    baking powder,    flour
From my friend Sarah, in New Zealand. Posted for ZWT 5.
1   Drain and flake salmon, reserving liquid.   2   Combine salmon, reserved liquid, potato and onion.   3   Sift flour and baking powder together in...

picture of recipeTuna Sweetcorn Pasta Bake Recipe
potato chip,    sweetcorn,    tuna,    cheese,    pasta,    milk
My Mum makes this in 20 minutes, she got it of a packet, it's a great meal and very delish, I enjoy it cold the next day as well, you can use any pasta, but I think penne works best
1   You also ne...

picture of recipeThe Easiest Garlic Bread Ever Recipe
butter,    parsley,    garlic,    bread
i found this in my brothers uni cook book and laughed at how easy it was
1   pre-heat oven to 190 degrees.   2   mash the butter, garlic and parsley together in a bowl.   3   slash the bread, not all the w...

picture of recipeLea And Perrins Lamb Chops Recipe
lamb loin,    olive oil,    ginger root,    worcestershire sauce,    sherry
A classic Kiwi dish from New Zealand, sure to please!
1   Mix together the Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, sherry and ginger and pour into a large zip-lock bag. Add the lamb chops, seal and toss ...

picture of recipeNew Zealand Fruit Salad Recipe
mango,    strawberry,    kiwifruit,    pear,    agave syrup
This is a recipe I made up tonight using some different fruits than our normal American Fruit salad in an attempt to get my kids to try something new.
1   Slice all the fruit up into bite size peices. ...

picture of recipeEdmonds Yoyos Recipe
butter,    icing sugar,    custard,    vanilla extract,    flour
Two deliciously crumbly cookies sandwiched together with a custardy filling...a family favourite! Edmonds is a New Zealand recipe staple, a fail-proof cookbook. In New Zealand I used to make these reg...

picture of recipeMaori Bread Recipe
yeast,    sugar,    water,    flour
From Riana Mahe. Adapted from Sam Choy's Polynesian Kitchen. As a substitute for a deep pot, this will sometimes be baked in a large coffee can, using foil as a lid. Prep time includes rising time...

picture of recipeChicken, Ham And Mushroom Dish Recipe
butter,    chicken,    chicken stock,    mushrooms,    ham,    parmesan cheese,    bread,    cream,    milk,    water,    flour
My gran's recipe, totally awsome
1   For the sauce you also need 1 tin of mushroom soup.   2   put all ingredients together in a casserol dish apart from the topping.   3   pull bread into bitesize pie...

picture of recipeDaniel's Sandwich Recipe
coleslaw,    ham,    bread
This is my brothers favourite sandwich
1   place the ham on one piece of bread, you can use butter if you want, but my brother doesn't like it so has it without.   2   top with lots of coleslaw.   3   ...

picture of recipeBasic Semolina! Recipe
semolina,    vanilla extract,    sugar,    milk
My Mum always makes this for me when im sick and it always makes me feel better.. especially with canned fruit, yum!
1   Mix the semolina with a sufficient amount of milk until it makes a paste.   2   Bo...

picture of recipeMum's Leek And Potato Soup Recipe
butter,    chicken stock,    pepper,    potato,    onion,    leek,    salt,    cream,    milk,    water
We had this once every two weeks in New Zealand. It is really nice. Scene as we were kids and loved it, I'm sure yours will to. Mum calls it Vichyssoise, but we prefer the name I gave it, so much ...

picture of recipeGeraldine Chicken Recipe
butter,    chicken,    chicken stock,    dry sherry,    orange peel,    parsley,    salt,    water,    flour
Found on a New Zealand recipe website and adapted for ZWT8 Australia/ New Zealand. This sounds really good, I can't wait to try it.
1   Remove the skin from the chicken pieces. Heat the butter in a...

picture of recipeChicken On The Run Recipe
chicken,    onion soup mix,    pepper,    apricot,    salt,    white wine
Posted for RecipeZaar World Tour 2006, this is a recipe adapted from the small community cookbook from Dixon House on the West Coast, South Island of New Zealand, now sadly out of print.
1   Rub salt a...

picture of recipePork Chops In Orange Sauce Recipe
butter,    pork chop,    pepper,    ginger root,    orange,    salt,    brown sugar,    flour
This is definately comfort food!! The pork is almost casseroled. It is a delicious sweet and tangy recipe that my family LOVES!
1   Coat pork chops in seasoned flour.   2   Heat butter in large frying pa...

picture of recipeJen's Ham Cheese Toasted Sandwiches Recipe
butter,    ham,    mustard,    mozzarella cheese,    bread
1   Mix the softened butter with the mustard and spread on the bread slices.   2   Cover half of them with the ham and then place the remaining slices on top, butter side up.   3   Place a sheet of baking ...

picture of recipeThree Bears Porridge Recipe
oats,    brown sugar,    milk,    water
This is what my Mummy called it when we were younger, we refused to eat it without the brown sugar or the name, we thought it was special. I had it before my exams as well-it helped me concentrate and...

picture of recipeHam, Cheese And Mayo Sandwich Recipe
ham,    mayonnaise,    cheese,    bread
I know this is so simple, but I just had to post it because my memory is very slack so I forget sometimes so need reminding.
1   Spread mayonnaise evenly on two pieces of the bread.   2   Place a piece o...

picture of recipePixie's Pomegranate Porridge Recipe
oats,    pomegranate,    pomegranate juice,    water
I saw a recipe for orange porridge so thought i would experiment with pomegranites as they are great for something or other as well as the oats, this is milk free, so no guilt, although i did cheat an...

picture of recipeBBQ Turkey And Ham Parcels Recipe
oil,    pepper,    horseradish,    lime,    turkey,    eggs,    ham,    salt,    cheese,    bread crumbs,    flour
Posted for RecipeZaar World Tour 2006. Make in advance for your next BBQ... Use any cheese that has good melting qualities... Cheddar, Double Gloucester etc. Preparation time includes 2 hour chilling ...

picture of recipeTakakau Maori Bread) Recipe
baking powder,    milk,    flour
Real Takakau has no rising agent (i.e. Baking Powder) just flour and water. This recipe is quite large in the quantity of flour used. It can be prepared and baked 35 minutes before a main meal is serv...

picture of recipeChicken Crispy Bake Recipe
chicken,    potato chip,    almond,    onion,    celery,    mayonnaise,    cheddar cheese,    lemon juice,    cream
Can be eating this in 30 minutes. Perfect served with peas and corn or a salad. You could even add the peas and corn to the dish. We used a store brought allready rotisserie chicken
1   Combine chicken...

picture of recipeLemon Mint Butter Bbq) Recipe
butter,    lemon peel,    pepper,    mint,    garlic,    salt,    lemon juice
Great for BBQ Season. Try on Lamb and Kabobs. Posted for ZWT 5.
1   In small bowl, cream butter, stir in mint, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. With spatula, spread down a large piece ...

picture of recipeEgg And Ham Sandwich England) Recipe
butter,    curry powder,    eggs,    ham,    mayonnaise,    wafers,    bread
This is how my mum gives it to us. I'm pretty sure the eggs are a family recipe.
1   Mash boiled eggs with a fork.   2   Put butter in bowl, add eggs.   3   Add curry powder and then mayonnaise a littl...

picture of recipeMushroom Fry-Up Recipe
butter,    olive oil,    pepper,    coriander seed,    chives,    button mushroom/champignon,    salt
This recipe was in the Jun 2006 issue of New Zealand's TASTE which I just received from my cookbook swap partner Tansy. How about that - a recipe for a mushroom dish that I can really enjoy, ...

picture of recipeHealthy Caesar Salad Recipe
dressing,    olive oil,    oil,    walnut,    pepper,    garlic,    lettuce,    anchovy,    balsamic vinegar,    tahini,    salt,    lemon juice
This is a healthy alternative to what you get in the stores, but still with all the taste. If you don't like anchovies I would not bother making it, as it isn't nearly as good without them
1   ...

picture of recipeLuscious Lunch Wrap Recipe
lettuce,    ham,    mayonnaise,    cheese,    tortilla
I make these for my Daddy's lunch quite a lot of the time, very simple and very nice.
1   Spread as much desired mayonnaise on each tortilla as you like.   2   Place down the ham   3   Then the cheese....

picture of recipeJean's Lamb Shanks Recipe
lamb shank,    mint,    ginger root,    garlic,    soy sauce,    white wine,    orange juice
These are my mother's world famous lamb shanks. They are absolutely delicious, the meat literally falls off the bone. Serve with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Wonderful with Merlot! It just sets...

picture of recipeGrilled Eggplant Rolls With Mint And Garlic Dressing Recipe
olive oil,    mint,    garlic,    aubergine/eggplant,    red wine vinegar,    salt
One of the first recipes I used to try out my new BBQ. From Taste magazine. I liked the picture. My photo is not as professional but I hope it still inspires you to try this recipe!
1   Slice the eggpl...

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