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picture of recipeGirl Scout Samoa Cookies Recipe
butter,    vanilla extract,    coconut,    light corn syrup,    sugar,    milk chocolate,    condensed milk
I love these cookies, there so pretty. Bet you can't eat just one, that's why I couldn't put down how many it would serve. LOL
In a 2 quart saucepan over medium-low heat, combine butter, s...

picture of recipeStormin' Samoan drink recipe -
blue curacao,    orange rum,    lychee liqueur,    club soda,    sparkling water,    lime juice,    pomegranate syrup
The best recipe for a Stormin' Samoan alcoholic mixed drink, containing Blue curacao, Orange rum, Soho, Carbonated Water/Club Soda, Grenadine and Lime Juice. Includes mixing instructions and ...

picture of recipeEasy Pani Popo, Samoan Coconut Bread Recipe
cornstarch,    coconut milk,    bread,    sugar,    water
I found this recipe off of the Rhodes website. I just love this bread, but don't want to go through the tedious task of making it from scratch. This is a faster way to enjoy this island favorite.

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Easy Pani Popo, Samoan Coconut Bread

picture of recipeSamoa Supreme Bar Cookies Recipe
butter,    shortbread,    vanilla,    coconut,    light corn syrup,    sugar,    chocolate,    condensed milk
This is a variation of the Samoa Cookie Copycat recipe found here at Recipezaar posted by melismac. This is a much easier recipe and makes it more feasible for my hectic life!
1   Melt half the chocola...

picture of recipeTaisi Moa Samoan Chicken Baked In Banana Leaves) Recipe
chicken drumstick,    chicken breast,    cooking banana,    ginger root,    banana,    coconut milk,    sweet potato,    barbecue sauce,    soy sauce
Tender chicken dish. Serve with rice and if you like top with roasted coconut flakes. Posted for ZWT7. Adapted from.
1 ...

picture of recipe Samoan Green Banana Recipe -
banana,    coconut milk,    onion
This simple take on a traditional Samoan dish, requires only some unripe bananas, coconut milk, and an onion.
Directions   Combine the coconut milk and onion in a bowl; set aside.   Bring a large pot of...

picture of recipe Samoan Palusami Recipe -
corned beef,    coconut milk,    spinach
Palusami is a main dish from Samoa made with coconut milk. In the islands of Samoa, we use taro leaves and the Samoan corn-beef but here in America, my family can not live with out it so we use other ...

picture of recipeSamoan Fish Vaisu) Recipe
chili pepper,    coconut milk,    onion,    fish,    salt
A typical simple fish preparation from Samoa. Preparation time does not include time to prepare the grill.
1   Prepare the grill, preferably a charcoal grill. Grill the whole fish until it is cooked (t...

picture of recipeSamoan - Orange Passion Fruit - Ade Recipe
orange,    sparkling water,    passionfruit juice,    orange juice,    lime juice,    sugar syrup,    ice
This recipe is from a South Pacific web site and has been posted for ZWT-7 tour. I have not tried this yet, but will be, it sounds great to me.
1   Mix the fruit juices together and add sugar syrup to ...

picture of recipeSamoan Toffee Cake Recipe -
butter,    evaporated milk,    icing sugar,    vanilla extract,    cinnamon,    eggs,    baking powder,    sugar,    water,    flour
Samoan toffee cake recipe - Preheat oven to 180°C. Lightly brush a 10cm deep (10-cup), 26cm (top measurement) non-stick bundt cake pan (or fluted ring pan) with melted butter to grease. Place ...

picture of recipeSamoan Banana Panikeke Fried Banana Doughnuts) Recipe
oil,    cinnamon sugar,    vanilla,    banana,    pineapple,    coconut milk,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    water,    flour
Little fried donuts with a tropical flavor of bananas. As an option, I have added crushed pineapple. The traditional panikeke is made with banana and rolled in cinnamon sugar. This recipe has an optio...

picture of recipeSamoan Fruit Poi (fruit Whip) Recipe -
lemon peel,    vanilla extract,    banana,    coconut milk,    pawpaw,    watermelon,    lemon juice,    ice
Samoan fruit poi (fruit whip) recipe - Place half the watermelon, pawpaw, bananas, coconut milk and lemon juice into a blender and process until smooth. Transfer to a large jug or bowl. Repeat with th...

picture of recipeSamoa Babies Recipe
vanilla extract,    date,    coconut,    chocolate
Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes at SparkRecipes. Plus use our free recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat, and protein in your recipes.
1. Blend   2. Form into balls   Serving Siz...

picture of recipeSamoan drink recipe -
raspberry sorbet,    strawberry,    blueberry,    jagermeister,    red bull
The best recipe for a Samoan alcoholic mixed drink, containing Jagermeister, Red Bull, Blueberries, Strawberries and Raspberry sorbet. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for Samoan.

picture of recipesamoan cookie martini cocktail recipe
scotch whisky,    coconut rum,    chocolate liqueur
How to make a samoan cookie martini cocktail. The samoan cookie martini cocktail recipe has been voted a 0 by 75 visitors. The samoan cookie martini drink recipe is awesome.
stir and chill the chocola...

picture of recipeRaw Fish in Coconut Cream CD HD Samoan 10mins plus marinating
pepper,    coconut cream,    onion,    cucumber,    snapper,    fish,    salt,    water
1. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix well then cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.   More Fish Starter Recipes | General Fish Prep & Cooking Times   Overseas Visitor...

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