Finding a chicken recipe flavored with apricots is perfect for finding recipes where you know one or more of the main ingredients you want to use, but then want help in zeroing in on your perfect recipe.

If you like the idea of a chicken with apricots recipe then try this search, chicken and apricots have already been chosen as 'must include' ingredients.

With these 2 ingredients selected, at time of writing, about 350 recipes are returned. Good for variety, but a good search engine can give you too much choice and you might need some help zeroing in on your ideal recipe. gives you this help with a list of ingredient suggestions under the ingredient entry box. Click on 'more...' at the end of the list and the list of suggestions gets bigger.

Scan the ingredient suggestions to find ingredients that you think would be good in your ideal recipe and click on it to add to your 'must include' ingredient list. Since all the suggestions are sensible some recipes will always be returned when you make your selection. If we had no recipes to show you with a particular combination of ingredients, then we wouldn't make that suggestion. You can also click on the '(exc)' link next to the ingredient if you don't like the sound of something and exclude all the recipes with that ingredient.

I excluded thyme and included almond and cinnamon. 20 chicken with apricot recipes are left from a database of about 600,000. The recipes are mostly north african or middle eastern which all sound tasty to me. You can carry on using the ingredient suggestions to narrow the list, but at this point I prefer to start scanning the list to find the recipe I want to make.

You can take the same approach with any recipe you like. It's amazing how quickly a massive recipe database can be filtered to a few good results when you make good ingredient selections.