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Recipe Categories: appetizer,main,side

Cuisine From:
the americas
middle east

Other Cuisine: cajun and creole, mediterranean, scandinavian, jewish

Must Include Ingredients:

 irish cream

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No-cook   Raw Food

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picture of recipeGuinness Cupcakes With Bailey's Frosting Recipe -
butter,    bicarbonate of soda,    eggs,    salt,    brown sugar,    sugar,    cocoa powder,    stout,    carolans,    irish cream,    sour cream,    milk,    flour
The ultimate St. Patrick's Day dessert. Prep time includes time for cooling in step 2. Adapted from a recipe at
Serving Size: 1 (4638) g   Servings Per Recipe: 1   AMT. PER...

picture of recipeIrishman Being Beaten To Death In The Bushes Of Connemara Park By A French Mime Wearing Gold Rhinest
goldschlager,    grand marnier,    carolans,    irish cream,    irish whisky
The best recipe for a Irishman Being Beaten To Death In The Bushes Of Connemara Park By A French Mime Wearing Gold Rhinestones alcoholic mixed drink, containing Bushmill's, Carolan's, Goldsc...

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picture of recipeSwedish Quaalude drink recipe -
frangelico,    amaretto,    carolans,    irish cream,    kahlua,    cream
The best recipe for a Swedish Quaalude alcoholic mixed drink, containing Carolan's, Disaronno, Frangelico, Kahlua and Cream.
In a Collins glass, pour all ingredients together. Stir lightly.   Cont...

picture of recipeWhite Night Cocktail – Recipes Network
frangelico,    carolans,    irish cream,    godiva dark chocolate(original),    hazelnut liqueur,    white chocolate liqueur,    milk
Step 1   In a medium pitcher, mix together the milk, Irish cream liqueur, white chocolate liqueur and hazelnut liqueur and chill up to several hours. Serve in small milk glasses.   Tags: Dairy Recipes ,...

picture of recipeGuinness Week: Beeramisu Recipe
heavy cream,    sponge,    mascarpone,    okra,    sugar,    chocolate,    stout,    carolans,    irish cream
This take on Tiramisu strays pretty far from the traditional. It calls for Guinness and Irish Cream instead of coffee and Marsala, but the requisite creamy, soft layers will surely please anyone crazy...

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