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Other Cuisine: cajun and creole, mediterranean, scandinavian, jewish

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 white peppercorn     sesame seed oil     sesame seed     red chili     noodles     peanut     coconut milk     rice vinegar     crab     dry sherry     peanut oil     salad     fish sauce     oyster     water chestnut     button mushroom/champignon     snap/snow peas     bean sprouts     radish     lemongrass     light soy sauce     firm tofu     rice wine     bamboo shoots     sake     mirin     miso     bok choy     kaffir lime leaves     oyster mushroom     shrimp     cucumber     cabbage     leek     asparagus     aubergine/eggplant     tuna     yellow/orange bell pepper     barley     tahini         

picture of recipeFresh Ginger, Mushroom, and Basil Soup Recipe | MyRecipes
enokitake,    chicken stock,    cooking spray,    ginger root,    basil,    spring onion,    soy sauce
If you're looking for a soup to heal all ills, look no further. A bowl of ginger, mushroom, and basic soup is even tastier than the classic chicken noodle recipe.
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   H...

picture of recipeMarinated Enoki Salad Recipe -
enokitake,    canola oil,    dried ginger,    spring onion,    cabbage,    rice vinegar,    honey
I love mushrooms! I have to try them all! I got some enoki mushrooms and thought they tasted peppery for a mushroom. I paired them with purple cabbage in this tangy and crunchy oriental salad. I hope ...

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picture of recipeMiso Soup With Enoki Mushrooms Recipe -
fermented bean paste,    enokitake,    miso,    soy sauce,    firm tofu,    water
Cooking Light. I just happen to have Enokis in my fridge right now too! I will make this with only one type of miso. Use whatever you have. The recipe also calls for 1/4 cup dried shaved bonito (dry f...

picture of recipeWild mushroom crostini - Recipes -
butter,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    dry sherry,    thyme,    parsley,    mushrooms,    garlic,    oyster,    bread
These wild mushroom crostini work well as a substantial vegetarian antipasti.
1.   Heat the butter in a large frypan over medium heat (if you don't have a large frypan, cook the mushrooms in batche...

picture of recipeCucumber Asian Greens Recipe | MyRecipes
dressing,    enokitake,    salad,    sesame seed,    cucumber
Learn how to make Cucumber Asian Greens. MyRecipes has 70,000+ tested recipes and videos to help you be a better cook.
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   Place a small skillet over medium-high heat until...

picture of recipeSpinach and Strawberry Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe -
red onion,    enokitake,    sunflower seeds,    pepper,    strawberry,    spinach,    mustard,    salt,    rice vinegar,    honey
Colorful and healthy, this wonderful mix of flavors looks beautiful and is easy to put together. Originally from a local paper's cooking section featuring strawberries.
Serving Size: 1 (87) g   Ser...

picture of recipeBest Miso Soup Recipe - How To Make Miso Soup
enokitake,    miso,    kombu,    spring onion,    soft tofu,    water
The perfectly light Miso Soup from is a great appetizer.
Make dashi: In a large pot over medium heat, bring water and kombu to a simmer. Remove kombu as soon as the water starts to simmer. ...

picture of recipeBacon-Wrapped Enoki - Mushroom Recipes - Hors d’oeuvres Recipes
enokitake,    pepper,    spring onion,    bacon
Recipe By: Grace Parisi
Preheat the oven to 425 F. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the bacon on it 3 inches apart. Set the mushrooms on the bacon slices. Top with the...

picture of recipeField Greens with Eggs and Enoki Mushrooms Recipe | MyRecipes
enokitake,    salad,    oil,    red peppercorn,    coriander leaf,    spring onion,    tomato,    eggs,    soy sauce,    salt,    rice vinegar,    sugar
Hard-cooked eggs are a welcome addition to this refreshing Asian-inspired salad. If your grocer doesn't have enoki mushrooms, substitute sliced button mushrooms.
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   Co...

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Field Greens With Eggs and Enoki Mushrooms Recipe -

picture of recipeMushroom, barley and thyme soup recipe - Recipes -
butter,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    vegetable stock,    olive oil,    barley,    thyme,    button mushroom/champignon,    onion,    garlic,    sour cream
The classic creamy mushroom soup gets a textural makeover with crunchy enoki mushrooms and pearl barley.
1.   Cook barley in a saucepan of boiling water for 45 minutes or until tender, then drain and s...

picture of recipeHow to Make Easy Vegan Miso Soup | Taste of Home
enokitake,    miso,    canola oil,    ginger root,    mushrooms,    spring onion,    onion,    garlic,    firm tofu,    water
Soup might just be the ultimate comfort food and this vegan miso soup definitely fits the bill! Learn how to make this simple, tasty dish in no time at all.
Step 1: Start sauteeing   Heat the oil in a ...

recipes with the same ingredients...
What Is Miso Soup? (And How Do I Make It?)

picture of recipeAsparagus & Carrots with Asian Vinaigrette Recipe | EatingWell
red pepper,    enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    sesame seed,    carrot,    asparagus,    lettuce,    soy sauce,    salad dressing
Quick-chilling the asparagus and carrots in ice water is an important step in this recipe. It stops the cooking process of the vegetables so they don't overcook and go limp.
Instructions Checklist...

picture of recipeMushroom Ramen Bowl Recipe | MyRecipes
dried shiitake,    enokitake,    nori,    bamboo shoots,    spring onion,    bok choy,    eggs,    bacon,    soy sauce,    noodles,    water
In place of the normally time-consuming enriched broth, we infuse water with bacon for smoky richness in Mushroom Ramen Bowl-it's a trick we learned from chef David Chang.
Instructions Checklist   ...

picture of recipeSauteed Eggplant With Tomatoes-peppers & Onions Recipe
red onion,    yellow/orange bell pepper,    red bell pepper,    enokitake,    olive oil,    pepper,    garlic,    tomato,    aubergine/eggplant,    salt,    seasoning,    parmesan cheese
Sent my Deep Fried Eggplant recipe off to my friend Sandy and, in her usual supportive fashion, got back an email that said “RUBBISH; Deep fried is okay but it’s not the only way”. ...

picture of recipeねぎ巻き Negimaki – Japanese Beef Rolls With Pea Shoots Recipe
chili dried/powder,    enokitake,    snap/snow peas,    sesame seed oil,    olive oil,    spring onion,    garlic,    asparagus,    beef,    balsamic vinegar,    soy sauce,    sake
This is a dish I’ve been wanting to make for some time now. I found a wonderful Asian market called Matsuwa in LA and finally got on the ball!
Negimaki   Combine shabu-shabu sauce ingredients and...

picture of recipeWild Mushrooms in XO Sauce Recipe | MyRecipes
butter,    morel,    enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    pepper,    spring onion,    sherry vinegar,    salt
Wild Mushrooms in XO Sauce
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   Heat butter and oil in a large skillet over high until butter foams vigorously. Add morels; cook, stirring often, until beginning to brown, a...

picture of recipeBruschetta with mixed mushrooms and chilli feta - Recipes -
feta cheese,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    olive oil,    parsley,    red chili,    lemon,    mushrooms,    garlic,    oyster
If in doubt, serve bruschetta: that's our motto 'round here. Warren Mendes gives the Italian classic a new kick, with mixed mushies and creamy, crumbly feta.
1.   Combine the feta, chilli and l...

picture of recipeSteamed Tofu Balls With White Sauce Recipe -
enokitake,    cornstarch,    sesame seed,    pepper,    ginger root,    wakame,    carrot,    eggs,    salt,    firm tofu,    soy milk,    water
This is a healthy recipe for tofu mixed with vegetables formed into balls with white sauce. The tofu balls are very easy to make and its really simple. The white sauce is made from soy milk so it...

picture of recipeEasy Enoki Beef Rolls - Japanese Appetiser | Wandercooks
enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    ginger root,    garlic,    beef,    soy sauce,    salt,    mirin,    sake
Enoki Beef Rolls - Japanese beef rolls made from delicious marinated beef filled with enoki mushroom are the perfect bite-sized appetiser!
Combine the garlic , ginger , soy sauce , sake and mirin alon...

picture of recipeLemongrass Chicken Soup W Egg Noodles Recipe
chicken breast,    red pepper,    enokitake,    chicken stock,    oil,    lemongrass,    ginger root,    lime,    spring onion,    onion,    garlic,    bean sprouts,    soy sauce,    noodles
With the remaining egg noodles that we had the other day, we made a Thai-style soup with chicken, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, and kimchi. Everything went well together except for the most important...

picture of recipeSzechwan Chicken Salad Recipe | EatingWell
chicken breast,    enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    oil,    peanut,    ginger root,    jalapeno,    jicama,    carrot,    spring onion,    garlic,    cucumber,    lettuce,    white wine vinegar,    soy sauce,    rice vinegar,    sugar,    water
Jicama, a crisp root vegetable, stars in this grilled chicken salad with carrot, cucumbers, and enoki mushrooms. A light sprinkling of peanuts adds crunch and flavor.
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   I...

picture of recipeJapanese-Inspired Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe Recipe | EatingWell
chicken breast,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    miso,    chicken stock,    olive oil,    pepper,    ginger root,    carrot,    onion,    garlic,    cabbage,    salt,    noodles,    pasta
This healthy, Japanese-inspired chicken noodle soup recipe is made with udon noodles and gets a hit of umami flavor from a swirl of miso at the end. To make the miso easier to stir into the soup, comb...

picture of recipeTeriyaki Beef Salad
beef tenderloin,    enokitake,    miso,    salad,    canola oil,    pepper,    ginger root,    carrot,    spring onion,    garlic,    bean sprouts,    soy sauce,    rice vinegar,    sugar,    water
A simple summer salad.
For the dressing, process first 8 ingredients in a blender or food processor until blended. With machine running, slowly add oil in a steady stream until emulsified. Stir in sca...

picture of recipeBeef bhuna gosht recipe | delicious. magazine
butter,    beef fillet steak,    chili dried/powder,    enokitake,    beef stock,    oil,    sesame seed,    pepper,    coriander seed,    cumin,    shallot,    garlic,    spinach,    mustard,    double cream
Atul Kochhar's beef bhuna ghost recipe is a take on the classic steak with mushroom sauce, but with a superb Indian twist.
Preheat the oven to 200 C/fan180 C/gas 6. Roughly crush all the spice mix...

picture of recipeMushrooms on eggy bread - Recipes -
butter,    matsutake,    brioche,    enokitake,    tarragon,    parsley,    oyster mushroom,    mushrooms,    onion,    garlic,    eggs,    sherry,    port,    milk
Welcome to delicious. Australia – your go-to destination for all the latest in recipes, restaurant reviews, food news, travel inspiration, and so much more.
1.   Melt butter in a pan over medium-...

picture of recipeSoba noodle salad recipe with avocado - Recipes -
chili dried/powder,    enokitake,    miso,    sesame seed oil,    sesame seed,    coriander leaf,    avocado,    lime,    zucchini/courgette,    tahini,    soy sauce,    rice vinegar,    mirin,    noodles,    maple syrup
Soba noodles in spring is a real delight.
1.   For the glaze, place the maple syrup, mirin, soy sauce and vinegar in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce for 5-6 minutes or until slightly th...

picture of recipeStir-fried pork and prawn balls with cabbage recipe | delicious. magazine
ground pork,    egg whites,    chili dried/powder,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    dry sherry,    cornstarch,    sunflower oil,    ginger root,    spring onion,    garlic,    cabbage,    prawn,    soy sauce,    sake
Put the prawns, pork, spring onions, ginger and egg white into a large bowl. Add 1 tbsp each soy sauce and sake, mix well, then roll into about 32 walnut-size balls.   Heat the 3 tbsp oil in a large, n...

picture of recipeSake-simmered chicken with mushrooms - Recipes -
dried shiitake,    chicken breast,    dark soy sauce,    light soy sauce,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    chicken stock,    sesame seed oil,    carrot,    spinach,    mirin,    rice,    sugar,    sake,    water
Sake-simmering is a classic Japanese technique often used for fish, but it also works really well with chicken.
1.   Soak shiitakes in a bowl of hot water for 20 minutes. Rub oil and a little salt into...

picture of recipeSpicy Thai-Style Mushroom And Basmati Rice Soup Recipe |
chili garlic sauce,    enokitake,    chicken stock,    orange peel,    chili paste,    pepper,    chili pepper,    basil,    coconut milk,    button mushroom/champignon,    salt,    fish sauce,    rice,    orange juice,    water
A recipe for Spicy Thai-Style Mushroom And Basmati Rice Soup made with brown basmati rice, water, coconut milk, chicken broth, orange zest, orange juice, fish
Place rice and water in a medium saucepan...

picture of recipeGarlic mushrooms and cured ham on toasted brioche recipe - BBC Food
butter,    brioche,    chestnut mushroom,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    dry cured ham,    oil,    pepper,    parsley,    oyster mushroom,    garlic,    salt,    creme freche
Cured ham and wild mushrooms are some of the most beautiful ingredients you can get your hands on. Serve them on toasted brioche for a little taste of luxury.
Add the oil to a large, heavy-based fryi...

picture of recipeSpicy Seafood Chowder Recipe -
butter,    shrimp soup,    enokitake,    chicken stock,    mushroom soup,    pepper,    parsley,    button mushroom/champignon,    spring onion,    garlic,    shrimp,    crab,    cod,    worcestershire sauce,    salt,    milk,    half and half,    flour
It will warm you up right up on a cold winter night.
Serving Size: 1 (499) g   Servings Per Recipe: 8   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 302.9   Calories from Fat 133 g 44 %   Total Fat 14.9 g 22...

picture of recipeThai Spinach Salad Recipe -
yellow/orange pepper,    enokitake,    hot sauce,    canola oil,    almond,    nutmeg,    mint,    ginger root,    basil,    spring onion,    bean sprouts,    spinach,    fish sauce,    brown sugar,    lime juice
This is fusion food at its best
Serving Size: 1 (114) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 187.9   Calories from Fat 125 g 67 %   Total Fat 14 g 21 %   Saturated Fat 1.1 g...

picture of recipeStuffed Mushrooms Recipe
butter,    enokitake,    oregano,    scallop,    bread crumbs
This dish is time consuming but well worth it
Spend the next week or so hollowing out the enoki's. Blend the remaining ingredients and stuff the caps. bake at 350 for 5 minutes.   ENJOY!   People Wh...

picture of recipeChinese Fire Pot Recipe
beef sirloin steak,    chicken breast,    chinese cabbage,    enokitake,    sweet and sour sauce,    snap/snow peas,    chicken stock,    mushrooms,    water chestnut,    bamboo shoots,    spring onion,    spinach,    mustard greens,    shrimp,    fish,    soy sauce,    noodles,    lemon juice
Cook and taste to taste!!
Place chicken, fish and beef in freezer and chill until firm to touch but not frozen When firm take out of the freezer and slice chicken and beef in strips 1/4 inch thick and...

picture of recipeObimaki Enoki Recipe -
enokitake,    white peppercorn,    lemon,    bacon
Bacon Rolled Enokitake Mushrooms with a Chive or a Garlic Sprout variation. Simple but dramatic.
Serving Size: 1 (88) g   Servings Per Recipe: 6   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 137.5   Calori...

picture of recipeMushroom omelette recipe - BBC Food
butter,    enokitake,    pepper,    mushrooms,    eggs,    salt
In small non stick frying pan melt the butter and add the mushrooms. Cook for three minutes until soft.   Add the egg and season. Cook on a low heat for 4-5 minutes until the egg is cooked.   Turn out o...

picture of recipeStir-Fry Teriyaki Broccoli N’ Sprouts Recipe -
teriyaki sauce,    enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    canola oil,    spring onion,    garlic,    bean sprouts,    broccoli,    soy sauce,    firm tofu,    water,    flour
An elegant oriental healthy dish with a sweet and salty taste.
Serving Size: 1 (284) g   Servings Per Recipe: 2   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 330.5   Calories from Fat 135 g 41 %   Total Fat...

picture of recipeCitrus Salad With Shiitake and Enoki Mushrooms Recipe | MyRecipes
teriyaki sauce,    shiitake mushroom,    enokitake,    sesame seed oil,    ginger root,    orange,    radish,    garlic,    cucumber,    lettuce,    rice vinegar,    orange juice
Learn how to make Citrus Salad With Shiitake and Enoki Mushrooms. MyRecipes has 70,000+ tested recipes and videos to help you be a better cook.
Instructions Checklist   Step 1   Combine first 6 ingredie...

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Citrus Salad With Shiitake and Enoki Mushrooms Recipe -

picture of recipeNatural Food Power Sandwich With Enoki Mushrooms Recipe -
black olive,    enokitake,    pepper cheese,    sesame seed,    cayenne pepper,    avocado,    carrot,    tomato,    soy sauce,    bread,    lemon juice
Treat crunchy enokis as sprouts in this sandwich lunch.
Serving Size: 1 (812) g   Servings Per Recipe: 1   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 786.1   Calories from Fat 358 g 46 %   Total Fat 39.8 g...

picture of recipeCurried Squash and Sweet Potato Recipe -
raw sugar,    enokitake,    canola oil,    curry powder,    butternut squash,    sweet potato,    spring onion,    garlic,    firm tofu,    yogurt (plain)
A delicious recipe in a healthy, delightful curry sauce
Serving Size: 1 (201) g   Servings Per Recipe: 4   AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE   Calories: 212.3   Calories from Fat 53 g 25 %   Total Fat 5.9 g 9...

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