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picture of recipeOrange Baked Beans Recipe
onion,    bean,    pork,    worcestershire sauce,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    brown sugar,    orange juice
This is a different twist on baked beans but everyone who has tasted it really likes it.
1   Combine all ingredients together in a 1 1/2 quart casserole dish.   2   Heat in the over at 350 degrees for 45...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Roughy Recipe
butter,    parsley,    paprika,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    orange roughy,    bread crumbs,    milk
Orange roughy is one of my favorite fish for its sweet flavor. I eat fish quite regularly and have been trying to get my roommate to eat it too. She actually liked this recipe (which basically means t...

picture of recipeOrange Baked Pork Chops Recipe
pork chop,    oil,    pepper,    paprika,    cloves,    orange,    seasoning,    orange juice,    water,    flour
1   Combine flour, seasoning salt, paprika and pepper. Reserve 1 teaspoon of mixture and coat pork chops with remaining. Heat oil in skillet, then brown the chops. Add the orange juice and cloves to sk...

picture of recipeOrange Baked Chicken Breasts Recipe
chicken,    garlic salt,    pepper,    marjoram,    basil,    salt,    orange juice
Here's a recipe that I found online and wanted to try. It was originally written using split chicken breasts, but I changed it by using boneless skinless chicken. It worked out extremely well and ...

picture of recipeEasy Baked Orange Roughy Recipe
butter,    pepper,    paprika,    orange roughy,    seasoning,    vegetable fat spread
This is the first thing my husband cooked for me back when we were dating. Very simple but really delicious. I was hooked.
1   Put fish fillets in a greased 11x7 inch baking dish.   2   Sprinkle with sea...

picture of recipeBaked Squash with Orange Recipe
olive oil,    parsley,    orange,    butternut squash,    garlic,    seasoning
Orange zest, paprika and garlic flavor up baked squash. Add seasonings of choice for a finishing tasty touch.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.   Mix the parsley, orange zest and garlic in the orange juice....

picture of recipeOven Baked Orange Rice Recipe
butter,    orange peel,    almond,    parsley,    onion,    celery,    salt,    rice,    orange juice,    water
I just love rice! This doubles well, just put in a bigger dish and keep an eye on the time.
1   Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   2   Mix the rice, celery, onion, butter, orange peel and salt together and p...

picture of recipeOrange Baked Chicken II Recipe
chicken breast,    rosemary,    pepper,    paprika,    onion,    salt,    orange juice,    flour
Try Orange Baked Chicken II from - 7838
1   Arrange chicken in shallow baking pan, breast side up, not overlapping.   2   Sprinkle with onion and seasonings.   3   Blend flour with 1/2 c orange j...

picture of recipeBaked Mediterranean Orange Roughy Recipe
black olive,    red pepper,    olive oil,    pepper,    onion,    garlic,    fish,    salt
The accompaniments to the to fish were derived from a delicious pasta dish I'd eaten. I figured it would also go well with a flaky white fish. You can substitute tilapia for the orange roughy as w...

picture of recipe Orange Baked Chicken | BigOven
chicken breast,    rosemary,    pepper,    paprika,    onion,    salt,    orange juice,    flour
Try this Orange Baked Chicken recipe, or contribute your own. "Poultry" and "Main dishes" are two of the tags cooks chose for Orange Baked Chicken. - Orange Baked Chicken
Arrange c...

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Orange Baked Chicken recipe
Orange Baked Chicken Recipe

picture of recipeBaked Chicken L'orange Recipe
chicken breast,    almond,    white peppercorn,    orange,    salt
This a delicious and UNFRIED healthified verison of traditional Chicken L'Orange Recipe. I came up with this in my hopes to loose weight this year but not give up any of my favorite foods. It is a...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Roughy Recipe
butter,    almond,    pepper,    parsley,    orange roughy,    salt,    lemon juice,    lime juice
This is my favorite fish.
1   Combine butter and almonds in a saucepan and saute almonds until golden-brown.   2   Arrange orange roughy fillets in a single layer in a shallow baking pan.   3   Sprinkle fi...

picture of recipeOrange Baked Chicken Recipe
chicken breast,    tomato paste,    olive oil,    pepper,    orange,    onion,    worcestershire sauce,    salt,    water
My 19 year old Grandson had one word for this Yummy
1   Thinly pare the rind from 1 orange, and cut the rind into thin strips.   2   Grate the rind from the other orange, and squeeze the juice from both....

picture of recipeBaked Bananas A L' Orange Recipe
butter,    cornstarch,    banana,    coconut,    brown sugar,    sugar,    ice cream,    orange juice,    whipped cream
You don't want to miss this treat :)
1   Peel bananas and cut them in half lengthwise and crosswise.   2   Arrange in a shallow buttered baking dish.   3   Combine the cornflour, white sugar and orange...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Salmon Recipe
garlic,    salmon,    soy sauce,    orange juice
Simple, quick, little recipe
1   Mix oj, soy sauce, and garlic.   2   Marinade Salmon for at least 1 hour.   3   Preheat oven to 350°F.   4   Spray glass pan with Pam.   5   Add Salmon fillets and marinad...

picture of recipeOrange Baked Pears Recipe
cornstarch,    pear,    sugar,    orange juice,    lemon juice
Orange Baked Pears Recipe, from the archives of Recipe Ideas
Halve and core pears. Place, cut-side up, in baking dish. Sprinkle   with lemon juice. In small saucepan, mix together cornstarch and 1   jui...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Dessert Recipe
butter,    soft drink,    mandarin,    eggs,    salt,    brown sugar,    sugar,    cream,    flour
This warm dessert is very rich and sweet, but a very nice ending to a lovely winter dinner. Your guests will linger over dessert.
Combine above ingredients together   Pour into 8 by 8 pan (leave ungrea...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Roughy Recipe
butter,    lemon,    shallot,    garlic,    orange roughy,    mustard,    mayonnaise,    bread crumbs
I've been baking fish like this for years. Even with a little butter, it's relatively low fat, especially if you use non fat mayo. The mayo mixture is also quite nice as a dipping sauce for ar...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Roughy Recipe
egg whites,    lemon peel,    curry powder,    white peppercorn,    ginger root,    orange roughy,    fish,    salt,    mayonnaise
This recipe is super easy and works with pretty much any mild white fish.
1   Preheat oven to 350. Lightly grease/spray a 13" x 9" baking dish.   2   Arrange fish fillets side by side in prepar...

picture of recipeBaked Butternut Squash With Orange Recipe
olive oil,    parsley,    orange,    butternut squash,    garlic
1   Preheat oven to 200 C/400 F/Gas 6 Mix the parsley, orange zest and garlic in the orange juice. Cut the squash into 2 cm slices and brush with the olive oil.   2   Place the squash in an ovenproof dis...

picture of recipeBaked Fish With Orange Sauce Recipe
butter,    orange peel,    parsley,    fish,    orange juice
The orange sauce really gives this fish a refreshing taste. An added touch could be slivered almonds.
1   Preheat oven to 400F degrees.   2   Place fish in baking pan.   3   Mix orange juice and butter.   4...

picture of recipeOrange Chess Pie Recipe - Recipe for Orange Chess Pie - Baked Pie Recipe
butter,    cornstarch,    orange,    eggs,    pastry,    sugar,    orange juice,    milk,    flour
Here is a baked pie recipe for Orange Chess Pie.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Combine first set of ingredients with a wire whip. Mix in butter, eggs and milk. Zest the orange. Add the zest to th...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Pecan French Toast Recipe
butter,    pecan,    vanilla,    nutmeg,    eggs,    bread,    sugar,    orange juice,    milk
This is a wonderful treat with easy advance preparation. An elegant breakfast to serve over- night guests. Prep time includes 2 hours chill time. This is a Texas recipe - oranges from the valley, not ...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Roughy Italian-Style Recipe
butter,    romano cheese,    parsley,    dried garlic,    orange roughy,    salt,    parmesan cheese,    bread crumbs
Orange roughy is so good and because it's a very mild fish, you can add bold flavors to it. This is so easy, and really quick to make. If you make your own bread crumbs, just add some Italian seas...

picture of recipeOrange Maple Glazed Baked Salmon Recipe
orange peel,    cornstarch,    pepper,    ginger root,    basil,    orange,    shallot,    salmon,    soy sauce,    maple syrup,    grand marnier
Easter 2007. This recipe was a big hit with my family.
1   If you use dry rind instead of fresh you will need to rehydrate it with orange just for the best results.   2   Wash salmon and pat dry.   3   Com...

picture of recipe Orange Baked Chicken Recipe -
chicken stock,    pepper,    orange,    potato,    carrot,    onion,    celery,    whole chicken,    salt
Slip thin slices of fresh orange under the skin and bake the whole bird with vegetables and broth for a divine, citrusy roast chicken. The prep work can all be done ahead, so a little planning can yie...

picture of recipeOrange-Crumbed Baked Chicken Recipe
chicken thigh,    orange peel,    pepper,    shallot,    mustard,    salt,    crackers,    orange juice
I got this out of the Weight Watchers cookbook, and was surprised when my family dinner was such a hit! It's so yummy! I used chicken breasts and cut them into strips to make these yummy delights ...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Pork Chops recipe
pork chop,    pepper,    orange,    salt,    orange juice,    flour
Baked Orange Pork Chops recipe. Ready In: 90 min. Makes 4 servings, 520 calories per serving Ingredients: pork chops, salt and black pepper, oranges, orange juice, flour, all-purpose
Arrange pork chop...

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Baked Orange Pork Chops Recipe

picture of recipeOrange Baked Chicken Breasts Recipe
chicken breast,    rosemary,    pepper,    paprika,    onion,    orange juice,    flour
From Cooking a la Heart- Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes from the Mankato Heart Health Program, 1988.
1   Place chicken in shallow pan.   2   Sprinkle onion, rosemary, paprika and pepper over chicken.   3...

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Orange Baked Chicken Breasts | BigOven

picture of recipeDelectable Baked Orange Roughy Recipe
butter,    cooking spray,    parsley,    paprika,    lemon,    orange roughy,    vegetable fat spread
I love buttery, lemony white fish so I devised this simple recipe. For this dish, you can use roughy, tilapia, whitefish, halibut.... any nice white fish fillet. And this is a great way for NEWBIES to...

picture of recipe Trout Baked with Orange | BigOven
butter,    orange,    trout,    salt
Try this Trout Baked with Orange recipe, or contribute your own. "Lunch" and "Late" are two of the tags cooks chose for Trout Baked with Orange. - Trout Baked with Orange
1 Cut thr...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Pork Chops Recipe
pork chop,    pepper,    parsley,    mandarin,    onion,    garlic,    salt,    orange juice,    water,    flour
From the book, Heart of the Palms
1   Trim excess fat from chops and rub fat on bottom of heavy skillet to grease.   2   Brown chops on both sides.   3   Remove from skillet and place in heavy 3 quart cass...

picture of recipeBaked Apricot-Orange Chicken Recipe
chicken,    pepper,    dried ginger,    apricot,    orange marmalade,    salt,    brown sugar,    orange juice,    apple juice
One of the things I admire most about the Silver Palate cookbooks is the unusual and savory use of fruit in many of their main dishes. This delicious, succulent chicken is no exception! Sweet and wond...

picture of recipeOrange Rosemary Baked Chicken Recipe
butter,    rosemary,    pepper,    paprika,    onion,    whole chicken,    salt,    orange juice,    flour
This is actually a combination of two different reciepes that I found and wanted to try for a different kind of tasting chicken.
1   Rub chicken with butter then the rosemary, salt, pepper and paprika....

picture of recipeOven Baked Orange Chicken Recipe
butter,    chicken breast,    thyme,    paprika,    salt,    bread crumbs,    honey,    orange juice,    flour
I use to make this all the time until I lost the recipe. Now that I found it, I'm gonna post it so I can always find it. Elegant but simple
1   Heat over to 375.   2   Put chicken in a bowl and pour ...

picture of recipeBaked Chicken With Mandarin Orange Sauce Recipe
chicken breast,    evaporated milk,    cornstarch,    pepper,    basil,    mandarin,    salt,    bread crumbs,    orange juice
a hawaiian recipe , serve with noodles or white rice
Preheat oven to 425 F. Cut chicken pieces in half crosswise. Place milk in shallow bowl; place breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl.   Dip chicken p...

picture of recipeDifferent Baked Beans With Orange Salsa Recipe
baked beans,    cottage cheese,    cumin,    spring onion,    salsa,    orange juice,    sour cream
Very interesting flavor and easy to my add 1/4 cup ripe sliced olives as a garnish on top of the beans just before serving. Cut the recipe in half to serve 2 persons. I used cottage cheese instead of ...

picture of recipe Orange Baked Acorn Squash Recipe -
butter,    acorn squash,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    brown sugar,    orange juice
Baked acorn squash with a buttery orange flavor, accented with nutmeg. Kids love this!
Directions   Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).   Fill a baking dish with about 1/2 inch water. Place s...

picture of recipeBaked Orange Creams Recipe -
egg yolks,    orange,    sugar,    cream
Baked orange creams recipe - Preheat the oven to 160°C. Place the orange rind, juice, egg yolks and 1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar in a food processor and process until combined. Place the thicke...

picture of recipePlantain Baked In Orange Juice Trinidad) Recipe
orange peel,    cooking banana,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    salt,    honey,    brown sugar,    orange juice
the original of this recipe was found on the website.
1   Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, & grease an 8" square baking dish.   2   Peel & slice the plantains, preferrably len...

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