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picture of recipeHamburger Soup Surprise! Recipe
mexican wrap,    cheese soup,    tomato,    burger
I threw this together one day after searching for a good hearty soup recipe that included hamburger, tomatoes and cheese. Mmm so good!
1   Brown the hamburger in a large pot.   2   Stir in the can of che...

picture of recipeSurprise Inside Hamburgers Recipe
teriyaki sauce,    dill pickle,    ground beef,    pepper,    dried onion,    dried garlic,    onion,    tomato,    lettuce,    mustard,    worcestershire sauce,    mayonnaise,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    seasoning,    cheese,    bread
This is a recipe my DH thought of while we were at the lake. I added my little touch to it also.
1   Preheat grill on medium heat.   2   In a bowl combine hamburger meat, Worcestershire sauce, teriyaki s...

picture of recipeHamburger surprise Recipe
hash brown,    ground beef,    mushroom soup
Hamburger cassarole, Toddler Favorite
Brown hamburger and seson to your liking. Place hamsurger in a cassarole dish and mix in cream of mushroom soup. Top cassarole with one even lasayer of tater tots...

picture of recipeCamping Recipes - Hamburger Surprise
pepper,    potato,    carrot,    onion,    salt,    meat
Hamburger Surprise recipe at Camp Recipes is your place to find great camping recipes. Camping never tasted so good.
Slice all the vegetables. Take a sheet of aluminum foil. Place the...

picture of recipeHamburger Surprise Recipe -
provolone,    ground beef,    pineapple,    ham
Grill in front of guests.
Form ground beef into 6 patties.   On 1 pattie - layer 1 pineapple ring, slice of provolone, and 1 thin slice of ham.   Cover with another pattie.   Seal edges.   Grill   Submit A...

picture of recipeHamburger Surprise 2 Recipe -
chicken soup,    pepper,    potato,    onion,    burger,    water
Hamburger Surprise 2 Recipe - Ingredients for this Hamburger Surprise 2 include raw hamburger, onion, sliced inch rings, pepper, sliced, sliced potatoes, cream of chicken soup.
Use casserole dish spra...

picture of recipeHamburger Surprise Pie Recipe by admin |
green pepper,    baking mix,    cottage cheese,    pepper,    mushrooms,    onion,    eggs,    burger,    worcestershire sauce,    salt,    cream
Mix Bisquick and cream to form a thick pie crust in 9 inch pie pan reserve 3 tablespoons. Brown hamburger with salt and pepper add onion mushrooms...
Mix Bisquick and cream to form a thick pie crust i...

picture of recipeHamburger Surprise Recipe by Southern Crockpot |
tomato paste,    garlic salt,    beef stock,    ground beef,    pepper,    onion,    noodles,    cream cheese,    water
Cook noodles according to package directions adding beef bouillon cubes to boiling water drain. Place noodles in a greased 2 quart casserole. Combine beef...
Cook noodles according to package directio...

picture of recipeDanish Surprise Hamburgers Recipe by chef tim lee |
butter,    ground beef,    pepper,    onion,    tomato,    mustard,    salt,    cheese
MAKING 1. In a skillet melt 1 tablespoon of the butter. 2. Saute the onions in the hot butter until soft and golden. 3. Take the pan off the heat and set...
MAKING   1. In a skillet, melt 1 tablespoon ...

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