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picture of recipeHoney Almond Briouats Recipe
butter,    orange flower water,    phyllo pastry,    marzipan,    almond,    honey,    almond essence
A Moroccan delight! Delicious with hot sweetened cardamom infused coffee after dinner or as a snack with a cold glass of milk mixed with a splash of orange flower water. They look impressive enough to...

picture of recipeAmlou Recipe - Moroccan Dip of Almonds, Honey and Argan Oil
argan oil,    almond,    salt,    honey,    sugar
Amlou is a delicious Moroccan dip made from toasted almonds, argan oil and honey. It's very easy to make, and usually served for breakfast or tea time.
Preheat an oven to 375° F (190...

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Amlou Recipe

picture of recipeChocolate Fondue L'afrique Recipe
vanilla extract,    chocolate,    amarula,    whipped cream
Enjoy this easy-to-make, elegant chocolate dessert fondue starring South Africa's famous butterscotch-flavored Amarula liqueur that's distilled from the fruit of the amarula or 'elephant t...

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Chocolate Fondue L'Afrique Recipe -

picture of recipeEasy Homemade Ricotta Cheese Recipe
salt,    lemon juice,    creme freche,    cream,    milk
Making your own fresh cheese is quicker and easier than you think.
Combine the milk, cream and salt in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil then immediately remove the pan from the heat. Stir in t...

picture of recipeRich Tea Scones Recipe
butter,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
These are absolutely the best for a Saturday afternoon tea-time treat! Serve with a good jam or preserve topped with whipped cream or just plain with a little butter.
1   Sift dry ingredients together....

picture of recipeKoushary Recipe
butter,    oil,    salt,    rice,    pasta,    water
I have not tried this side dish yet but I am longing to do so . The recipe was in Sunday Life. Apparently koushary is commonly sold as street food in Egypt and often includes tomato and lentils.
1   He...

picture of recipeMandazi African Breakfast Pastry) Recipe
butter,    eggs,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
This is a delicious donut-like pastry. Serve them warm for breakfast with a nice hot cup of chai.
1   Mix all the ingredients together, adding more flour if necessary. The dough should be soft, but not...

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Liberian Pound Cake

picture of recipeMoroccan Crusted Tilapia With Mango And Cilantro Recipe
canola oil,    pepper,    coriander,    cumin,    mango,    tilapia,    salt
Easy fry! Try it!
mix spread the coriander and cumin evenly on top of tilapia fillets. dash with salt and pepper. fry until golden brown. top with cubed mango and cilantro. serve with hot white rice. ...

picture of recipeHomemade Warqa Recipe - Homemade Brick Pastry
durum flour,    gluten flour,    semolina,    oil,    salt,    water
Try this easy method for making homemade warqa, which can be used to make bastillas, briouats and sweet pastries.
1. Process the warqa ingredients together in a food processor or blender for one or tw...

picture of recipeDukkah Recipe
pistachio,    macadamia nut,    almond,    sesame seed,    pepper,    coriander seed,    cumin,    salt
Dukkah (pronounced 'do -kah') is an Egyptian blend of coarsely ground nuts and spices. Use it in Recipe#304556 or by dipping bread in extra virgin olive oil then into the dukkah. Or use dukkah...

picture of recipeSpicy Roasted Plums Diabetic) Recipe
cooking spray,    almond,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    cumin,    cardamom,    plum,    brown sugar,    pineapple juice,    apple juice,    sour cream
Another delicious recipes that will please diners whether or not they are diabetic. With a few ingredients, plums are transformed into an elegant and flavorful dessert. This recipe comes from a specia...

picture of recipeSpiced Preserved Lemons Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    bay leaf,    lemon,    salt
Posting for ZWT North African
1   Wash and scrub 4 of the lemons thoroughly. Cut them lengthwise into quarters from the tip to within 1/2 inch of the stem end, so the quarters stay together at one end....

picture of recipePetite Fekkas with Anise and Sesame
butter,    orange flower water,    oil,    sesame seed,    anise,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    flour
These tiny Moroccan cookies are flavored with anise and sesame seeds.
Mix the egg, sugar, butter, oil, orange flower water, salt and baking powder in a bowl. Add the flour, anise seeds and sesame seed...

picture of recipeViennese Biscuits with Chocolate - Sablés Viennois
butter,    cornstarch,    vanilla,    salt,    sugar,    dark chocolate,    flour
These light, buttery sables are shaped with pastry bag and fluted tip. Shortbread-like in texture, they're delicious plain or dipped in chocolate.
Beat the butter, powdered sugar, salt and vanilla...

picture of recipeMaandazi (East African Doughnuts) - Recipe #5009 - Foodgeeks
oil,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    flour
Try this recipe for Maandazi (East African Doughnuts) on
Mix together the dry ingredients. Mix in egg and milk until well blended. Roll out as for a jelly roll to approximately 3/4-inch ...

picture of recipeShrimp With Arugula Couscous
olive oil,    pepper,    lemon,    garlic,    garden rocket,    shrimp,    salt,    cous cous
Shrimp With Arugula Couscous
Prepare the couscous according to the package directions and fluff with a fork.   Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garl...

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Shrimp with Arugula Couscous Recipe |

picture of recipeDelicate Shortcrust Pastry Recipe
butter,    cornstarch,    salt,    cream of tartar,    water,    flour
1   Sift together the flour, cornstarch (sugar if using) and salt.   2   Rub in the butter until it resembles fine crumbs (can be done in a processor; use high speed).   3   Dissolve the cream of tartar in...

picture of recipeGoat Cheese Spread with Honey and Almonds - Moroccan Style Goat Cheese Dip
orange flower water,    goat's cheese,    almond,    cloves,    cinnamon,    cardamom,    crackers,    bread,    honey
A goat cheese dip inspired by the flavors and aromas of Nisrine Merzouki's native Morocco.
In a saucepan, warm the honey with the orange flower water, cinnamon, ground cloves and cardamom over low...

picture of recipeSouth African Melktert Milktart) Recipe
cake flour,    vanilla extract,    cinnamon,    eggs,    salt,    crackers,    vegetable fat spread,    sugar,    almond essence,    milk
This is a wonderfully thick and flavourful milk custard set in a crust. A traditional tart which is loved by young and old alike. Children especially love the filling as a dessert.
1   Heat 3 cups of m...

picture of recipeWicklewood's Crunchy Falafel Gluten Free) Recipe
sunflower oil,    sesame seed,    parsley,    mint,    coriander seed,    red chili,    cumin,    chickpea,    spring onion,    garlic,    eggs,    seasoning
A delicious falafel that is always a favourite as a quick snack or part of a main meal, and of course naturally gluten free. To make them even healthier they can be baked in an 180c oven for 5-20 mins...

picture of recipeRoasted vegetables with couscous - Couscous entree recipe - Roast veggie couscous recipe - Vegetaria
feta cheese,    yellow/orange bell pepper,    red bell pepper,    olive oil,    pepper,    yellow squash,    garlic,    zucchini/courgette,    balsamic vinegar,    salt,    seasoning,    cous cous
An assortment of oven-roasted vegetables paired with couscous and dressed in a simple Italian vinaigrette for an easy full vegetarian meal.
Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.   Prepare couscous according t...

picture of recipeHomemade Mashed Potato Recipe - Puré de Batata
butter,    pepper,    paprika,    cayenne pepper,    cumin,    potato,    onion,    celery,    salt,    milk
This is an easy homemade mashed potato recipe. In Morocco, mashed potatoes are called Puré de Batata, or sometimes simply Puré.
Peel and wash the potatoes.   In a large pot, cover the potato...

picture of recipeMoroccan Spiced Coffee Recipe
pepper,    cinnamon,    cumin,    sugar,    coffee,    milk,    water
Tea often comes to mind when people think of Morocco, but the Moroccans also love coffee. This version is very milky and sweet, with only a mild coffee taste but some interesting spices you might not ...

picture of recipeBrains in Preserved Lemon Sauce - Moroccan Mokh Recipe
chili dried/powder,    olive oil,    oil,    parsley,    paprika,    coriander leaf,    coriander,    cumin,    lemon,    garlic,    salt
Brains (mokh) are simmered in a sauce with paprika, cumin, garlic and preserved lemons.
Rinse the brains. Remove the clear, blood-tinged membrane which covers the brains and rinse the brains well agai...

picture of recipeQuick Yeast Bread Recipe
yeast,    oil,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour
If you don't have a bread machine, this is the easiest yeast dough recipe by far. There is no overbearing yeast flavour and it is a good dense bread. Please note: time to make includes rising time...

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Peppy's Pita Bread Recipe
Sfenj Recipe - Moroccan Doughnuts or Fritters
Sfenj Recipe

picture of recipeFinjan Kirfee Healthy Spice Drink Recipe
walnut,    pine nut,    ginger root,    cloves,    cinnamon,    anise,    sugar,    water
(Pronounced Fi-yan ki-fee) (short i sounds) An Arabic Drink.
1   Combine spices to water and boil until water turns dark   2   Pour into cups, add sugar (to taste) and add a walnut to each cup.   // when ...

picture of recipeFresh Strawberries with Yogurt - Fresh Strawberry Dessert
vanilla extract,    strawberry,    sugar,    vanilla yogurt
When fresh strawberries are in season, try serving them mixed with yogurt for an easy, refreshing dessert.
Wash and slice the strawberries. Gently mix the sliced strawberries with the yogurt, sugar an...

picture of recipePatates Frites - Belgian Fries, French Fries Cooked the Belgian Way
oil,    potato,    salt
Moroccans serve French fries (frites) with meat, fish, chicken and sandwiches. Here's how to make twice-fried Belgian style fries (patates frites).
Peel and cut the potatoes into sticks 1/4...

picture of recipeTzipi's Egyptian Ground Fish Rolls Recipe
tomato sauce,    matzah meal,    olive oil,    oil,    cayenne pepper,    cumin,    garlic,    fish,    eggs,    salt,    lemon juice,    water
I got this recipe from Tzipi Amiri, who helps run the Israel-food discussion list on Yahoo.
1   In a food processor, puree the fish, garlic, matza meal, eggs, cumin, salt and cayenne until the mixture ...

picture of recipeSouth African Brandy Squares Recipe
butter,    bicarbonate of soda,    nuts,    vanilla,    date,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    brandy,    water,    flour
This is a South African recipe. It is moist and simply delicious with cream. To change the flavour of the dessert, use orange liqueur instead of brandy.
1   Preheat oven to 350°F.   2   In a large b...

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South African Brandy Squares - Recipe #20886 - Foodgeeks

picture of recipeKoeksisters Recipe
butter,    oil,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    milk,    water,    flour
This is a traditional South African dessert. These very addictive treats are not for people who are conscious of weight or sugar intake! These freeze fantastically well and are thus a great lifesaver ...

picture of recipeKeftas - Morocco Recipe
hot sauce,    ground beef,    thyme,    oregano,    mint,    cumin,    onion,    salt
Simple to make. Serve with a spicy Moroccan tomato sauce.
1   Clean and finely chop the mint.   2   Mix all the ingredients really thoroughly in a big bowl.   3   Form meatballs with your hands, not too bi...

picture of recipeMoroccan Style Almond Milk
orange flower water,    almond,    honey,    sugar,    rose syrup,    water
This natural, healthy beverage is flavored with orange flower water.
Place the almonds in a bowl and cover with tap water. Leave the nuts to soak overnight or the better part of a day. Drain, rinse an...

picture of recipeSpicy Orange Chicken With Cucumber Couscous Recipe
chicken breast,    red pepper,    olive oil,    pepper,    parsley,    cherry,    cucumber,    orange marmalade,    red wine vinegar,    salt,    cous cous,    orange juice
Get the recipe for Spicy Orange Chicken With Cucumber Couscous.
Cook the couscous according to the package directions. Spread on a plate and let cool.   Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a lar...

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Spicy Orange Chicken with Cucumber Couscous Recipe from LMStone61 |

picture of recipeMoroccan Batbout (Pita) Recipe - Mkhamer, Toghrift, Matlou'
yeast,    semolina,    oil,    wholewheat flour,    salt,    sugar,    water,    flour
Batbout (also known as mkhamer, toghrift and matlou') is a soft Moroccan bread that is cooked stove-top. Like Middle Eastern pita bread, it has a pocket that can be stuffed with sandwich fillings....

picture of recipeSteamed Artichokes - How to Steam Artichokes
bay leaf,    lemon,    garlic,    artichoke,    salt
Steamed artichokes can be served with vinaigrette, flavored mayonnaise or Hollandaise sauce. They make an easy, delicious appetizer or starter.
Fill a pot or pressure cooker about 1/3 full with water....

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Steamed Artichoke Recipe

picture of recipe Beghrir (Moroccan Pancakes) Recipe -
butter,    orange flower water,    yeast,    semolina,    eggs,    salt,    baking powder,    honey,    sugar,    milk,    water,    flour
Semolina gives these exotic yeast pancakes a light, lacy texture, and the thousands of tiny holes catch the sweet honey and butter sauce with optional orange blossom. Substitute rosewater flavor if yo...

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Beghrir Recipe

picture of recipeMoroccan Vermicelli Pudding - Chaariya bil Halib (Broken Vermcicelli with Milk)
butter,    orange flower water,    cinnamon,    salt,    pasta,    sugar,    milk
This quick, easy Moroccan dessert is flavored with orange flower water and cinnamon.
In a large pot, bring the milk, butter, sugar, and salt to a boil. Stir in the broken vermicelli. Simmer gently for...

picture of recipeAlmond Briouat Recipe - Almond Braewats, Moroccan Fried Pastries with Almonds and Honey
butter,    egg yolks,    orange flower water,    oil,    almond,    mastic,    cinnamon,    salt,    honey,    sugar
A popular and delicious Moroccan pastry filled with almond paste and dipped in honey.
Blanch and peel the almonds . Leave to dry thoroughly before proceeding.   Fry half of the blanched almonds . (Leav...

picture of recipeKaak d'Essaouira - - Moroccan Cookie with Anise, Sesame and Orange Flower Water
orange flower water,    oil,    vanilla,    sesame seed,    anise,    salt,    baking powder,    sugar,    water,    flour
This crunchy vegan Moroccan cookie takes its name from the coastal city of Essaouira. The egg free dough is flavored with sesame, anise and orange flower water.
Mix the dry ingredients together in a b...

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