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picture of recipeSue's Roast Lamb Recipe -
butter,    lamb leg,    rosemary,    garlic,    eggs,    bread crumbs,    honey
Sue's roast lamb recipe - Preheat oven to 200°C. Use a sharp knife to butterfly lamb leg to open out flat. Melt butter and honey in a saucepan over low heat until well combined. Place bre...

picture of recipeSlow-roasted Lamb Shoulder Recipe -
lamb shoulder,    redcurrant jelly,    red onion,    pancetta,    olive oil,    sage,    currant (zante),    carrot,    garlic,    green beans,    bacon,    bread crumbs
Slow-roasted lamb shoulder recipe - Preheat oven to 180°C. Place currants into a heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water. Stand for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, heat 1 1/2 tablespoons of oil in a f...

picture of recipeCardamom Honey Roasted Chicken Recipe
chicken breast,    olive oil,    pepper,    peppercorn,    cardamom,    lemon,    whole chicken,    salt,    honey,    sherry
The original recipe is courtesy of BeesOnline located just outside of Auckland. The original was good but this is a little more amplified in flavor. The results are an amazing combination of sweet and...

picture of recipeTraditional Lamb Roast Recipe - Recipe for Roast Lamb - Sunday Roast Recipes
lamb leg,    olive oil,    rosemary,    mint,    sweet potato,    potato,    onion,    garlic,    salt
A succulent and simple lamb roast recipe - one of Australia and New Zealand's favorite ways to enjoy lamb.
Preheat the oven to 290F.   Cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes into inch-thick slices. Cu...

picture of recipeRoast Mini Lamb Rump With Beetroot And Lentils Recipe -
red onion,    beef stock,    olive oil,    thyme,    lentil,    beetroot,    garlic,    spinach,    garden rocket,    kale,    lamb
Roast mini lamb rump with beetroot and lentils recipe - Preheat oven to 220°C. Combine beetroot, onion, garlic and half the thyme with 1/4 cup (60ml) oil and mix well. Arrange on an oven tray ...

picture of recipeClove Orange Silverside Corned Beef Slow Cooker Crock Pot Recipe
beef silverside,    corned beef,    golden syrup,    cloves,    orange,    balsamic vinegar,    brown sugar,    water
This is one of my Mum's delicacies. Dad actually taught her how to make it, but now she has taken over and handed it down :) Really has restaurant quality, exotic flavours! I hope you enjoy as muc...

picture of recipeLamb Roast With Vegetables Recipe -
lamb leg,    olive oil,    pepper,    parsley,    onion,    garlic,    green beans,    zucchini/courgette,    tomato,    balsamic vinegar,    salt,    brown sugar
Lamb roast with vegetables recipe - Preheat oven to 200°C. Remove packaging and place in a pan. Cook for 5 mins. Reduce to 180°C and cook for a further 50 mins. Cover with foil and res...

picture of recipePolynesian Roast Beef For Crock Pot Recipe
browning sauce,    green pepper,    beef stock,    cornstarch,    pepper,    dried ginger,    pineapple,    onion,    garlic,    beef,    soy sauce,    salt,    brown sugar,    flour
This is a recipe I found on Taste of Home Site. Adding it here for the ZWT Pacific Island Region. Here is the intro for the recipe: This easy and delicious recipe came from my sister and has been a fa...

recipes with the same ingredients...
Polynesian Roast Beef Recipe | Taste of Home

picture of recipeBeef Pot Roast In Crock Pot Slow Cooker Recipe
beef topside,    gravy,    chicken stock,    beef stock,    oil,    pepper,    onion,    celery,    beef,    salt,    stock or broth,    water,    flour
This is my first roast in a crock pot, I didn't get to try this as I don't eat red meat but the family enjoyed the beef and so did our dinner guest. I served it with Recipe #192237 and steam b...

picture of recipeRoast Chicken Recipe - Recipe for Roast Chicken - Sunday Roast Recipe
butter,    chicken,    lemon peel,    olive oil,    thyme,    rosemary,    pepper,    parsley,    lemon,    sweet potato,    potato,    onion,    garlic,    salt
A succulent organic, free-range chicken roasted with a garlic herbed butter -- an ideal dish for family gatherings.
Preheat the oven to 450F.   In a bowl, soften the butter with a fork and add the chop...

picture of recipePot-roasted Chicken Recipe -
butter,    chicken,    pancetta,    chicken stock,    olive oil,    thyme,    parsley,    nutmeg,    cloves,    bay leaf,    parsnip,    onion,    garlic,    bread crumbs,    cream,    milk
Pot-roasted chicken recipe - Preheat oven to 200C. To make the garlic and parsley butter: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and season. Carefully lift the skin of the chicken away from the flesh using...

picture of recipePerfect Roast Chicken Recipe
butter,    lemon,    garlic,    whole chicken,    salt
great for the beginner cook !!
1   Preheat oven to 375 F.   2   Place a rack in a shallow roasting pan, lightly spray with oil.   3   Sprinkle garlic and 1/4 tsp salt into cavity of chicken.   4   Stuff cavi...

picture of recipeSpiced Orange Roast Chicken Recipe
chicken thigh,    olive oil,    turmeric,    coriander seed,    chives,    cumin,    orange,    garlic,    honey,    orange juice
Pop this one-dish wonder in the oven for Sunday lunch and you'll be able to relax while it becomes infused with a delicious citrus flavour. I'd probably whisk the juice mixture together before...

picture of recipeSlow Roasted Beef Recipe
olive oil,    oregano,    lemon,    beef
a Masterchef recipe.
1   Preheat oven to 160°C or 140°C fan.   2   Mix together oil, lemon juice and oregano in a large bowl.   3   Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add beef and turn to coat...

picture of recipePolynesian Crown Roast Recipe by Meat Bible |
butter,    curry powder,    thyme,    parsley,    onion,    celery,    pork,    relish/chutney,    salt,    rice,    flour
MAKING 1 Into a shallow baking pan place the roast with the rib ends facing up 2 Using foil wrap up the bones to prevent them from burning while roasting...
MAKING   1) Into a shallow baking pan, place...

picture of recipePolynesian Pot Roast Recipe by Beef Chef |
beef chuck steak,    cornstarch,    basil,    pineapple,    garlic,    soy sauce,    fat,    brown sugar,    lemon juice,    water,    flour
Trim excess fat from meat. Coat meat with flour. In Dutch oven brown meat on all sides in hot shortening. Drain pineapple reserving juice. Mix reserved...
Trim excess fat from meat.   Coat meat with fl...

picture of recipePolynesian Roast Stuffed Loin Of Pork Recipe by admin |
butter,    pork loin,    curry powder,    pepper,    apricot,    apple,    onion,    celery,    salt,    bread,    vegetable fat spread,    icing,    apple juice
Have butcher crack rib bones. Cut between ribs to form pockets for stuffing. Melt butter in skillet. Add curry powder onion and celery and cook until...
Have butcher crack rib bones.   Cut between ribs...

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