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picture of recipeSesame Rice Recipe
peanut oil,    sesame seed,    lime,    rice,    lime juice
Asian style rice flavoured with toasted Sesame seeds,peanut oil and lime..
Combine all ingredients in a bowl   Lightly tossing through   Serve with Asain greens or your favorite Asain dish.   And wedge o...

picture of recipeNo-pot Sushi Onigiri Rice Recipe
butter,    pepper,    salt,    rice vinegar,    rice,    water
For all those whom think you need "instant rice" for mediocre but quick rice in the microwave, I say, "HA!" and give you great non-instant rice that's quick.

picture of recipeSimple Japanese White Rice Recipe
rice,    water
This recipe is by Maggie Ruggiero in Gourmet magazine. Knowing that every Japanese cook would have strong opinions on the preparation of white rice, Ruggiero counted on her friend Ryuji Inoue, origina...

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Sushi Rice Recipe from DebbieMo |
Basic Japanese White Rice Recipe |
Okayu Rice Porridge Recipe
Easy Rice Recipe Video by thedailyenglishshow |

picture of recipePork Fried Rice
green pepper,    garlic salt,    chicken stock,    oil,    carrot,    onion,    eggs,    pork,    ham,    soy sauce,    rice
A recipe to make pork fried rice.
Heat 1 tsp of oil in a wok or a large skillet on high heat. Put eggs in the wok and scramble very quickly. Stop the heat and remove the eggs from the wok into a plate...

picture of recipePasta With 3 Soybean Kids Recipe
miso,    pepper,    edamame,    salt,    soft tofu,    pasta,    milk
When you find left-over edamame beans after your keg parties, just try this hybrid pasta recipe with edamame, tofu and miso sauce. The miso paste here, white one is better for brighter color of sauce ...

picture of recipeBBC - Food - Recipes : Perfect pasta
chicken breast,    sesame seed oil,    spring onion,    sweetcorn,    broccoli,    soy sauce,    rice vinegar,    pasta,    honey
Recipe uses 200g/7oz pasta shapes, 175g/6oz broccoli, 2 chicken breasts, cooked, 4 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp sesame...
Cook the pasta shapes according to the packet ins...

picture of recipe Omu-rice | BigOven
chicken breast,    pepper,    mushrooms,    onion,    garlic,    eggs,    salt,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    rice,    cheese,    brown sugar
Omellette rice with ketchup - Omu-rice
Prepare rice   Chop ingredients   Fry ingredients   Add rice into wok   Notes   Serve with ketchup and cheese on top   Food Glossary   Learn more about the ingredients ...

picture of recipeBrown Rice With Miso Rice Cooker) Recipe
brown rice,    miso,    vegetable stock,    ginger root,    lemon juice,    water
From The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. You may use short, medium, or long grain brown rice in this dish. The authors call for a 6 cup rice cooker, but I've had no problem using a 3 cup model. Coo...

picture of recipeGreen Tea Rice Recipe
vegetables,    sesame seed,    ginger root,    spring onion,    garlic,    rice,    green tea
This is from the July/August 2009 Vegetarian Times. They recommend serving with low-sodium soy sauce and chili oil. Posted for safekeeping.
1   Place tea bags in a 4 c measuring cup and cover with 3 c ...

picture of recipeCrisp Sushi-Rice Cakes Recipe | Kitchen Daily
oil,    salt,    rice vinegar,    mirin,    rice,    sugar,    water
In a medium saucepan, combine the rice, water, mirin, vinegar and sugar and bring to a boil. Cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Fluff the rice. Transfer to a bowl and let cool. Season with s...

picture of recipeMaki Sushi Rice Rice Cooker) Recipe
salt,    rice vinegar,    mirin,    rice,    sugar
This is my recipe for sushi rice. Makes quite a bit- will make 5 nori sheets worth (which makes 10 nori rolls the same size as you get from the sushi shop!). Aussie cup size (250ml) used.
1   Rinse the...

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Sushi Rice Made In Bamboo Steamer Recipe

picture of recipeSteamed Rice Recipe by Western Chefs |
butter,    salt,    rice,    water
Steamed Rice is a delicious main course meal recipe that you would love to prepare for your family. Try this Steamed Rice I am sure you will have a huge...
1. Combine the rice, water, salt and butter ...

picture of recipeOnigiri Rice Balls) Recipe
sesame seed,    nori,    salmon,    salt,    rice
My family looovess these rice balls and they are often requested at get togethers. A simple recipe. It can be served as an entree with the salmon or the salmon can be left out. Make sure to wet your h...

picture of recipeSalmon Fried Rice
sesame seed oil,    pepper,    spring onion,    onion,    salmon,    soy sauce,    salt,    rice
A recipe to make fried rice with salmon.
Heat sesame oil in a large skillet or wok. Stir-fry onion on medium heat until it's almost clear. Add salmon and stir-fry together. Add rice and stir-fry u...

picture of recipeOnigiri Japanese Rice Balls) Recipe
umeboshi,    seaweed,    plum,    nori,    salt,    rice
Like Nori rolls but triangular.
1   Cook the rice.   2   Keep it warm, but let it cool enough so that it won't burn your hands.   3   Cut each nori sheet into 9 strips.   4   Wet your hands and sprinkle ...

picture of recipePan-fried Rice Cake
soy sauce,    rice,    sugar,    flour
A recipe to make pan-fried rice cakes.
Put leftover rice in a bowl.   Sprinkle flour over the rice.   Knead the rice by hand well.   Shape rice into small, round, and flat pieces.   Heat 1 Tbsp vegetable ...

picture of recipeJapanese Fried Rice
butter,    pepper,    peas,    carrot,    onion,    eggs,    soy sauce,    salt,    rice
1. Cook rice following instructions on package (Bring 2 cups water to a boil, add rice and a dash of salt, reduce heat and simmer in covered saucepan for 20 minutes). Pour rice into a large bowl to le...

picture of recipeGlo's Sausage Fried Rice Recipe
oil,    pepper,    peas,    carrot,    spring onion,    bean sprouts,    cabbage,    eggs,    sausage,    soy sauce,    rice
This is an easy to prepare fried rice dished passed down by my Japanese mother. You won't find anything like it in the restaurants. Every time we have a family get-together or a covered dish lunch...

picture of recipeJapanese Style Ume Shiso Pasta Recipe
butter,    umeboshi,    perilla,    salt,    mirin,    pasta,    sugar
This style of pasta is very popular in Japan. You can find packaged ume/shiso flavorings for pasta, but nothing beats the homemade version. The first part of this recipe consists of making sweetened u...

picture of recipeJapanese Rice With Salted Peanuts And Scallions Recipe
peanut oil,    peanut,    pepper,    spring onion,    salt,    rice
this is a great side dish, slightly different from the other one here. Japanese rice is a short grain rice often called sushi rice. You can substitute arborio
1   Lightly rinse the rice in a sieve unti...

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Japanese Rice with Salted Peanuts and Scallions

picture of recipeJapanese Rice Balls (Onigiri) Recipe
umeboshi,    plum,    nori,    salmon,    salt,    rice
Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes at SparkRecipes. Plus use our free recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat, and protein in your recipes.
Rinse salmon and pat dry with a paper tow...

picture of recipeJapanese Sushi Rice Recipe by SLPAULSON |
seaweed,    nori,    salt,    rice,    sugar,    water
Japanese sushi rice is the best tasting kind of rice. Plus it s very usefull because it s so sticky. I use white or brown rice. In a saucepan combine the...
In a saucepan, combine the water, salt, sug...

picture of recipeRoasted Rice Balls Onigiri Yaki) Recipe
miso,    soy sauce,    rice,    sake
These are so yummy! I haven't tried the miso one (yet! But once I get my paws on some miso paste. . .), but the soy sauce ones are fantastic. This is fairly typical bar food in Japan from what I h...

picture of recipeTeriyaki Lamb With Sesame Rice Recipe -
lamb leg,    peanut oil,    sesame seed,    chives,    carrot,    rice
Teriyaki lamb with sesame rice recipe - Pour marinade into a shallow ceramic dish. Add lamb. Turn to coat. Cover. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or overnight if time permits. Preheat oven to 200...

picture of recipeOnigiri - Plain Japanese Rice Balls Recipe
garlic,    salt,    rice,    water
For those of you who just want a simple side dish that goes with any meal, these plain onigiri (rice balls) are sure to be an instant hit!
Place the rice in a large bowl and fill it with 2 cups of co...

picture of recipeJapanese Rice Recipe by the instructor |
salt,    rice,    water
Put rice in a heavy deep pan which has a tight fitting lid. Add cold water and salt Japanese don t use it cover and soak for 1 to 2 hours. Set over high...
Put rice in a heavy, deep pan which has a ti...

picture of recipeYakisoba Recipe
beef steak,    vegetables,    oil,    pepper,    salt,    noodles
1   Cut semi-frozen steak into thin bite size pieces and stir-fry over medium heat until thoroughly browned, heat 2 quarts water to rapid boil while stir-frying meat.   2   Add 1 to 2 seasoning packets o...

picture of recipeTeriyaki Chicken And Rice Recipe
chicken,    teriyaki sauce,    chicken stock,    cashew,    ginger root,    carrot,    sweetcorn,    orange marmalade,    rice
An easy and delicious meal to satisfy tour Chinese food cravings.
1   Heat oven to 375*.   2   Spray 13x9 inch glass baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. In sprayed baking dish, combine carrots, rice...

picture of recipePork With Miso Bok Choy And Rice Recipe
miso,    olive oil,    pepper,    spring onion,    bok choy,    pork,    salt,    water
Another easy meal, my "fast food" for my lazy saturday afternoon
Mix miso with water, marinade pork for 10 minutes   with olive oil, saute spring onion until fragant add pork, stir fry until ...

picture of recipeSpicy Tofu Sushi Recipe
chili flavored oil,    nori,    spring onion,    mayonnaise,    firm tofu,    rice,    black sesame seeds
High protein sushi rolls which are not too high in fat. The yield and measurements are estimates as sometimes I make this into thin sushi, sometimes futomaki, sometimes sushi layers. This mixture can ...

picture of recipeTuna With Wasabi Noodles Recipe
wasabi,    lemon,    spring onion,    garden rocket,    tuna,    soy sauce,    noodles
Heat up a mid-week meal with a touch of wasabi.
1   Heat a griddle or non-stick pan and, when very hot, add the tuna and sear on each side; 2 minutes for rare, 4 minutes for medium.   2   Cook the noodle...

picture of recipeChahan - Japanese Fried Rice Recipe
olive oil,    pepper,    carrot,    spring onion,    eggs,    bacon,    soy sauce,    salt,    rice,    sake
My friend's mom owns a yakiniku resteraunt but she also cooks various other foods. This is her chahan recipe. She really uses chashaorou (chaashuu) but I don't know the word in English, but sh...

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Easy Chahan - Japanese Fried Rice Recipe

picture of recipe Citrus Chicken and Rice Teriyaki | BigOven
chicken breast,    teriyaki sauce,    peanut oil,    walnut,    sesame seed,    dried ginger,    orange,    lemon,    rice
Try this Citrus Chicken and Rice Teriyaki recipe, or contribute your own. "Grains" and "Poultry" are two of the tags cooks chose for Citrus Chicken and Rice Teriyaki. - Citrus Chic...

picture of recipeGinger Rice Balls Recipe
sesame seed,    ginger root,    rice
Ginger Rice Balls is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Ginger Rice Balls by following this easy recipe.
Prepare sushi cakes by using a rice mould.   • Make a hole in the sushi cake ...

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Ginger Rice Balls Recipe

picture of recipeSoba Noodles Recipe
chili flavored oil,    sesame seed oil,    sesame seed,    spring onion,    balsamic vinegar,    soy sauce,    noodles,    pasta,    sugar
This is my aunt's recipe. It makes a ton! Good for potlucks. (Soba noodles are Japanese buckwheat noodles)
1   Cook, drain and rinse noodles.   2   Add sauce, stir and let soak in.   3   Sprinkle with ...

picture of recipeTeriyaki Chicken And Noodles Recipe
chicken breast,    teriyaki sauce,    chili dried/powder,    sesame seed oil,    oil,    carrot,    spring onion,    noodles
We really enjoy this simple stir-fry. I usually add minced garlic, minced ginger, and any other veggies I happen to have on hand, so it never seems to come out the same way twice. From Bon Appetit, Ma...

picture of recipeWasabi Asian Noodles Recipe
sesame seed oil,    wasabi,    sesame seed,    dried ginger,    carrot,    spring onion,    garlic,    soy sauce,    mirin,    noodles
This Japanese style salad is designed as a side salad, almost a garnish, in which a little goes a long way.
1   After draining the noodles during the cooking of them, mix the noodles with the sesame oi...

picture of recipeGinger Soba Noodles Recipe
red bell pepper,    sesame seed oil,    canola oil,    ginger root,    carrot,    spring onion,    soy sauce,    rice vinegar,    firm tofu,    noodles,    sugar
This is a delicious cold salad inspired by the sesame noodles served at my favorite deli. It can be served as a side dish or a healthy, vegan main course. The 4 servings listed are for small main cour...

picture of recipeJapanese Mushroom, Chestnut Butternut Squash Pilaf Recipe
chestnut,    shiitake mushroom,    vegetable stock,    sesame seed,    butternut squash,    soy sauce,    mirin,    rice
Delicious vegetarian recipe from Olive Magazine. You can use any type of mushroom you like, although the Japanese ones may give better flavor. The pre-cooked vacuum packed chestnuts work perfectly in ...

picture of recipeSoba Noodles with Swiss Chard–Miso Pesto Recipe - CHOW
seaweed,    miso,    oil,    pepper,    nori,    carrot,    garlic,    swiss chard,    salt,    rice vinegar,    noodles
Recipes, cooking techniques, and news, updated daily. - devoted to the pleasure of food and drink.
Bring a large pot of heavily salted water to a boil over high heat. Meanwhile, trim the ends...

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