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picture of recipe Brisket Marinade Recipe -
onion salt,    liquid smoke,    garlic salt,    pepper,    celery,    worcestershire sauce,    red wine
A smoky, salty marinade for a 3 to 4 pound brisket. Marinade is good for oven-baked or grilled brisket.
Directions   In a medium bowl, combine wine, Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke. Stir in celer...

picture of recipeMustard Balsamic Chicken Marinade Recipe
paprika,    garlic,    mustard,    balsamic vinegar,    lemon juice
This came from a friend of mine. Its really easy to put together and delicious.
1   Combine all ingredients together.   2   Let chicken marinate for at least 30 minutes.   3   Grill.   // when document is r...

picture of recipeMarinade For Lamb Shoulder Chops Recipe
lamb shoulder,    olive oil,    rosemary,    pepper,    garlic,    salt,    white wine
Simple one with only 4 ingredients: oil, garlic, white wine and rosemary. From one of my many community cookbooks. This is per 2 chops so adjust accordingly if necessary.
1   Combine first 4 ingredient...

picture of recipeE.T.'s Honey Marinade (Meat)
paprika,    lemon,    garlic,    poultry,    soy sauce,    honey
Everyone in our neighborhood in Israel knows to call E.T. with marinade questions. I like E.T.'s Honey Marinade best on boneless chicken thighs (pargiot in Hebrew), but E.T. says this marinade wor...

picture of recipeShotgun Marinade Vegetables - Cowboy Side Dish Recipes from
cherry pepper,    oil,    vanilla,    peas,    onion,    celery,    green beans,    vinegar,    salt,    sugar
Looking for cowboy and western Side Dish recipes? Try this Shotgun Marinade Vegetables recipe. YES! Alan's Kitchen has a large collection of favorite cowboy and western recipes that you're sur...

picture of recipeLemon Sherry Marinade Recipe
lemon peel,    oil,    lemon,    onion,    garlic,    sherry
Was looking for a chicken marinade and came across one by our own Tish. It seemed great but not quite what I wanted. I re-invented the recipe to this one with thanks to Tish for the idea.(Cooking time...

picture of recipeHerbal Steak Marinade Recipe
beef flank steak,    olive oil,    pepper,    parsley,    marjoram,    bay leaf,    onion,    garlic,    salt,    lemon juice
I copied this recipe so long ago that I have different handwriting now!
1   Mix the ingredients listed above in a bowl , except for the steak.   2   Place the steak in a baking dish and pour the marinade...

picture of recipeCrock Pot Dry Rub Brisket Recipe
beef brisket,    pepper,    paprika,    mustard powder,    dried garlic,    salt
Not sure where I copied this from. Haven't tried it yet but it's for safe keeping and for you to try.
1   Combine all seasonings well.   2   Rub the spice mix all over the brisket meat.   3   Put m...

picture of recipeSimon And Garfunkle Dry Rub Recipe
thyme,    sage,    rosemary,    pepper,    parsley,    paprika,    cayenne pepper,    dried onion
Use this rub on skinless boneless chicken breasts, rubbing spice into the meat. Excellent if you then grill the breasts.
1   Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and whiz.   2   Store, ti...

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