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picture of recipe Texas Christmas Pickles Recipe -
dill pickle,    hot sauce,    garlic,    sugar
These spicy/sweet pickles are a Texas tradition. My mother and I have made these delectable pickles for Christmas every year since I was young. We separate each batch into smaller jars and give them a...

picture of recipePickled Baby Corn Recipe
pickling spice,    sweetcorn,    vinegar,    salt,    sugar,    water
These pickles are very popular in Mennonite country! Tasty and a real summer treat. Preparation time depends on how quickly you can pick and husk the corn! Cook time is approximate
1   Husk and boil co...

picture of recipeMom's Pickles Recipe
pickling spice,    slaked lime,    cloves,    celery seed,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar,    water
Every family likes their pickles best, but when I share these, everyone else's family likes ours best too! Once you've had these on your sandwiches, you'll be spoiled for life.
1   SOAK.   2...

picture of recipeZucchini Pickles Recipe
red bell pepper,    pepper,    mustard seed,    dill,    onion,    garlic,    zucchini/courgette,    apple cider vinegar,    salt,    water
This recipe is not for canning. It's a refreshing way to use zucchini that you have ready in the fridge.
1   In a wide saucepan combine the water, vinegar, salt, mustard seed, and peppercorns.   2   ...

picture of recipePickled Cranberries Recipe
pepper,    juniper,    cloves,    cinnamon,    allspice,    cranberry,    apple cider vinegar,    sugar
Recipe by Marisa McClellan. Great variation on cranberry sauce. Use them to make a cranberry vinaigrette for salads, serve them with a double-cream brie to cut the richness of the cheese, and save any...

picture of recipeAsian Pickled Carrots Ginger) Recipe
pepper,    ginger root,    cloves,    allspice,    carrot,    salt,    rice vinegar,    brown sugar,    water
From BG canning mag. Easy to make, and stored direct in fridge for three months.
1   In a covered large sauce pan, cook carrots with salt in a small amount of boiling water for about 3 minutes or until...

picture of recipePickled Eggs Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    beetroot,    eggs,    vinegar,    salt,    sugar
This is another recipe clipping that Mom collected. I am sure there is one here on Zaar, but I just want to put it here for safe keeping. These are all cut out of magazines and I have no idea which ma...

picture of recipeGrandma Martins Pickled Beets Recipe
pepper,    cinnamon,    beetroot,    vinegar,    salt,    sugar,    water
Grandma Martin gave me this recipe and I will cherrish it forever! Annette told her that I was coming to get the recipe from her, and she took the time to write it out. But when I got there she couldn...

picture of recipePickled Georgia Peaches Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    allspice,    peach,    white vinegar,    sugar,    water
An old-timey favorite, courtesy of Sweet Georgia Peaches and the NCHFP.
1   Combine sugar, vinegar, water and cinnamon sticks; add cloves and allspice that are tied in a clean, thin, white cloth.   2   B...

picture of recipeSweet Pumpkin Pickles Recipe
cinnamon,    pumpkin,    white vinegar,    sugar
Try Sweet Pumpkin Pickles from - 4131
1   Prepare pumpkin by peeling, cubing and discarding seeds and inner pulp.   2   Place pumpkin cubes in colander and set over boiling water. Make sure wat...

picture of recipeQuick Zucchini Pickles Recipe
chili dried/powder,    sesame seed oil,    garlic,    zucchini/courgette,    salt,    rice vinegar,    sugar
An easy and flavourful recipe from The Canadian Living Test Kitchen from Canadian Living Magazine (July 2007).
1   In bowl, toss zucchini with salt ; let stand for 15 minutes.   2   Drain and squeeze out...

picture of recipeDale's Fanny's Pickles Recipe
bell pepper,    mustard powder,    celery seed,    jalapeno,    onion,    cucumber,    sugar
Yes, I know it looks like an error in grammer or spelling. It is not! This recipe comes from a cookbook purchased traveling in California. It was well worth the $6 I paid for the entire cookbook. It i...

picture of recipeEasy Pickled Crabapples Recipe
cloves,    cinnamon,    crabapple,    vinegar,    sugar
A sweet little accompaniment to any meal. Nice as is, but may be colored with food coloring for extra visual punch. From Home Preserving Made Easy. Cooking time approximate. While this recipe is writt...

picture of recipeSweet Cucumber Pickles Recipe
pickling spice,    slaked lime,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar,    water
My MIL shared this recipe with me 30 years ago and taught me how to can freeze.This recipe is a family favorite is being passed generation to generation. Don't let the process scare you,the pickle...

picture of recipePickled Eggs Made Simple Recipe
hot sauce,    dried garlic,    eggs,    vinegar,    water
This is a simple pickled egg recipe that I wrote. I enjoy pickled eggs, but the ones you find in the supermarket are so expensive. So I experimented and came up with this recipe. I hope you enjoy it a...

picture of recipeFire And Ice Pickles Recipe
hot sauce,    garlic,    sugar
Try Fire and Ice Pickles from - 24043
1   Drain the juice from the the pickles and save add the sugar and the tobassco sauce and the garlic to the pickles, Then add enough juice to the pickle...

picture of recipeSupreme Mixed Tomato Pickles Recipe
green tomato,    celery seed,    onion,    sweet pepper,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar
On one of my many cookbook /recipe searches , I found a cookbook called Americana Cookery. I liked the name , but I loved some of the recipes in it even more. Thought I might place some of them here f...

picture of recipeGrandma's Spicy Sweet Pickles Recipe
pickling spice,    crisping agent,    mustard seed,    celery seed,    cucumber,    white vinegar,    salt,    sugar
Good old fashioned pickles from Grandma. This recipe is nearly 100 years old, passed from generation to generation. These are great pickles, and really very easy.
1   Slice cucumbers about 1/8 inch thi...

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