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middle east: palestine

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picture of recipeFried Tomatoes With Garlic Banadoora Maqliya Ma' Thoom) Recipe
oil,    pepper,    parsley,    chili pepper,    garlic,    tomato,    salt
A yummy-looking mezze dish, posted for World Tour 05. Do not try to cook more than two servings at a time or the tomatoes will end up overcooked. This type of tomato appetizer is great scooped up onto...

picture of recipeEggplants Stuffed With Couscous Feta Goodness Recipe
feta cheese,    peanut oil,    olive oil,    pine nut,    almond,    pepper,    basil,    chickpea,    raisin,    tomato,    aubergine/eggplant,    salt,    cous cous,    yogurt (plain)
I love eggplants. I love couscous. I love feta. I also love stuffing things with other things, so while I haven't made this yet, I can't imagine it won't be good...
1   Preheat oven to 400....

picture of recipeMakloubeh - Cauliflower Recipe
butter,    pine nut,    saffron,    pepper,    dried garlic,    allspice,    onion,    cauliflower,    lamb,    beef,    salt,    rice,    stock or broth,    water
from Sahtein, Middle Eastern Cookbook and from Rita Rukab Harb who taught me to make it. This is a great recipe for the crock pot. Because of high blood pressure, I don't add the salt during cooki...

picture of recipeSpinach Pies Middle East, Palestine) Recipe
oil,    sumac,    pepper,    lemon,    onion,    spinach,    salt
This is the spinach mixture used to make spinach pies that use the basic dough recipe I have posted. These are absolutely delicious, especially with soup. Excellent dish for Ramadan, either suhr or uf...

picture of recipeMsabbha Recipe
olive oil,    parsley,    paprika,    chili pepper,    chickpea,    garlic,    hummus,    tahini,    salt
When I would visit palestine during the summers, we would walk down the street to our favorite restaurant Samer's in the morning and get a plate of msabbha to go along with our fresh falafel and p...

picture of recipeStuffed Zucchini Squash Recipe
ground lamb,    tomato sauce,    ground beef,    curry powder,    pepper,    allspice,    lemon,    zucchini/courgette,    salt,    rice,    water
My grandmother from Jordan used to fix this dish for us when I was a little girl (she called it Cousa.) My mother learned how to make it and then taught me. It's easy and makes a good use of the m...

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