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picture of recipePico de Gallo Recipe |
coriander leaf,    jalapeno,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    salt,    lime juice
Prep Time: 10 minutes.
In a bowl, mix tomatoes, onion, jalapeno chiles, cilantro, lime juice, and garlic. Add salt to taste.   Note: Nutritional analysis is per tablespoon.   Sunset   SEPTEMBER 2006   if ...

picture of recipeAvocado Pico De Gallo Recipe
coriander leaf,    jalapeno,    avocado,    onion,    tomato,    salt,    lime juice
Great topping on fish or chicken. Nice in tacos.
1   Mix it all up and serve.   Browse Our Top Condiments, Etc. Recipes   Avocado Pico De Gallo   By Chef #208121   Grilled Beef Fajitas With Avocado Pico De...

picture of recipePaula's Easy Homemade Tastes Like Fresh) Salsa Recipe
garlic salt,    green chili,    jalapeno,    cumin,    onion,    tomato,    sugar
I found it! This is my favorite salsa. This is better than my Hotter n Hell. This is hot!
1   In a food processor, add onion and jalapeño and process to your liking (if you want chunky, don...

picture of recipeMarvelous Meatloaf Topping Recipe
nutmeg,    mustard powder,    tomato ketchup/catsup,    brown sugar
Try on grilled burgers or chicken, too! Makes about 1/4 cup. From the 1995 Heart Healthy Cookbook of delicious healthy recipes, Edina, MN. This is very similar to the topping I use on my own meatloaf ...

picture of recipePico De Gallo Recipe
coriander leaf,    jalapeno,    onion,    tomato,    salt,    lime juice
I literally live on this in the summer when tomatoes are garden-ripe! I prefer this to cooked salsa, and I really load up on the cilantro. Of course, you can adjust the heat and any other ingredient a...

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Pico de Gallo Recipe |
Pico de Gallo Recipe

picture of recipePico de Gallo Recipe
coriander,    jalapeno,    lime,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    salt
This is a salsa-like dish served on its own with bread or with steak.
1) Cut jalapeno in quarters lengthwise, take the seeds out of 2 of the quarters. Mince all 4 quarters together.   2) Add the rest o...

picture of recipeFuddruckers Hamburger Seasoning - Copycat, Clone Recipe
pepper,    paprika,    cayenne pepper,    dried onion,    dried garlic,    salt,    brown sugar
Another one of those great Restaurant Copy-Cats! Enjoy.
1   Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Sprinkle on hamburger patties before cooking.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100px;}   Browse Our Top Cond...

picture of recipeCured Lemons Recipe - Cured Preserved Lemons - Cured Lemons
lemon,    salt,    sugar,    water
The lemon slices are cured in salt and sugar, creating a very interesting and versatile preserve. Try and find as thin-skinned lemons as possible, and standard Eureka lemon will work better than the m...

picture of recipeBlue Moon Inn Cheese Spread Recipe
cherry pepper,    hot sauce,    pecan,    olive,    worcestershire sauce,    mayonnaise,    cheddar cheese
From the Blue Moon Inn formerly in Montgomery, Alabama as published in Southern Living magazine.
1   Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   2   Bake pecans in a single layer in a shallow pan for 8-10 minutes or ...

picture of recipeRick Rodgers' Cajun Seasoning Recipe
thyme,    pepper,    paprika,    cayenne pepper,    dried onion,    dried garlic,    basil
I occasionally come across recipes calling for cajun seasoning. I've tried many different recipes for it, but most used way too much black and/or white pepper for our tastes. I tried this one and ...

picture of recipeHorseradish Cream Recipe
pepper,    horseradish,    chives,    salt,    sour cream
This simple sauce is excellent with roast beef. Save some for the sandwiches the next day!
1   In small bowl, mix first 4 ingredients.   2   Chill.   3   Before serving, stir in the chives.   Browse Our Top...

picture of recipeChimichurri Recipe
chili dried/powder,    olive oil,    parsley,    oregano,    garlic,    red wine vinegar,    salt
This is a very quick, very simple sauce from Argentina, traditionally served with grilled beef. If you don't have fresh oregano, it's better to leave it out than to use dried, which will ruin ...

picture of recipePico de Gallo Recipe
coriander leaf,    jalapeno,    lime,    onion,    garlic,    tomato,    salt
Great served with tortilla chips or used as a topping for chicken or fish
Cube tomatoes, slice onions, garlic and jalapenos into small pieces.   Mix in a bowl with the juice of 1/2 a lime, cilantro and...

picture of recipeBlender Hollandaise Recipe
butter,    egg yolks,    cayenne pepper,    salt,    lemon juice
Handy recipe from
1   Place egg yolks, lemon juice, cayenne and salt in a blender; heat butter until bubbling but do not brown.   2   Cover blender container and turn on motor to high; blend for 3 secon...

picture of recipeCajun Spice Mix Recipe
chili dried/powder,    thyme,    paprika,    mustard powder,    cumin,    salt,    brown sugar
Spice up your chicken, fish, lamb, pork or beef with this zesty spice mix.
1   Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Makes 1/3 cup.   2   ***Tip --- for every 4 servings (1 lb boneless or 2 lb bone in) meat, po...

picture of recipeMorton's Steakhouse Cajun Seasoning Recipe
thyme,    white peppercorn,    pepper,    paprika,    oregano,    cayenne pepper,    dried onion,    dried garlic,    salt
This seasoning recipe is used for making grilled Cajun ribeye steaks (along with oil for overnight marinade) and comes from Morton's chef Chef Ben Ornelas. Will keep in the cupboard in a tight con...

picture of recipeDried Apricot Chipotle Sandwich Spread Recipe
adobo,    chipotle,    apricot,    spring onion,    mayonnaise,    lime juice,    water
This is like spicy sunshine when used as a spread on a hamburger or in a wrap. The tartness from the lime is a contrast with the sweetness of the dried fruit. It is important to allow the full soaking...

picture of recipeCajun Blackening Spice Recipe
thyme,    white peppercorn,    pepper,    paprika,    oregano,    cayenne pepper,    dried garlic
Sprinkle over meats and seafood before grilling or pan frying for an authentic Cajun taste. I like to mix with breadcrumbs for casserole toppings. Or for stuffed mushrooms.
1   Combine and store in an ...

picture of recipeEmeril Lagasse Original Essence Seasoning Recipe
thyme,    pepper,    paprika,    oregano,    cayenne pepper,    dried onion,    dried garlic,    salt
This is from Emerils Kitchen cookbook 2003.
1   Combine all ingredients is a jar or airtight container mix well.   // when document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ // check if outbrain markup exi...

picture of recipeCopycat Mc Donald's Big Mac Sauce Recipe
french dressing,    pickles,    pepper,    dried onion,    sugar,    whipped topping
I am not a fast-food fan, but even I'll admit a Big Mac is pretty good. Make them at home with this copycat sauce.
1   Whisk all ingredients together well.   2   Refrigerate for at least an hour to l...

picture of recipeSmoked Oyster Spread Recipe
lemon pepper,    hot sauce,    oyster,    worcestershire sauce,    cream cheese
I love smoked oysters and I am addicted to this as a snack! You can increase the amounts to serve to a crowd.
1   Roughly chop oysers and in a medium bowl mix with cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce,ho...

picture of recipeCinnamon Apple Butter 2 Recipe
apple pie spice,    nutmeg,    cinnamon,    allspice,    apple,    apple cider
I found this recipe on the web. But the source is no longer known.
1   Cut the apples into 1-inch chunks.   2   (Don't worry about making them perfectly sized.) Place in a large, nonreactive saucepan...

picture of recipePimiento Cheese Recipe
cherry pepper,    red peppercorn,    onion,    worcestershire sauce,    mayonnaise,    cheddar cheese
From 1,001 Way to Cook Southern cookbook
1   Stir together first five ingredients, then stir in cheeses. Can be stored in the refrigerator up to 1 week.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100px;}   Browse Our To...

picture of recipePico De Gallo Recipe
red onion,    chipotle,    coriander leaf,    garlic,    tomato,    lime juice
Great with fajitas or just to dip your tortilla chips into.
1   Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl and season to taste.   2   Let stand at room temperature for atleast 30 minutes and up to 2 ho...

picture of recipeWisconsin's Finest Cranberry Syrup Recipe
cranberry,    sugar,    water
Wisconsin is famous for more than being The Dairy State. We are also one of the largest producers (in the world) for the humble cranberry. Here-thanks to Frances Bissell, and her *Preserving Nature...

picture of recipeCheddar Spread Recipe
butter,    romano cheese,    paprika,    dried garlic,    worcestershire sauce,    cheddar cheese
I adopted this recipe, and after playing with the recipe, I have adapted it slightly (on July 7, 2005) to include a little less butter.
1   All the ingredients should be at room temperature before star...

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Cheddar Spread

picture of recipeCurrant Catsup Recipe
cloves,    cayenne pepper,    cinnamon,    allspice,    redcurrant,    apple cider vinegar,    sugar
Not at all like tomato catsup, more of a smooth textured (lightly)spicy sweet chutney. Excellent with poultry dishes.
1   The currants should be washed and picked over. Leave on the stems, but remove a...

picture of recipeSpicy Chipotle Burger Spread Recipe - Spicy Chipotle Burger Spread
cherry pepper,    chipotle,    paprika,    garlic,    mayonnaise,    lime juice
This chipotle sauce is great on grilled burgers, steaks, and chicken. It will also spice up any sandwich as a substitute for mayonnaise.
Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor, and bl...

picture of recipeChipotle Pico De Gallo Recipe
adobo,    red onion,    chipotle,    coriander,    tomato,    red wine vinegar,    salt
Aquired from The Culinary Institute of America: Grilling Cookbook, this is easy and makes a great topping for burritos, tacos, rice, stew, etc.
1   Combine all the ingredients and mix well.   2   The pic...

picture of recipeCilantro Aioli Recipe
hot sauce,    coriander leaf,    cumin,    lime,    mayonnaise
Versatile tasty topping for crab cakes, prawns or chicken. Don't make too much ahead of serving as the cilantro flavour will get quite intense.
1   Combine all ingrediants in a small food processor...

picture of recipeMango And Jalapeno Jelly Recipe
jalapeno,    mango,    apple cider vinegar,    gelling agent,    sugar
A taste of the tropics! Delicioso!
1   Boil 5 clean jelly jars while making the jelly.   2   Combine all ingredients except the pectin in a large saucepan and boil for 30 minutes.   3   Allow to cool for t...

picture of recipeSimply Sweet Pickles No Processing Required) Recipe
dill pickle,    hot sauce,    garlic,    sugar
This is the simplest recipe ever! I've canned a lot of pickles, and this is now our favorite sweet pickle recipe. And the beauty of it is there is no water bath required! It has a little kick to i...

picture of recipeLime Cayenne Mayonnaise Recipe
lime peel,    cayenne pepper,    mayonnaise,    lime juice
These go perfectly with Chicken Mashed Potato Fritters! Easy and good with almost anything!
1   Stir together all ingredient; cover and chill until ready to serve. Enjoy!   // when document is ready $(d...

picture of recipePico De Gallo Recipe
sweet onion,    pepper,    coriander leaf,    jalapeno,    tomato,    salt,    lime juice
Pico de Gallo translates to rooster's beak in English (when you dip tortilla chips into it, your thumb and forefinger loosely resemble a pecking chicken). Didn't you always wonder where the na...

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Pico de Gallo Recipe |

picture of recipePico De Gallo Recipe
pepper,    coriander,    jalapeno,    lime,    onion,    tomato,    salt
1   In a small bowl, combine tomatoes, onion, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno, salt and pepper.   2   Nice addition to cheese quesadillas, burritos and salads.   .rz-legal {margin-bottom:100px;}   -- functi...

picture of recipe Homemade Maple Syrup Recipe -
maple flavoring,    brown sugar,    sugar,    water
Make your own maple syrup with 4 ingredients in under 10 minutes.
Directions   Bring the water, white sugar, and brown sugar to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low, an...

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Homemade Maple Syrup Recipe
Homemade Syrup Recipe
Simple Maple Syrup Recipe

picture of recipeChokecherry Jelly Recipe
chokecherry,    gelling agent,    sugar,    lemon juice
If you wish to make syrup, use twice as much juice to 1 package of pectin. Processing time not included in preparation time.
1   Wash fruit and cover with water; simmer 15 minutes.   2   Strain juice.   3...

picture of recipeHomemade Pancake Syrup Recipe
maple flavoring,    vanilla extract,    corn syrup,    brown sugar,    sugar,    water
Very simple - and much-preferred in our home over store-bought. This was shared by my Amish sister-in-law. Hard to beat - and you can flavor it as you wish!
1   Boil sugars& water together.   2   Add...

picture of recipePepper Coulis Recipe
red bell pepper,    olive oil,    cayenne pepper,    salt,    water
Executive chef Michel Stroot at the Golden Door uses red and yellow pepper coulis side by side in plate presentations to add color, moisture, texture, and flavor. If you're in a hurry, instead of ...

picture of recipeHerbes De Napa Recipe
thyme,    savory,    rosemary,    lavender,    fennel seeds,    bay leaf
A lovely seasoning blend from northern California's Napa Valley region, and a great variation on the classic herbes de Provence! Use in vegetable, meat, fish and poultry dishes or in rubs, sauces,...

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